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Considering the relations which have softened over the years, Iran Visa for US Citizens is as approachable as never before. With a few precautionary steps, any Citizen of the United States of America can easily enjoy the cultures, traditions and diversity the Iran Sultanate has to offer.


  • How to apply for an Iran Visa as a US Citizen
  • What Iranian Visas is a US Citizen eligible for?
  • Documents necessary for a US Citizens for his or her Iran Visa application
  • Can I work in Iran as a US Citizen?
  • Frequently Asked Queries

As a US Citizen, you cannot apply Iran visa on Arrival or be eligible for any visa-free services to Iran. However, you can easily apply for an Iran Tourist Visa through Tourist Visa Online

Applying online for an Iran visa is an easy and convenient procedure. With a few steps explaining how to apply Iran visa Online, you can get your Iran visa in your email inbox itself.

Documents to be taken care of for an Iran Visa as a US Citizen

Since a Tourist Visa is applicable for a thirty day period for any US Citizen wanting to go to Iran as an individual or with their relatives, following are the Iran Visa Requirements as a scan will be necessary for an online Iran visa application to be accepted in the first try:

  • A six months valid US Citizen passport after you leave Iran. Your journey to Iran must fall under the validity period of your passport.
  • Passport style photographs which match with the ones in your US passport and visa application form
  • The Iran visa application form, duly filled without any errors.
  • Payment to be successfully done with any preferred mode of online payment that you are suitable in using.

Additional Accommodation for a US Citizen travelling to Iran

Book an escort or Guide

  1. An arrangement of a registered tour guide or an escort is mandatory for any US citizen wanting to visit Iran. Know that this escort guide must complete the given criteria:
  2. She or he must be recognized and listed under the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  3. Your escort guide is responsible for informing about your travel itinerary through Iran.

Hotel Reservation at Iran

  1. Before applying for any Iranian Visa type, as a US Citizen, you must have hotels booked for your whole stay in Iran. For ease of acceptance of the Iran visa, it is best to book hotels which are known by the locals in Iran or are recognized by the Government of Iran.
  2. This proof of hotel reservation at Iran must also be given to the tour guide. In often cases, your tour guide helps you in booking the best hotel for you in Iran.

Medical Check-Ups

  1. It is best to take precautionary steps to avoid mishaps and mis-communications. 
  2. Thus, even though this step is not mandatory, ensure that you have completed all the required medical vaccinations and are free from any illnesses. If you are on any medications, ensure that you have a prescription of the same with you at all times.

Frequently Asked Queries 

Q. I am an Iranian-American by birth, do I still have to follow the same procedure as any other US citizen to travel to Iran?

  1. Yes. Even though you do belong to Iran since the beginning, your relations with the United States of America makes you eligible to follow all the procedures opted by a US Citizen to travel to Iran through an Iran Visa.
  2. Even if either of your parents is an Iranian, but you are living in the US, then to you will have to follow the regular procedures for a US Citizen to opt for an Iranian Visa type.

Q. Is Iran safe for the US coming as tourists to Iran? I wish to come with my family for a vacation to Iran.

Yes. Iran is safe for any tourist from around the world. Even after the harsh relations with the United States of America in the past, Iran and the US have friendly relations currently and thus have made it easier for people of both the countries to travel abroad.

Q. Why is there so much tension between the US and Iran. How does it affect me in booking for an Iranian Visa as a US Citizen?

  1. In 2017, Donald Trump stopped US Visas for a total of seven countries. Amongst these seven countries, Iran was included as it did not have good diplomatic relations with the United States of America. 
  2. This ban did not allow any Iranian born individual to travel to the US for any reason whatsoever. As a backlash, the Iranian government stopped the entry of US-born individuals to Iran as well. However, this limitation stayed for up to two months only. 
  3. The relations between the two nations slowly became friendly and a lot better. Currently, US Citizen and Iranian citizens are able to travel to each other's native countries without any issues.

Q. What is an Iran Visa Authorization Code for a US Citizen?

  1. Although it is called as a ‘code’, it is as simple as a Letter of Invitation or a Letter of Acceptance issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for your travel to Iran. 
  2. This Iran Authorization code states that the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted you permission to travel to Iran as a US Citizen. This is also proof that you can receive your Iran visa online by just paying for it with the way of payment you are comfortable in.

Q. Can a citizen of the United States opt for an Iranian Visa on Arrival?
No. Currently, the US Citizen is not eligible for an Iranian Visa on Arrival. However, Iran does offer many other (to be exact, 11 different) visa types to choose from. Having a visa to Iran prior to your journey is, in any sense, a better and easier option, rather than hustling for an Iran visa after you arrive in Iran.

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