united arab emirates visa for armenia nationals

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UAE is a very hospitable country and known for its achievement of freedom through peaceful pacts and without any violence or struggle. It is a land of quirks, diversity, and variety. This is one of the surprisingly important nations in the world! It is an autocracy and it is based on dictatorship that is not like that of the usual meaning of the term. This is a federation of seven emirates that are brought together with the same backgrounds. Every emirate and every place in each of the cities gives a unique experience and has a lot to offer to the explorers.

It is an astonishing fact that the native Emirates are very few in numbers compared to the other ethnicities in the country. It is racially diverse and truly a multi-cultural city. According to the statistics of this Asian nation, there were 7.8 million expatriates out of the 9.8 million population in 2013. Many of them might have been attracted to the country's culture, tradition, and way of living to have wanted to go as an expatriate. 


Armenia is one of the most underrated nations in the world. This is full of classical monasteries, amazing cuisine, and facilities at cheaper rates! Its income started from the agricultural sector and slowly paved its way to the industrial sector. This is a mountainous nation with 5,900 feet above sea level, called the “country of stones”. It is no less in tourism and has increased by ten percent! People of this nation are always helpful and friendly just like that of the people of the Emirates. This is a family-oriented nation and hence, more people like to go on trips with their family to the union of Emirates. The unemployment rate is high and there are cities older than Rome! It had one of the greatest migrations in the 1900s and more than eight million have moved out of the nation. One might find some of them living in the “city of gold and extravagance”. 

Distance from Armenia to UAE:

One of the countries is situated on the European continent but is inexpensive than the rest of the European nations. The other is located on the Asian continent and is one of the costliest countries in the world. The distance between these two countries is 2,026 Kilometers or 1,257 Miles. A great fact about it is that these two countries do not have any time difference as the time zone is the same. The time taken to reach the federation of the Arab Emirates from this European nation is two hours or sometimes two hours and fifty-one minutes. 

The relation between the two countries: 

These are hospitable countries and the people are extremely helpful. The Asian country will help to alleviate the status of this European country through alliance. This bond to toughen their relations began ten-years ago. 

The representative heads of these two countries signed a bilateral agreement in 2019. The Middle Eastern country also supported the Armenian-Greek- language decision leading to better relations.  Many Armenians seemed to have migrated to this great hospitable Middle Eastern country. Most of these migrants are considered orthodox or conservative. The city of gold and diversity allows and respects their beliefs. The Emir of Sharjah also supported the plan to construct the first Armenian church!

What else can be the reason for the Armenian passport holders to get inquisitive about visiting this country!

UAE visa for Armenian passport holders:

As the Arabian desert country is full of extravagance and a different climate and landscape, the Armenians love visiting it. The Emiratis do not have to take a  visa and it is visa-free for them if they reach this “country of stones”. Armenians need to avail of a UAE visa on arrival (added in March 2017) based on the newly added countries on the list of visa-on-arrival to the extravagant country. 

An Armenian passport holder can go to sixty-two countries without attaining a visa! People with a diplomatic passport of this country will not need to attain a visa. Now we might wish we had one!

Types of visas for the Armenians to the United Arab Emirates (UAE):

There are various types of visas to this Middle Eastern superpower that are classified based on the stay validity or the number of days that a person can stay, the number of times a person can get into the country, and the length the visa will stay valid for. 

  • Transit visas: These will help for having a proper layover and going out of the airport. The two-day or the forty-eight-hour visa is stamped on the passport without any fees at the air station. However, the four-day layover or ninety-six-hour visa costs USD 170.

One can use these visas only once. These will empower the individuals with a comfortable layover to get connecting flights as this is a country with amazing air connectivity with all the places in the world.

  • Tourist visas: There are one-month or thirty-days and three-month or ninety days visas of both one-time and multiple entries. Thes cost about USD 164 to USD 800, based on the exact choice of the validity and number of entries of the visas. 
  • Fourteen-day or two-week visa: It is used for transit and even tourism. This is very flexible and only costs USD 154. This is available to use only one-time. This is all the information that Armenian passport holders need to know. To apply for the best suitable one from these, navigate to Touristvisaoline and do it effortlessly! 

This is the best to apply and obtain an e-visa in the pdf format. 

Visa application to this country was never more effortless and comfortable than this. This will ensure that we get a visa without any rejection. 

Most frequently asked queries about UAE (United Arab Emirates) visa for Armenia

Q. Is there an embassy of the UAE in Armenia?

Yes, there is an embassy of UAE in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan

Q. What does the Armenian currency equate to in terms of the currency of the Emirates?

The conversion of the currency amounts to this, One Armenian Dram values to 0.0075 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham). 

Q. Where do most of the Armenians live in this country?

They live in cities like Dubai and Sharjah the most. 

As a matter of fact, the United Arab Emirates visa for Armenia nationals is quite easy to be applied for and can be quickly acquired as well. 

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