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Applying for an Iran e visa can be a bit confusing to those who are new to it. Yet, there are a few simple steps you need to follow in order to apply for an Iran visa correctly, submitting your details and even more, check your Iran visa status. Tourist Visa Online offers Iran e visa by offering an online visa service. It is as easy as submitting a scanned copy of your documents in order to avail of the online visa facility to Iran. Payment is possible through any online method of money transactions. An Iranian e visa is easy to be requested and approved for.

What is Iran e-visa?

  • Created as a facility for travelers all around the world, the Iran electronic visa is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran. The application process of an Iran e visa can be done easily through Tourist Visa Online.
  • An Iran e visa is validated for a long period of thirty days. This period is counted from the first day you arrive in Iran. 
  • Extending an e visa for Iran is applicable and can be done easily in Iran itself. Extension for an Iran e visa can be done twice. Thus, an Iran e visa, in totality, allows a tourist to stay in Iran for a period of ninety days at a maximum one-time stay.
  • You can check your Iran e visa status anytime you like. As this is completely an online procedure, each step of approval or rejection is tracked for you Iran e visa. 
  • To know your visa status, mention your passport number and your Iran visa application number to understand how long it can take for you to successfully get your visa to Iran approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the documents which will be required on my end to fill up an Iran e visa application correctly? Are requirements for an Iran e visa different from rest of the Iranian visas?

No, the requirements for an Iran e visa are in fact, much less than an Entry or a Tourist visa to Iran. The papers necessary to give your query for an Iran e visa are:

  1. A scan of your passport. Consider your permanent passport in this case and not a Diplomatic passport of your native country. The scan must be of the first and foremost page.
  2. A passport styled photograph is a must. Submit a scan of the photograph of all the candidates your applying for.
  3. The Iran e visa application form is to be duly filled through your device. Understand that the signatures you use here must resemble signatures on your passport.
  4. The email you mention here will be the one where you will receive your Iran visa as an electronic mail.

Q. Why is an e visa advantageous for me to go to Iran?

Don’t be worried about anything while applying for an e visa to Iran. The process is not complicated. Here are some advantages you might want to see to consider applying for an Iran e visa and further trust the online method of applying for an Iran visa:

  1. It is a safe way to give your details for your visa. Every application details asked by you are general and cannot be used against you.
  2. An online method followed in an Iran e visa application makes it easier for the candidate, saving traveling time, standing into big lines and queues at the Iranian embassy, etc.
  3. Revisions if asked for in any paper can be easily done directly on your device, instead of printing your document again and filling in the whole application.

Q. What is the best time at which I can apply for an Iran e visa without worrying about hurrying up and delaying?

The best time to apply for any visa application to achieve and Iran visa is to start applying before two months to your flight to Iran. That way, even if you do get any revisions or mistakes and your visa is rejected in the first application, you will have time to correct your errors and resend the application and request. Please note that as soon as you receive your visa to Iran successfully, you must fly to Iran within three months from that day.

Q. Where do I need to go to Iran if I have to extend my Iran e visa?

You may call or visit these following Iranian government recognized Immigration Offices in order to extend your e visa for Iran: 

  • Yazd: Bahonar boulevard, Valiasr Alley

Phone: 035 1724 4055

  • Shiraz: Fars Province, Shiraz, Modaress boulevard

Phone: 071 3725 0028

  • Mashhad: Razavi Khorasan Province, Mashhad, District 9

Phone: 051 3822 5280

  • Tehran: Tehran Province, Tehran, Shahr Ara Street

Phone: 021 6693 5058

  • Isfahan: Isfahan Province, Isfahan, Rudaki Bypass

Phone: 031 3218 4547

  • Qom, Shahid Lavasani St

Phone: 025 3772 3838

Q. How much is the average cost of an Iranian visa?

Any Iranian visa can cost you from 10 to 150 euros. The exact cost may fluctuate from time to time. Paying for an Iranian e visa is possible through any online transaction method which is comfortable for you through Tourist Visa Online.

Q. How long does it normally take for my Iran e Visa to be approved?

With Tourist Visa Online, you can expect your Iran e visa within a span of three days. Your online application is approved through our website, and you will receive your e visa to Iran in your inbox.

Q. If I do not belong to this list, what other papers will I need to collect in order to apply for an Iran Visa?

For any Visa to Iran, the general documents which anyone will require will be your permanent or diplomatic passport, photographs (colored), your flight bookings along with your hotel booking in Iran. The document list for your Iran Visa type may change depending upon your nationality and the country you are currently staying in.

Q. Do I need to mention my touring journey through Iran with all my other Iran Visa documents?

No, unless you are a citizen born in the UK, US, and Canada. In such a case, you will have to book a tour guide to guide you through Iran. In such a case, you need to get an Iran Visa beforehand (before your flight to Iran).

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