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Iran visas eligibility criteria vary depending upon why you wish to come to Iran and for how long you are planning to stay in the Sultanate. Iran Visa is of eleven different eligibility criteria for people with different occupations, religions, and economic statuses.

Iran Visa for Foreign citizens with and Official Approval

Travelers who have a confirmed approval or Letter of Invitation from any recognized government Ministry, organization, or firm can opt under this eligibility criteria. The Entry Visa for Iran accepts the people who have an occupation in the public sector and are coming to Iran for its purposes too (for example, signing contracts, completing or handling any government purchases, public machinery work related to the development of public services, etc.)

People who can apply for an Entry Visa to Iran are:

  • Researchers, faculties and other Ph.D. stated individuals who are working with the government
  • People who are here to transport goods from one country to another (Iran in this case)
  • Official and government-related sports teams, art and music performers, specialist of any study, etc.
  • Merchants and Traders who are recognized on an international level
  • If you work in the United Nations, then you can apply for an Entry Visa to Iran
  • If you are a foreigner living in Iran, and your residents wish to visit you, then an Entry Visa is applicable for you.

Iran’s Entry Visa does have different and additional papers required in order to correctly avail its facility. Iran Visa requirements are simple and easy to understand, and these Iranian Visas can be booked online easily.

Foreign citizens coming for travel and vacations 

If your sole purpose of traveling to Iran is for rejoicing a vacation and knowing the culture, traditions, and the people of Iran, then you can easily apply for a Tourist Visa to the Iranian Sultanate.

Iran Visa for Pilgrimage and praying purposes 

  • This Iran Visa is eligible for Muslims only. Being a country respecting the Islamic cultures, traditions, and outlooks, Iran offers an Iranian Pilgrimage Visa to Muslims, both adults and children. 
  • Each year, many visit the mosques of Iran to pray to Allah for their well-being and showing gratitude towards their religion.
  • Please note that only Muslim people arriving as tourists can apply for this visa type.
  • This does NOT mean that Muslims cannot apply for any other visa. They can, but a Pilgrimage Visa for Iran is solely for the purpose of visiting mosques as a Muslim.

Diplomatic relations and works related to it

Working at a consular office, yet not a permanent employee? Or maybe you got a project related to diplomatic relations of your country with Iran and wish to go to Iran to commence it? In such cases, you must be eligible for a Diplomatic or a Service Visa to Iran

Eligibility criteria list for this Iran visa type:

  • You must hold a diplomatic passport of your country
  • If you have a relative in Iran working under the diplomatic services, then you as a guest are eligible for this Iran Visa
  • If you hold a diplomatic passport yet wish to come here just for tourism and pilgrimage visits, then too you are eligible for this visa to Iran.

Visa for Studying and Education in Iran

Iran has numerous colleges, universities, and individual study groups offering degree and diploma courses to people in the learning age, worldwide. An Iranian Education visa is apt for you if you want to study in Iran for a small period of time, or till you receive your certificate.

List of eligible people for an Iranian Education Visa:

  • Researchers who wish to go to Iran for their personal studies and are not working for any government organization
  • Individual youth who wishes to study in Iran (completing their degree course, or be a school student in Iran)
  • People who wish to come as an apprentice to a religious guru or master are eligible for this visa type to Iran as well.

Working for a while in Iran and the visa required for it

As a foreigner, if you wish to work for a while in Iran, then you are eligible for a Temporary Work Visa.

Eligibility criteria as a working individual you should meet in order to apply for an Iranian Temporary Work Visa are:

  • The individual must be a skilled worker
  • Any specialist in the fields of medical sciences, industrial knowledge, engineers, and any other creative study are eligible.
  • You must have an Approval Letter from a registered Iranian organization, who wishes to employ you.

Iranian Visa specifically meant for married foreign men

If you have an Iranian wife living in Iran and you wish to visit Iran as a foreign male, then you fall into this visa category for Iran. Note that your marriage must be registered legally with the Iranian government and must adhere to its laws, otherwise an Entry Visa for Iran is something you should choose instead.

Eligible individuals for a Marital Visa to Iran:

  • Foreign men married to an Iranian Women
  • The children of the couple living in foreign lands.

Flying through Iran and planning to Transit

If you wish to go to a country farther from your native one, and Iran acts as a stopover for you, then you will require an Iran Transit Visa. You must NOT have any plans or accommodations of staying in Iran in this visa criteria. Drivers, Tourists, and Traders along with Merchants can apply for this visa type. Businessmen and women who wish to travel to another country and will NOT work here in Iran are eligible for a Transit Visa to Iran as well.

Media coverage and similar

Foreign press and individuals working with agencies of the same category can apply for a Media Visa to Iran, with the additional criteria that they need to come to Iran to work.

Who exactly can apply for Iranian Media Visa?

  • Reporters, foreign press (newspapers, radio, and television broadcasting organizations, etc.)
  • People involved in communication through Digital Media
  • Film producers and people working under him or her as a team (Cameraman, makeup professionals, designers, VFX Artists, etc.)

A license from the Iranian Media and Public Diplomacy Center is mandatory for anyone opting for this visa type, as you are coming to Iran to work on Mass Communication, which can violate public rules. Thus, a license is to be issued beforehand for the whole team.

Economy and Investment Visas

If you work with an organization that invests in Irana and is tied to the country economically, then you can apply for an Investment Visa.

Who are eligible for an Investment Visa to Iran?

  • People involved in investing in a company in foreign lands.
  • These individuals must have a proper approved Investment Permit from their company as well.

Patients and medical purposes coming to Iran and the visa eligible for the same

Suffering from illness and wanting to come to Iran for its treatment? With technologies living up to the medical standards of today, the added affordability factor in the treatment brings thousands of patients to Iran from all over the world.

Eligibility criteria for a Medical visa to Iran:

  • You must be a patient who is wishing to cure their disease in Iran
  • The disease must come under physical illness.
  • Anyone assisting you in traveling and stay is NOT eligible for this Visa. S/he will need a separate entry or tourist visa for their travel.

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