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Citizens of some countries do not require Iran visa in order to enter Iran as they come under the policy of Iran visa free countries. Determine if you are from the visa on arrival country or not. With great relations with the country, Iran Visa-Free countries are able to travel to Iran for a particular period of time, visa-free. With the details below, all the document requirements, countries eligible, and the stay duration. Iran has better political, social, and economic relations with some of its neighboring and non-neighboring countries, which makes it easier for the citizens of these countries to travel to Iran, freely.

Iran Visa-Free Services

Iran offers passport holders of some of the countries from around the world. This service is given froward to up to eight countries of the world. If you do not belong to this list, then opting for an Iranian Tourist Visa beforehand is another great option to apply for.

Countries eligible for Visa-Free Service to Iran

The following countries can easily travel to Iran with the visa-free facility provided by the Sultanate at any time of the year. Please know that you must be a citizen (not a resident or a tourist) of this country in order to avail of the visa-free facility. 

By citizen, Iranian government allows only the people born in these countries to avail this service of visa-free travel to Iran:

Georgia Venezuela Azerbaijan
Turkey Bolivia Syria
Armenia Malaysia  

The eligible countries and their validity

Each country has a different number of days an individual can be in Iran. Depending upon which country you belong to, your validity period of staying in Iran will differ:

  1. Syria: Citizens of Syria are able to stay in Iran for a maximum time of up to 90 days
  2. Armenia: A maximum of 90 days of stay at one go is allowed for all citizens of Armenia to Iran
  3. Georgia: Georgian citizens can stay in Iran visa-free for up to a month, or 30 days
  4. Azerbaijan: 30 days at a stretch is allowed for all Azerbaijan born citizens to stay in Iran visa-free
  5. Malaysia: Malaysians are allowed for a 15-day stay in Iran, Visa-free
  6. Turkey: Out of all the countries listed in the visa-free facility to Iran, Turkey citizens can stay for the longest at one entry in Iran. Citizens of Turkey can stay up to three long months in Iran without a visa
  7. Venezuela: Citizens of Venezuela can stay for two weeks in Iran, or to be precise, up to 15 days on visa-free travel to Iran
  8. Bolivia: Citizens born in Bolivia can stay in Iran without any visa prior to a month or 30 days.

Document Criteria for Visa-Free Stay in Iran

The only set of documents you will require as a citizen eligible for visa-free travel to Iran is your valid passport.

  • Ensure that this should be your permanent passport. 
  • It must NOT have any Israeli stamps on any of its papers. Thus if you have traveled to Israel with this passport, you will not be allowed to enter Iran without a visa.
  • Similarly, any exit stamps in your passport belonging to Egypt or Jordan stamps (for example, you might have transited between these countries) may lead to a rejection of your visa-free stay in Iran.

Frequently Asked Queries on Iran’s Visa-free Services

Q Can I extend my stay in Iran if I am coming to Iran without a visa on the visa-free facility?

Yes, any country mentioned in the list of visa-free stay in Iran can extend their visa for up to a period of 30 days. It is best to give your extension request a week before your actual stay duration is about to expire, as the approval of extension for staying in Iran may require some time.

Q. Where and which cities shall I go to in Iran to extend my Iran visa-free stay?

Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, and Mashhad are some of the major cities in Iran which offer extension for tourists and visitors to stay for more days in Iran. In any of these cities, visit the nearest Police Department of Foreign Affairs.

Q. I do not belong as a citizen to any of the visa-free countries to Iran mentioned. Which are the Iran Visas I can opt for in order to travel to Iran then?

An Iran Entry Visa and an Iran Tourist Visa is the most common Iran visa types chosen by foreigners frequently in order to travel to Iran with a visa booked and approved prior to their Iran flight. Some countries are also able to avail of the Iranian Visa on Arrival facility. These are: 

Eligible Countries For Iran Visa on Arrival
Hungary Peru Brunei Cyprus Brazil Turkmenistan
Spain Indonesia Singapore Kuwait New Zealand Uzbekistan
Bulgaria Germany Tajikistan Finland Romania Italy
Denmark Belarus Armenia Ireland Cuba China
Japan Oman Slovak Kazakhstan Russian Federation Serbia
North Korea UAE Greece Netherlands Australia Kyrgyzstan
Ukraine Norway Albania Luxembourg France Austria
Mongolia Croatia Qatar Poland Malaysia Philippines
Thailand Mexico Venezuela Bosnia Switzerland South Korea
Slovenia Belgium Vietnam Sweden Herzegovina Bahrain

Q. What are Iran’s Free Trade Zones? Can I enter these zones if I do not belong to the visa-free stay in the Iran list?

Visitors and tourists who wish to travel to Iran just to visit the Free Trade zones of Iran do not require a visa to got there. However, if you do go there, ensure that you return to your native country within a span of two weeks. You can stay in an Iran Trade free Zone for up to two weeks only. However, the stay can be extended as well.

Q. Do I need to get a Visa Insurance or any similar document if I am traveling to Iran visa-free?

No, only those people who are opting for an Iranian Tourist Visa or any other Iranian visa need to provide a valid travel and visa insurance in order to avail their Iran Visa. As you will be traveling visa-free, you do not require any Iranian visa, thus no insurance is required either.

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