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The emirate of the United Arab Emirates, often known as the gulf tiger, is the financial capital of the United Arab Emirates. Known for its opulence, luxury hotels and world-famous tourist attractions and idyllic coastline, United Arab Emirates also hosts the largest marine luxury, leisure and lifestyle event, the annually held United Arab Emirates Boat show. The United Arab Emirates Boat Show is the largest of its kind held anywhere in the middle east, and the United Arab Emirates is the perfect setting for an event of this scale and stature. Situated in a strategic port connecting Asia, Africa and Europe, United Arab Emirates has a flourishing marine tourism industry and the Boat Show is a brilliantly compiled showcase of all that that the marine recreation sector has to offer.

Now in its 27th edition, the United Arab Emirates Boat Show (DIBS) was started back in 1993 under patronship of the ruler of United Arab Emirates, His Highness Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum at the historic United Arab Emirates International Marine Club as a way for the wealthy yacht owning Emiratis to come together to showcase their prized possessions to each other and the public. What started as a moderately sized event has now blossomed into the behemoth we know today as the DIBS, with over 27,000 attendees and 450 boats on display at the scenic United Arab Emirates Harbour.


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Things to do at the United Arab Emirates Boat Show

The United Arab Emirates Boat show has attractions for everyone, from kids, to sightseers to the marine enthusiast, there's something for everyone’s palette. 

1. Opulent luxury yachts and sailboats.

For the boat enthusiasts, the main attraction of the United Arab Emirates Boat Show is, of course, the showcase of some of the most expensive luxury yachts designed. The vast yacht and boat exhibits offer visitors the opportunity to glimpse into the lives of millionaires, billionaires and royalty. The last edition of the show had 450 vessels on display with lengths of up to 160m from bow to the rear deck. The exhibit not only showcases owned boats but boats which are up for sale as well, many a visitor has reached the show in a car and left for home in a yacht! But if you are not in the mood for buying an entire boat, the show offers essential for boating and yachts along with the latest cutting-edge technology in marine recreation.


2. Discover Scuba Diving

For visitors wanting to experience a unique world unlike anything seen on land, the United Arab Emirates Boat Show has partnered with the Bermuda Diving Centre to bring a Scuba showcase, one of the premier adventure experiences offered at the show. The exhibit provides visitors with an opportunity to experience the joys of scuba diving first-hand under the careful supervision of PADI certified divers. Visitors are offered full dives, venturing out to sea, or, for someone looking to just dip their toes (no pun intended) into the world of diving, the United Arab Emirates Boat Show has a pool where visitors can enter in Scuba gear and explore, the cherry on top of the cake is that this introductory experience is completely FREE! The show is also attended by the flagbearers in the field of deep-sea diving, with professionals exploring themes such as marine conservation, climate change and the exploration of the deep blue sea.


3. Water Sport Stunt Show

The United Arab Emirates Boat Show is also the premier show for water sports and stunt shows in the United Arab Emirates. The last edition featured sports such as water biking, flyboarding and a freestyle stunt show. If you are in the mood for some enthralling displays of human agility in the water, be sure to check out these shows as they are completely free of charge and something you definitely do not want to miss as a part of your itinerary during your visit to the United Arab Emirates.


4. The United Arab Emirates Fishing Competition

Before United Arab Emirates was a booming metropolis, it was a humble fishing enclave engaging in offshore fishing and pearl fishing. This history is kept alive in the form of the annually held United Arab Emirates Fishing Competition. The competitors include talented anglers from all over the Middle East and the world. The anglers can choose to fish with a rod or with a hand line. They also have the option of fishing from a boat or from the shore. The competition allows visitors an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the forms of life forms that cannot be seen from land. Be sure to catch the fishing competition to see epic battles between man and fish as the anglers attempt to land the biggest fish possible for a chance to grab the top prize at the competition


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is it held: The United Arab Emirates Boat Show is conducted at the scenic United Arab Emirates Harbour.
  • When is it to be held: In 2020, keeping in mind the COVID 19 Pandemic, the Boat Show is scheduled to be held from 24th to 28th November (1530 – 2130 hrs).
  • How to get to United Arab Emirates Harbour: In addition to a vast taxi service network, United Arab Emirates has a well-connected public transit system involving buses, metro and trams. The United Arab Emirates Harbour can easily be accessed by metro or the tram service. The closest metro station is the Damac Metro station, which is just 300m away (5-minute walk). If you are not in the mood to walk that distance, the United Arab Emirates Marina Tram station is merely 77m away (2-minute walk).
  • Where can I buy tickets: Tickets to the United Arab Emirates Boat Show can be bought at the venue, or they can be purchased Online.
  • Can we take kids along: The United Arab Emirates Boat Show is a treat for the entire family, it is highly encouraged that you bring your children along.


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