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There are numerous places to visit in Iran. Iran, originally called Persia is a great place for any tourist who loves to understand a variety of cultures and diversity. 

One can visit Iran by applying for an Iran Visa online. The online method solves all your troubles of applying for a visa and its time taking procedures. Thus, one must not miss these places with traditional, economic and cultural significance while they are residing in Iran.

Chogha Zanbil

A UNESCO respected Iranian destination to go to, Choga Zanbil is a ziggurat in the Khuzestan area. Inscriptions, stone writings and footprints of people in the stones make it no less than Mohenjodaro. 

Excavations are continuously taken into consideration here in order to know more about the ancient civilization of the old Iranians and Persia. The area is known to be of the thirteenth century.

Anzali Lagoon

A Lagoon is known for its lotuses, various species of flora and fauna and an unnatural yet mesmerising dark waters, the Anzali Lagoon is situated in the port city, Bandar Anzali on the northern side of Iran. 

You can spot the natives of the country in houses created on stilts as well. Big bushes and grasslands also cover a major part of the port.

Babak Castle

Towering up on a steep level at 2,300 meters, the Babak Castle is a great military possession of the Iranians from the medieval times. The Khurramite King originally built this citadel.

If you consider yourself to be afraid of heights, then you might want to behold it from down. However, Iran does offer a bit of adventure sport of rock climbing here, if you are one of the adventurers amongst the tourists.

Nasir ol-Molk Mosque

Being a country following majorly the Islamic religion, Iran is not devoid of mosques. Thousands of tourists arrive in Iran on an Iran Pilgrimage Visa in order to worship Allah each year.

The Nasir ol-Molk Mosque is one of the many famous mosques of Persia and is a highly sought after pilgrimage landmark. 

This mosque is also considered as one of the most beautiful mosques anyone can bestow. With colourful glass pieces allowing light inside the halls of the prayer room, it is definitely a must-see sight for anyone religious.

It is also given a pet name of being The Pink Mosque because of its higher density of pink glass pieces, casting a pink, sometimes red light into the room.

Persepolis: The old Iranian Capital

Iran, also called Persia, is a mixture of both the old monuments and new architecture. Persepolis was the original capital of Persia. Thus, if you wish to know the origins and cultures of Iran, it is a must to visit Persepolis.

Bridges of Esfahan

Iran consists of nine bridges connecting all the remote places in the Middle Eastern land. These bridges are a mark of the architectural intelligence of the people of Iran. Esfahan’s bridges are a must-visit site in Iran. It is situated on the Zayandeh River. 

One can easily walk through the bridge for a peaceful time alongside Persian slogans and poetry being recited by the localities here.

Kashan’s historical homes

A fan of an amalgamation of nature and architectural beauty? Then Kashan’s Homes will become your most favourite place in Iran. 

You will find pomegranate plants and trees alongside fresco, courtyards and embellished detailed ceilings in this city called Kashan. It is a desert city, yet the welcoming nature of the people of Kashan would make you forget the heat of the sands.

It has become a historical identity of Iran. The city of Kashan is deemed to be the most beautiful during the springs and early summer seasons. The Rosewater festival is also held in this city during this time.

Chalus Road

If you enjoy strolling and walking instead of taking a bus or any other commute to travel in a city, then definitely take up the route of the Chalus Road. It is considered to be one of the most breathtaking roads in New Persia with a modern touch of technology.

Tunnels with paintings of the Islamic monuments, rock embellished walls and springs all around the pathway makes it a great road to take as an evening walk while in Iran.

Valley of the Stars in Qeshm

Iran, even though is known for its hot climates and sunny temperatures, does have a fair share of beautiful islands. The Valley of Stars is located in Qeshm, one of the many Iranian islands. Expect various sand dunes and valleys on this island, which is now a major tourist destination in Iran.

Sandstone is the major rock found there. In the Valley of the Stars, you will be surrounded by various rock formations, which always act as a guessing game of figuring out which animal or hand gesture the rock resembles with.

Frequently Asked Questions on travelling in Iran

Q. Is Iran a safe country for females to visit?

  1. Absolutely. Iran welcomes all genders equally. Maintaining the safety of the tourists is a priority of the Iranian Government. 
  2. If you are a solo female traveller, you can also request a female tour guide to help and accompany you through the many places of Iran, all the more knowledge about them through your female guide.

Q. Is there proper internet access in Iran? If so, can I keep my Iranian visa as an online one?

Yes, Iran is not behind than other countries when it comes to technology and modernization. This is an advantage when it comes to applying online for an Iranian Visa. You can apply almost any type of Iran Visa online. 

Q. How can I travel to Iran as a US citizen?

Iranian government understand the concerns of a US traveller to Iran. US Citizens need an Iran visa from US beforehand, they cannot apply for a Visa on arrival under any circumstances. However, as a US citizen, you do require a government registered tour guide to be with you at all times of your stay in Iran.

Q. Are there any items or things which I am not allowed to bring in Iran?

The things and items which are forbidden to be brought in Iran are:

  • Any form of alcohol and the alcoholic beverage is a strict no.
  • Perfume up to 50ml is allowed at one landing to Iran
  • Avoid bringing any religious books which are not related to the Islamic culture.
  • Any item which can be used as a weapon (evens scissors and kitchen knives are not allowed to be brought in Iran)

Q. I need to know some safety numbers that I can call on while I am in Iran. Is there any government approved emergency numbers?

Yes. It is best to save Iranian emergency numbers in your mobile before you start your journey. These are:

  • Iranian police can be called on 110
  • Medical emergencies and the medical services helpline number is 115 in Iran
  • If in case of fire and similar emergencies, call on 12

Q. What is the most used Iranian Visa by tourists?

An Iran Tourist Visa is the most used by foreigners to travel to Iran. An Entry Visa to Iran is another great option if you fall into its Iran Visa eligibility criteria. Otherwise, an Iran e-visa is accessible to almost all foreign tourists worldwide.

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