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Being a citizen of India traveling to Iran will need you to take an Iran visa before commencing your travel. But getting an Iran visa for India can be a tedious task if you do not know where to apply for one and what the procedure is. Hence for you to get to know about the visa information about an Iran visa and how you can apply for it, Touristvisaonline will be explaining all about the visa along with how you can get one. an Iran visa would not have been required for a country that has been included in the visa-free list however, India not being one of them will need a visa to be taken in order to travel to Iran.


Q. Are visas from Iran stamped onto the passport or are they needed to be just printed and shown to the officials at the border?

If you are applying for a visa online you will be getting the visa as a PDF which can be printed and shown at the border once you reach the border of Iran. This Iran visa, however, will not be stamped onto your passport nor will there be a sticker attached on your passport. This decision was taken by the Iran government after knowing that the stamp can affect the tourists from traveling to other countries. This will be done even if you apply for a visa through an embassy.

Q. What if a citizen of India is traveling to Iran without travel insurance, will it be allowed?

No now a citizen of India or any other tourists traveling to Iran must make sure that he or she has travel insurance as it is now a compulsion to take one before traveling to Iran. It was in 2011 that it was made a compulsion for every tourist visiting Iran.

Q. Can a citizen of India go to Iran without a visa?

No, a citizen of India cannot travel to Iran without a visa, an Iran visa is a must when traveling to Iran for a citizen of India.

Q. How difficult is it for a citizen of India to get a tourist visa to Iran?

It is actually not that quite difficult to get an Iran visa issued for a citizen of India. All you need is some documents and you will be ready for an Iran visa procedure. The following steps can be checked out for your Iran visa application:

  • Enter India as your nationality and place where you live and click on apply for an Iran visa on Touristvisaonline
  • You will now get Iran visa options from which you can choose one and apply for one
  • Now fill in the form for Iran visa and attach documents.
  • Pay the Iran visa fees and get the confirmation.

This will complete your Iran visa application through Touristvisaonline.

Q. Is it impossible for a citizen of India who has traveled to Iran to get a US tourist visa?

Now that as of November 2018 it was decided that no stamp will be marked on the passport and hence your travel history will not show Iran as one of the places that you have visited hence there will be no problem getting a US visa issued.

Q. Has any citizen of India got a visa on arrival? If yes, then what was the procedure followed?

Yes, a citizen of India can get an Iran visa issued through visa on arrival. This is possible by getting all your documents to Iran and then applying for one through one of the Iran airports where you will be able to apply for a visa on arrival.

Hence now a citizen of India can travel to Iran with just an application for an Iran visa for India.

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