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Citizens of some countries do not require advance visa arrangements in order to enter Iran. They can obtain their visa on arrival when they reached Iran. Determine if you are from the visa on arrival country or not. An Iran Visa-on-arrival is a facility given to some countries of the world. With a visa-on-arrival, the application and approval process of your visa is carried out after you arrive in visa. Iran is a friendly and invited tourist from all parts of the globe to enjoy the essence of the Middle east culture.

What is a visa-on-arrival for Iran?

An Iranian Visa on arrival for Iran allows you as a tourist to land in Iran visa-free, after which you will be required to create your visa at the airport. A visa on arrival is a great option if you do take all your documents with you.


  1. The features of a visa on arrival
  2. Validity period and extension of a visa on arrival
  3. Countries eligible for the Visa you will receive on arrival to Iran
  4. Eligibility criteria for individuals
  5. Process of Application
  6. Papers required, both original and as a copy
  7. Frequently asked Queries regarding Iran Visas and the culture of Iran

How is a visa on arrival different from visa-free entry to Iran?

Visa-free entry is for countries that have really great social, political and economic bonding with the government of Iran. People of the countries who can travel visa-free to Iran do not require an Iran visa at any point of a visit to Iran.

Features of Iran Visa on Arrival: Validation and Extension

  • Most visas provided by Iran have similar features. An Iran Visa on arrival has a validity period of one month. This period is counted from your day of arrival in Iran. 
  • Extension for a visa on arrival is possible by contacting the Iranian Foreign Affair Office. Do know that you will have to provide a reason for the extension of your visa.
  • The extension is given for up to 14 days only. Thus, if you wish to live in Iran for more than 30 days and 14 days extension, then it is best to go for an Iran Tourist Visa in advance.

Countries eligible for an Iran Visa on arrival

Citizens of eligible countries can get Iran Visa on Arrival. There are 61 eligible countries in this list:

Kyrgyzstan Bosnia France Peru Denmark Indonesia
Ukraine Philippines Turkmenistan Slovenia Oman Russian Federation
Bulgaria Qatar Australia  Switzerland Brunei Romania
Belarus Kuwait Vietnam Brazil North Korea Ireland
Norway Tajikistan Croatia Austria China Armenia 
Mexico Cyprus Luxembourg Malaysia UAE Italy
South Korea Mongolia Bahrain Slovak Herzegovina Spain
Uzbekistan Japan Sweden Netherlands Portugal Kazakhstan
Belgium Singapore Poland Germany Greece Finland
Hungary Cuba Serbia Albania New Zealand Thailand

Countries NOT eligible for an Iran Visa on Arrival

People who have a passport of these countries are not allowed to obtain a visa on arrival for Iran:

Jordan Sri Lanka Pakistan Canada Afghanistan Iraq
Colombia United States of America India Bangladesh Somalia United Kingdom

Eligibility Criteria for Individuals

If you belong to one of the eligible countries for visa on arrival list, there are still some individual criteria that you must fall into in order to apply for this visa: People who can apply for an Iran visa on Arrival cannot involve themselves in any business-related work. If you are coming to Iran for tourism, a visa on arrival is applicable to you.

People who can NOT apply for an Iran Visa on Arrival

  • If you have been rejected for an Iran visa previously, you cannot apply for a Visa on Arrival.
  • If you are a reporter, journalist, or any authority from the media arriving in Iran for work purposes, you cannot apply for a visa on arrival. However, for people of this category, Iran does have a Media Visa that you can opt for.
  • If you are a national of Iran itself, yet you have a passport of another country (say you were born in Iran yet stayed in the US for a lifetime), then you cannot apply for this visa type.
  • People engaged in diplomatic activities with Iran during their visit cannot apply. However, these people can opt for an Iranian Diplomatic Visa.

What is the process of receiving a visa on arrival for Iran?

  • You will have to bring the original documents along with a minimum of two copies of each to Iran.
  • Your visa on the arrival application process will be taken up by the Iranian airport you land in.  
  • Please note that it is better to keep a scan of each of your documents if by chance any documents get misplaced in any unfavorable circumstances.

What are the documents required for a Visa on Arrival?

  1. Passport- Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months. This is counted from your date of arrival to Iran.
  2. Note that it is advised to keep your originals with you as well, in case the photocopies do not meet the standards of submission. Photocopies must be colored and of high quality.
  3. You must have confirmed return tickets from Iran to your native country.
  4. Ensure that your visa application form is duly filled with you beforehand.
  5. The photographs that you attach with the form must be recently studio clicked, on a clear background. Women do not need to cover their heads in the photograph.
  6. It is mandatory to have prior hotel reservations before you arrive in Iran. A copy of your transaction is to be submitted for your visa on arrival to be approved.
  7. A Valid Travel Insurance is usually asked as an additional document from tourists who come to Iran. Thus have a copy of the same as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the airports which can provide me a visa on arrival as soon as I land in Iran?

As of 2020, seven airports provide you a visa on arrival services. These cater to mainly international flights to and fro along with transits in Iran:

  1. Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA)
  2. Tehran Mehrabad Airport (TEH)
  3. Shiraz International Airport (SYZ)
  4. Mashhad International Airport (MHD)
  5. Tabriz International Airport (TBZ)
  6. Isfahan International Airport (ISF)
  7. Kish International Airport (KIH)

Q. Can I receive a visa on arrival if I arrive in Iran by land or water transportation?

No, Iran does not provide a visa on arrival for travelers arriving by land, water, or any other transportation method except for flights. If you wish to visit Iran by road then you will need to apply and receive your Iran visa in advance.

Q. Can I apply for an Iranian visa on Arrival if I have been to Israel before?

If you have an Israeli stamp on your validated passport, then you will be required to apply for a new passport and visa.

Q. What can I do if my Visa on arrival is rejected in Iran?

Do not fret if your visa gets rejected after you arrive in Iran. The method to follow after a rejection is to book the earliest flight back to your native country.

Q. Can I travel to Iran Visa-free?

A specific list of countries can only travel to Iran visa-free. Visa-free arrival to Iran is a facility which makes it easier for people to travel and stay in Iran without the processes of having a visa. The following countries can travel to Iran visa-free:

Armenia Azerbaijan Bolivia Georgia
Malaysia Syria Turkey Venezuela


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