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People who want to visit the United Arab Emirates(UAE) must need a United Arab Emirates Visa for Traveling. Entering without Visa is strictly prohibited. Certain Nationalities may even get United Arab Emirates Visa On Arrival. There are Different Rules and Regulations regarding the Visa that one must know before visiting the United Arab Emirates. Today, we will Discuss all the United Arab Emirates Visa Policy in Detail.


  • Different Types of United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visas
  • United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa Free Countries:
  • Documents Required For UAE Visa
  • United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa For Indians
  • How Can I Get UAE Visa Easily?

United Arab Emirates Visa Types

There are different United Arab Emirates types of Visas depending upon your Reason For Arrival. Let’s say if you are visiting the United Arab Emirates(UAE) for Business or Work purpose then you need to avail the United Arab Emirates Business Visa. On the other hand, if you are visiting for a vacation then you need to apply for a United Arab Emirates Tourist Visa.

Like this for Different Purposes, there are Different Visas. In total there are 7 Different types of UAE Visa:

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. e-Visa for GCC Residents
  4. Entry Permit for Patients and their Companions
  5. Retirement Visa For UAE Residents
  6. Transit Visa
  7. Student Visa

United Arab Emirates Visa Policy suggests that the Validity of all these Visas is Different. The Validity of the Tourist Visa is 30 or 90 Days. So, visitors can either apply for 30 Day Visa or 90 Day Visa. Visitors can also apply for a Multiple Entry Visa. One can apply for these visas according to his/her requirements Online.

United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa Free Countries

United Arab Emirates E Visa Policy allows the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) Citizens to enter the UAE without any Visa. They just need a GCC country passport or national ID card to enter the UAE. Although CItizens of Qatar are not allowed to enter the UAE.

The GCC Countries allowed to Enter the UAE without any kind of Visa are as follows:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait

Documents Required For United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa

  • Scanned Copy of Passport First and Last Page
  • Scanned Color Photo
  • Passport(Valid for at least 6 Months)
  • Employment Details(Applicable only if you are Employer)
  • Confirmed Air Ticket(Optional)
  • Hotel Booking Details(Optional)
  • Visa Guarantor Details(If you can provide)
  • A sponsor to apply for your entry permit

All the Documents that you provide should be Scanned Properly. They should be very clear. The photo you provide should be against the White Background.

United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa On Arrival Countries

For 30 Days

Andorra Japan San Marino
Kazakhstan Singapore Australia
Malaysia Ukraine Brunei
Mauritius United Kingdom Canada
Monaco United States of America New Zealand
Vatican City Hong Kong Republic of Ireland

For 90 Days

Chile Argentina Honduras Romania
Austria Hungary Russian Federation Bahamas Islands
Iceland Saint Vincent Barbados Italy
San Marino Belgium Kiribati Serbia
Brazil Latvia Seychelles Bulgaria
Liechtenstein Slovakia Chile Lithuania
Slovenia Costa Rica Luxembourg Solomon Islands
Croatia Maldives South Korea Cyprus
Malta Spain Czech Republic Montenegro
Sweden Denmark Nauru Switzerland
El Salvador Netherlands Uruguay Estonia
Norway Finland Paraguay France
Poland Germany Portugal Greece

United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa For Indians

Indian Citizens can apply for Visa On Arrival. To apply they must first have a Passport which has the Validity for at least 6 months. Indians Citizens can stay for a maximum of 14 Days in the UAE using Visa On Arrival. Most Importantly, they must also have a Green Card or a Visit Card by the USA. A Residence Card issued by the UK or EU will also do the work. If Indian Citizens want to stay more then 14 Days then they can apply for UAE e-Visa. The Validity of the Passport starts from the Date Of Arrival and not from the Date of Issue.

How Can I Get UAE Visa Easily?

Do you want your Visa Quickly and without any Hard work? Have a look at Tourist Visa Online

When you apply for Visa through the Official Emirates Website they don’t check each document for you and tell your Mistakes. If you don’t provide any Required Document or don’t fill the form properly your Application will be Denied. Tourist Visa Online verifies all the Documents Properly and then sends it further.

Through us, you don’t need any sponsor to apply for your entry permit. Not only that but, you will also get 24x7 Customer Support. Also, Emirates only provides you with two payments Options: Debit/Credit Card. But, here in Tourist Visa Online, we provide you with multiple payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Credit card Amex, JCB, Maestro, Discover, and many more! We take your Documents in any format you provide whether it is PDF, PNG, or JPG. Through Tourist Visa Online there is 100% Assurity that you will get your UAE Visa.


1) Do I need a Visa for the United Arab Emirates(UAE)

Ans: Yes, to visit the UAE one must apply for Visa BeforeHand Online.

2) Which Countries can enter UAE without Visa?

Ans: GCC Nationals don’t require any kind of Visa. They just need a GCC country passport or national ID.

3) Which is the Official UAE Online Visa Government Website?

Ans: https://u.ae/en#/ is the Official UAE Government Website.

4) Which Currency is used in the United Arab Emirates(UAE)?

Ans: The currency is United Arab Emirates Dirham

5) What is the Duration of UAE Transit Visa?

Ans: The Transit Visa is available for 2 Durations: 48 Hours and 98 Hours. UAE-based airlines sponsor the Transit Visa.

6) What is the Validity of the UAE Tourist Visa?

Ans: UAE Tourist Visa is 30 Days and 90 Days.

7) According to the United Arab Emirates Visa Policy what should be the Validity of the Passport to apply for UAE Visa?

Ans: According to the United Arab Emirates Visa Policy the Passport should be valid for 6 months from the Date of Arrival in UAE to apply for any kind of UAE Visa.

8) Is the UAE Visa Fees the same for Infants and Adults?

Ans: Yes, the Fee charged when you apply for UAE Visa is the same for both Infants and Adults

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