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The Iran visa requirements for an individual depends upon majorly his or her nationality and past travel history. Know all the Iran visa requirements as you need to provide these requirements while applying for Iran visa, they will help you in getting your visa approved. However, something every to-be in Iran traveler must know of are the papers required prior to reaching there. If you do not belong in the list of countries that are eligible for an Iranian visa on arrival, then it is best to collect all the necessary visa application documents which will be required both in an online and offline visa request process.


  • Iran Visas and their eligibility list
  • General Papers Necessary for an Iranian Visa Application
  • Additional Papers required for Unique Iranian Visas
  • Document submission guidelines while applying online for an Iranian Visa
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Iran Visas and their eligibility list

  • Iran provides around eleven different types of visas to people who wish to travel to Iran from all over the world. 
  • With each visa type explaining the purpose of the visit of the visa applier, it is easy to see which visa type you need to choose from in order to get it approved by the Iranian Embassy quickly and efficiently.
  • Given that a variety of visas are in question to choose from, most of these have similar requirement criteria if you ask about the document checklist.

General Papers Necessary for an Iranian Visa Application

Completely filled Iranian visa application form

  • In order to apply successfully for any Iranian Visa, your passport must be having a validity of six months at least. 
  • These six months must include your trip to Iran and back toy your native country.
  • You must be having a permanent Passport of your native country. 
  • The copy of this permanent passport must be of your ID page.

Photographs meeting the standards for Iranian Government

  • The photographs you submit with your forms and copies of other Iran visa applications must match the photos you have on your passport, visa form, and other additional papers.
  • Women opting for an Iranian Visa do not need to cover their heads while clicking the photograph. 
  • It is up to the individual female whether she wishes to cover her head or not. This condition applies to girls as well.
  • It is best to keep extra copies of your photographs with you at all times. 
  • Two photographs of each visa candidate are to be submitted with your Iranian Visa application details.
  • Although Iranian officers have started taking on the spot photographs, it is still a better and safer way to bring your photographs with you.

Additional Papers required for Unique Iranian Visas

Iran Visa Authorization Code

If you are going to Iran on an Iranian Tourist Visa, you will receive an authorization code from the Iranian Government allowing you to receive your visa through the Iranian Embassy in your country. This code is the last step of your application process, and it is to be shown to the Iranian Embassy and soon as you receive it.

Social Media Networks and CV

  • This criterion is mandatory for citizens of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
  • Each candidate applying for an Iran Visa must mention all of their online details to the Iranian Embassy or in their online application form.
  • These online details must be all social media links, any websites you own, blog pages and cv or resume sites.

Additional Papers for an Iran Transit Visa

  • In case if you have a 48-hour Iranian Transit Visa: A copy of the confirmed flight to the country you will be going to after transiting in Iran.
  • If you have a 72 Hour Transit Visa, then you must be planning on staying in Iran for this time.
  • This will require a copy of your place of stay along with an official invitation letter from the Iranian person you will be living with.

Additional Papers for an Iranian Diplomatic and Service Visas

  • A copy of your contract of work with the company.
  • Your diplomatic passport is a must in the case, Iranian Diplomatic visa only allows you to submit a copy of a diplomatic visa issued to you by the government of your native country.
  • A copy of the letter stating what work you will be doing while you stay in Iran under a Diplomatic Visa.

Why should I apply online for an Iranian Visa?

Applying online for an Iran Visa saves you the problems of traveling in general, yet some major advantages you should consider are:

  • Applying online from sites like Tourist Visa Online saves you time, money and the wait for your visa to get approved.
  • Payment and modes of payment are not restricted. You can pay with any method that you prefer.
  • By providing your email ID, you will receive your Iranian visa in your inbox shortly.

Document submission guidelines while applying online for an Iranian Visa

  • The method of submission of the document changes slightly in this case. You will have to scan all your documents and upload them online.
  • Filling up of your form can be done by typing into the form through your digital device directly OR you can print it and then scan it. It depends on the method you are comfortable with.
  • Photographs which you will submit must be a scanned image of the given resolution criteria.
  • Any other documents can be scanned as a colored copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I extend my Iran Tourist Visa?

If any of your Iranian Visas are for a period of three months, then you cannot extend this visa further. However, if you have applied for multiple entries and your Iran visa is having an expiration date coming after three months, then the extension can be done under proper reasoning. Tehran, the capital city of Iran provides extension services for Iranian Visas.

Q. How can I check my Iran Visa status online?

If you have applied for an Iran visa online through Tourist Visa online, all you have to do is provide your passport number and application number of your Iran visa form and you will be given a tracking sheet of the points where your visa is approved, and what stages are left to be approved by the Embassy of Iran in your country.

Q. Are there any restrictions on solo female travelers to Iran?

No, Iran is a safe and culture-driven place for anyone who wishes to visit. However, precaution is always better than cure, thus solo female travelers are requested to be with a guide registered with the Iranian government at all times.

Q. How long does it normally take for my Iran visa application to be approved by the Iranian Embassy and its government?

If you are applying by yourself, then it may take nearly a month for your Iran visa application to be approved fully. However, by applying online with Tourist Visa online and other similar sites, you can receive your Iran Visa in less than three days.

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