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Before traveling to Iran, you should know about the Iran visa types so that you can opt the right visa type for you. As you cannot travel for work with a tourist visa that is why you must know about visa types. Wondering what are the Iran visa types you can apply for? Iran as a country is concerned for the ease of travel of its tourists and businessmen. The following will help you in understanding how you can reach Iran without any worries.


  • visa types for Iran
  • List of Iranian visas which can be applied online
  • Visa-free entry to Iran
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Visa Types Available for Iran

Tourist Visa

  • A Tourist Visa for Iran is solely for people who wish to travel for tourism and vacation purposes.
  • A Tourist Visa for Iran will require general documents like passport, photographs, and your application form.
  • Please note that if you will be staying with an Iranian family or your relatives in Iran, then a letter of Invitation from the host is to be submitted along with the other documents as well.

Pilgrimage Iran Visa

  • An Iran Pilgrimage Visa is applicable for only the Muslims who visit from overseas for annual festivals and mosque prayers. It is also called as a Ziarat Visa.
  • A Pilgrimage Visa is used by Muslims not living in Iran to arrive here and visit the many holy establishments of Iran.

Diplomatic Iran Visa

  • People who visit Iran for political and work purposes related to the Government can opt for a Diplomatic Visa.
  • A Diplomatic Passport is mandatory in order to apply for this visa type.
  • Service Visa is for people not involved in diplomatic relations with Iran yet wish to stay for conferences, trade exhibitions

Services Visa or Business Visa

  • A Service visa is different from a Diplomatic Iranian Visa as the only an employee can opt for this visa. 
  • If you will be coming and staying in Iran for working under a registered organization of Iran, then you will have to apply for a Business Visa.

Entry Visa

An Entry Visa for Iran is provided only when the foreign national has an invitation letter from the Iranian government for purposes of buying machinery, signing up any contracts for construction, etc.

An Entry is applicable for a specific set of people depending on their purpose of visit:

  • Faculty members of an educational Institution.
  • People engaged in Transporting goods
  • Political meetings and politicians from other countries often opt for this visa.
  • UN Employees and people under the UN organization.

An Entry Visa is another option for common people whose relatives live in Iran. Thus, instead of opting for a Tourist Visa, you can choose an Iranian Entry Visa to meet your relatives as well.

Education Visa

  • Students who wish to come to Iran for educational purposes or religious studies can stay in Iran under an Iran Education Visa.
  • Please note that this type of visa requires you to send a copy of your apprenticeship letter or your Admission Letter stating that you have successfully been admitted to recognized Iranian university and proof of where you would be staying while you study in Iran.

Temporary Work Visa

People who will be arriving in Iran for business or investment work can apply for a Temporary Work Visa. This is also good for businessmen who come to Iran for conference meetings and presentations.

Transit Visa

  • This Visa type allows passer-by’s to transit through visa. With a Transit Visa, you cannot stay in Iran; however, you can transit to a different nation if you are changing flights in Iran.
  • Divers, merchants, and tourists wanting to go to another country within a day of arriving in Iran can easily apply and receive a Transit Visa. You will be asked to submit a copy of the approved visa of the country you will be flying to in order to receive your transit visa.
  • For example: If you are an Indiana and wish to transit in Iran before flying to the UK, you will have to show an approved copy of your UK Visa in order to receive your Transit Visa for Iran.

Media Visa

  • Iran provides a service to people in the media and communication. 
  • Reporters, hosts of travel television shows, people who have work related to the radio, film producing and similar occupations can apply for an Iran Media Visa to ease their stay in Iran while working on their jobs.

Investment Visa

  • An investment Visa is great for overseas people who wish to invest in Iran under any sector of occupation. 
  • However, an Investment Permit approved by the Iran Government is necessary for this visa type to be approved.
  • The investment is done under the head of Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran

Marital Visa

A Marital Visa for Iran is specifically meant for 

  1. Those foreign men who are married to Iranian Women.
  2. If the couple has any children, a Marital Visa is also applicable for children.

However, if it is a new marriage and it is not yet registered under the Legal System of Iran yet, then an Entry Visa for Relatives is also an option you can apply for.

Medical Visa

  • Iran is a hub for inexpensive medical treatments and procedures.
  • A medical visa is created by the Iranian government in order to assist people with physical illnesses to undergo treatment in Iran. 
  • The patient must have an approval paper from a medical center of Iran for their treatment.
  • This medical center must also be an authorized one under the Iranian government.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What are the types of Iranian Visas that I can apply for through Tourist Visa Online?

With Tourist Visa Online, you can apply from the following three Iranian visas:

  1. Tourist visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. Transit Visa

Q. Can you apply for an Iran Visa online?

Yes, with visa services provided by Tourist Visa Online, one can fill in the visa application and follow the procedures at the comfort of their own home. By giving you an online method of applying for an Iranian visa, you will receive your visa in your registered email id inbox within the span of three days only.

Q. How can I apply for an Iranian visa if I live as a resident in a country I am not born in?

If you are a resident of a country and you are not born there, then you can apply for an Iranian Visa. The only extra requisite which will be asked from you is a valid residency permit from the government of the country you are currently residing in.

For example, if you are a citizen of India and are currently living in the USA, then a valid residency permit of the USA (which, in USA’s case is also known as a ‘Green Card’) is to be submitted along with your application form and other documents.

Q. How is arriving in Iran visa-free different from an Iran Visa-on-arrival?

Iran’s Visa-free service allows a tourist to travel to Iran without any visa. This does have a time period limitation, after which the tourist will have to apply for an Iranian visa. An Iran Visa on-arrival will strictly ask you to apply for a visa as soon as you arrive in Iran.

Q. Can I travel to Iran visa-free? Which countries can travel to Iran visa-free?

A visa-free service is given by Iran to those countries with whom its relations are supportive and friendly. The time period for a visa-free stay varies for each country. Only eight countries and their citizens are allowed visa-free travel to Iran, the rest can easily opt for a visa on arrival for Iran. The eight countries are:

Armenia Azerbaijan Bolivia Georgia
Malaysia Syria Turkey Venezuela

Q. Is there a Visa-on-arrival for Iran? Where can I get it?

Yes. You can receive a visa on arrival for Iran through specific Iranian airports. Applying for a visa on arrival requires you, as an eligible candidate, to carry all your original documents, along with a copy of each to the Iranian airport in order to approve your visa on time.

Q. What is the full list of documents that are required in order to apply for an Iran Visa?

With the variety of visas to choose from, the Iranian government does require different sets of documents for each visa type. Iran Visa documents are still simple enough to scan and submit. However, passport, a duly filled application form for Iran visa, passport-sized photographs, and flight tickets are general papers that are to be submitted while applying for any Visa for Iran.

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