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With the age of technology and this ultimate guide on how to apply online for an Iranian Visa, you can expect your Iran visa at your doorstep in the shortest amount of time possible.

Applying online for any type of visa to any part of the world can be a daunting task. With Iran visa being available as an application online, some major points you should keep in mind are filling up your form and scanning them correctly. Revisions can be nullified if everything is done step by step.


  • Advantages of applying online for an Iran Visa
  • Steps to take in order to correctly for an Iranian Visa online
  • How to Scan correctly and submit your documents 
  • Checking your Iran Visa Status
  • Receiving your Iran visa
  • Frequent Queries regarding an Iran Visa, answered in short

Advantages of applying online for an Iran Visa

Many are sceptical about applying online for something as crucial as obtaining a visa. Do not fret, with services offered by Tourist Visa Online, you can rest assured and apply for a visa from your home itself.

Applying online saves precious time which is mostly wasted in travelling to embassies for revisions, which can be done by scanning all your documents instead. 

Your information is safe and is only used to process your Iran Visa. Usually, every detail of yours asked by the Iranian government are general and not confidential, thus making the online process easier and trustworthy for you.

Steps to take in order to correct for an Iranian Visa online

With just five easy and explanatory steps, you can fill out your request for an Iran visa, online. Tourist Visa Online provides visa services to almost all the countries of the world, making it is easier to receive an Iran visa through an online procedure:

Step 1: Enter your visit query at Tourist Visa Online

Mention your native country from the drop-down menu (you can also type in the blank space provided).

Mention the country you wish to go to with an online visa, i.e. Iran 

Hit enter.

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Step 2: Fill in the details for your Iran Visa application

You will be directed to the next page wherein a list of all the necessary Iran Visa documents will be listed.

Download and fill in the Iran Visa application details. This can be done through your device itself. However, if you wish to print the application form and mention the details by hand, that is possible too. 

Step 3: Submission of Papers as mentioned relevant for your Iran Visa Type

The checklist will contain all the documents which will be mandatory for you to submit in order to get your Iran visa successfully and without any revisions. 

Scan all your documents with a coloured and clear resolution. Maintain the dimensions and quality of the image as given.

Step 4: Mention your email ID and pay

The Iran online visa will be given to you through your e-mail registered with Tourist Visa Online. Once all your documents are scanned and uploaded to the website, mention the e-mail with which you can be contacted anytime. 

Payment can be done easily with any form of transaction method which is suitable to you.

Step 5: Check your Iran visa status while waiting 

An Iran online Visa takes about three days to be approved with all the correct documents submitted at one go. Meanwhile, if you still wish to check your Iran Visa status, you can always log in to Tourist Visa online.

Mention your passport number and your visa application number which you have received on your mail in order to see the estimated time you will have to wait in order to receive your Iran visa online in your inbox. 

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After receiving your Iran visa

Once you have successfully received your Iran Visa in your email ID, you can print this form for further use. One advantage of applying online also includes the circumstance that you can never lose your visa.

If ever your Iran Visa is lost at any given point in time, you can always go back to your received mail and print the application again.

An approved visa is to be shown as soon as you arrive in Iran. To avoid any further complications for you, the officers at the airports do not stamp directly in your passport and rather do it on a separate official paper.

Apply Iran Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately, an Iran Visa will cost you from 50 to 150 euros depending upon your native country. An Iran Visa on Arrival may cost you up you 150 euros. 

No, however, it is best to apply and receive a visa beforehand to remove any complications which might come in your journey. If the Iranian government finds anything sceptical, they might not allow you to enter Iran without a visa.

Ensure that the scans are up to the satisfactory level in order to minimise revisions as much as possible. Some basic key pointers applicants miss out while applying for an Iran visa and must be adhered to should be:

  • The scans must be coloured and clear copies of both sides of the paper.
  • The scan must not be blurry.
  • The details written must be scanned completely.
  • Avoid overwriting or crossing out any information. If any mistake is made in the Iran Visa application form, it is best to reject the paper and fill out the details on a fresh, new copy of the application form.
  • Signatures you do during this time must match to the signatures you have done previously in your native permanent passport.

No. However, the set of documents you need to take with you must be the same as given on Tourist Visa Online. Instead of a scan, you must have photocopies of your passport, photographs and other necessary documents depending on your native country.

Not all countries have to follow this procedure. Citizens of the United States of America and The United Kingdom and Canada however, must follow this as one of the additional documents. 
You must have a guided tour to Iran in this case and send a copy of the same along with your other scanned papers while applying online.

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