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At times alongside planning trips to the Sultanate Iran, you must have asked “Do I need a visa for Iran?” While planning a long enthralling trip to Iran, one might wonder from where they can invest in an Iranian visa, rather, do I even need a visa? The answer to this question can be both a yes and a no, but that completely depends upon your birthplace and your travel history. An Iran visa can be a mandatory requirement for you, or even, an arrival to Iran event. Iran is a country in western Asia and in order to enter this magnificent country you will need a visa but also know that Iran's government has some policies in which some countries do not need a visa to enter Iran or you can get it on arrival. Tourist Visa Online helps you in answering all your questions regarding Iran visa requirements and other papers and signatures for an Iranian visa.

Is an Iranian Visa important to me prior to my journey?

Definitely, if you do not belong to the Visa-free list of countries that can travel to Iran, then you must apply for a Visa to Iran. Being a foreigner you must have a legal paper stating that you can stay in Iran for a given period of time. Iran ensures the well being of each tourist in its welcoming nation, thus it is best to abide by its rules and enjoy the essence of Iranian cultures, heritage, and their very rich Sultanate food and delicacies without any worries, by just opting for an Iranian Visa beforehand.

Most Common Iranian Visas, available on Tourist Visa Online

Tourist Visa Online offers you the most common Iranian Visas opted by millions of tourists and travelers worldwide in order to go to the lands of Iran. 

  • The first and the most chosen one is the Iranian Tourist Visa. As the name suggests, it is primarily opted by people from around the continents who wish to travel to Iran for the purpose of enjoying their vacation or a small holiday. If you do not have any plans of working or earning in Iran, then you can choose an Iranian Tourist Visa without any doubts.
  • Another common visa type opted by businessmen and people who wish to stopover is the Iranian Transit Visa, which allows you to stay in Iran for a short period of time, allowing you to stay in Iran while you wait for your next flight to your next country as your final destination.

Exceptional Countries who do not need a Visa to Iran

Iran brings a country in the Middle lands does have relations with people belonging to countries neighboring it and even far abroad. Being of the same mindset with the idea of developing together, Iran does allow some countries and its people to travel to Iran without going through the process of obtaining a visa. If you are a citizen of one of these countries, you definitely do not need to worry about any Iranian visa procedures:

Syria Venezuela Georgia
Bolivia Turkey Malaysia
Armenia Azerbaijan  

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Iran and its Visas

Q. I do require a visa to Iran, what are the documents I need to keep ready if I am willing to apply from Tourist Visa Online?

Your permanent passport, flight tickets to and fro Iran, Iranian lands hotel bookings are the main papers you will require beforehand as a scan in order to submit your documents right away. A properly filled application form for the Iranian visa is also necessary.

Q. How many days am I allowed to stay in Iran on an approved Iranian Tourist Visa?

You can stay up to a period of a long one month in Iran on a valid Tourist Visa. An extension is possible, however, that should be done within this one month validity period itself. The approval of your Tourist Visa to Iran depends upon the approval of all your documents that you have submitted.

Q. How can I know if I am eligible for an Iranian Visa on Arrival?

  • An Iranian Visa on Arrival is provided to some specific countries itself. One must know beforehand if they are eligible for an Iranian Visa on Arrival or not. 
  • Note, that even if your country is included in that list, you must not be a resident of that country, rather, you must compulsorily be a citizen of that country in order to apply for an Iranian Visa on Arrival. As of now, sixty-one countries are eligible for an Iranian visa on arrival.

Q. I am eligible for an Iran visa on Arrival, can I still apply for an Iranian Visa before my flight?

  • Absolutely! In practice, it is always better to have an approved visa beforehand while you travel to any abroad country, and not just Iran. 
  • An Iranian visa on arrival facility may seem convenient, but it demands you to carry all the original and copied documents and papers, and at any point of time the Iranian government can deny you your visa, even after you have landed at the airport. In such a case, you will be asked to book the first flight back to your native country, ruining your trip.
  • Thus, to prevent any mishaps, citizens eligible for an Iranian Visa on arrival can very well apply for a general Iranian Tourist Visa as well. 

Q. What are the steps which I should know of while applying for an Iranian Visa online through Tourist Visa Online?

Tourist Visa Online gives you the most simplified manner in which you can apply and approve your Iran Visa easily. The simple checkpoints you must ensure to complete are:

  • Submit all the documents under the required resolution, including passport pages, photographs, and your Iran visa application in any format convenient to you.
  • Wait for your visa to be approved. Meanwhile, you can always come and visit the site to check up on the progress of your application and Iran visa approval.
  • The rest of the procedures are carried out for you by Tourist Visa Online. Rest and relax, as you will receive your chosen Iranian visa in your inbox as a PDF, which will be backed up with you in your email at all times.
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