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It is important to keep a track of your Iran Visa Fees in order to pay the right amount for your visa to travel to Iran rightfully. With the costs being constant for each Iran Visa, it becomes easier as an individual to Apply Iran Visa and pay for it online without any worries. An Iran Visa is made up as a summation of many individual fees clubbed together to make it easier for the candidate to pay for the whole amount at once.


  • Iran Visa Fee and its Sections
  • Iran Visa Fees and their range
  • Iran Visa on Arrival and Visa-Free Stay Costs
  • Iran Visa fees payment methods
  • Frequently Asked Queries

Iran Visa Fee and its Sections

You must know that applying for an Iran Visa cost is given while you submit the required documents to get it approved. Tourist Visa Online maintains your budget and applying through this online platform doesn’t empty your pockets either. 

This fee is given to the Iranian Embassy in order to further carry out your Iranian Visa process. This fee amount depends highly upon your birth country (nationality), current visa rates and travel statistics. However, a range in which you can expect the Iran visa fee to be is explained further.

A Travel Insurance is something asked as a document too. If you do happen to have a Travel Insurance beforehand, then the payment of this is saved. However, if you need to make a Travel Insurance for your visit to Iran, this is an additional cost that you might need to keep in hand.

Iran Visa on Arrival and Visa-Free Stay Costs

If you belong to one of the countries whose citizens can travel to Iran visa-free, then you do not need to pay anything for any type of Iran Visa. All expenses that you will have to bear are hotel booking for your stay in Iran along with your flight to and fro Iran and back to your birth country.

Countries and the citizens eligible for an Iran Visa on Arrival do need to pay a specific amount in Iran when they land there. The amount differs from country to country and their relations with Iran. The list below mentions all the countries that can travel to Iran visa-free, thus do not require any visa or its fee payments:

Bolivia Georgia Armenia Malaysia Azerbaijan
Syria Venezuela Turkey    

Frequently Asked Questions on Iran Visa and its fees

Q. How do I pay at the airport of Iran on an Iran Visa on Arrival facility?

Iranian airports accept only cash if you are going on a Visa on Arrival to the Sultanate. Thus it is best to keep extra paper money with you while you travel to Iran. Be aware if you might have to make a Travel Insurance for your stay in Iran as additional cash may be required to pay for the same as well.

Q. What are the different methods through which I can pay if I am applying for an Iran Visa online?

Online payment is a great option if you are applying for an Iran Visa online. It saves you precious time along with the hassle of handling the card or cash money with you. The payment is directly transferred from your bank.

Tourist Visa Online offers various Iranian Visas to choose from. Any method of payment with which you are comfortable is available. MasterCard, Online money transfers through various apps, bank transfers etc. And many more options are there for any candidate to make their payment as easy as possible.

Q. What are the Iran Visa Fees for an Indian nationality living in India currently?

  • 3o Days Single Entry Iran Tourist Visa: 193 USD
  • 3 Days Iran Transit Visa: 112 USD

Q. What is the currency of Iran? How much Iranian currency shall I bring with me for my vacation in Iran?

Iranian Riyal is the official, government-recognized Iranian currency. Toman is another currency used for merchants and businessmen whose occupation is trading. However, as a tourist it is advised to bring your Iranian currency in the count o Riyals as banknotes and other official transaction papers mention riyal.

Q. What are the various online payment platforms that I can use in order to pay for my Iran Visa through Tourist Visa Online?

All modes of online payment are accepted by Tourist Visa Online. Some of the platforms that we support are:

  • Maestro
  • Unionpay
  • Credit card Amex
  • Diners club
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Alipay

Q. What is the procedure of submitting the scans of my documents correctly?

Once you know which Iran Visa type you are eligible for based on your nationality and current residing place, Tourist Visa Online mentions the correct resolution criteria which must be met for all your documents. Photographs are usually accepted up to quality for 8 MB.

All types of file formats are accepted by Tourist Visa Online, be in JPG, PNG, PDF etc.

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