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If you are planning on travelling to Antigua from Russia soon then you might definitely want to know about an Antigua visa for Russian citizens. This is because if you have no idea about the travel then your travel that has been planned already may go down the drain. Now that you have already planned what you want to pack for your trip to Antigua lets take a look at what else you need if you want to travel to Antigua from Russia. For this purpose, Tourist Visa Online will introduce you to all of the important information you ought to know before your travel. 


Q. Is an Antigua visa important for a Russian to travel to Antigua from Russia?

No, it is not important for a Russian now to take an Antigua visa before travelling to Antigua. This is due to Russia appearing in the list of Antigua visa-exempt countries along wit other 106 countries. This means that a Russian no longer need to take a visa before they travel. 

Q. Will a visit to Antigua be entirely free for a Russian?

There is no way a trip can be entirely free as even if you need not take a visa, you will be required to take a flight ticket both to and from Antigua, you will also be needed to take a passport which will be valid. If this passport is not valid then this means that your visit will also not be valid anymore. 

Q. What to do if my Russian passport is not valid for travel to Antigua?

If you have a Russian passport that is not valid according to the Antigua passport requirements for travel to Antigua or if it does not fulfil the validity period of about 6 months after entering the country then you will have to get a new passport issued to you or you will have to get the passport renewed by filling in a renewal application and sending it to the respective authorities. 

Q. Can a Russian stay for as long as he or she wants to in Antigua?

No, it will not be possible for a Russian to stay for as long as he or she likes in Antigua even if you are on a visa-free visit. This is because even if the government allows visa-free travel, they have strict rules as to till when you can stay and till when you will have to leave the country. So if you do not follow all of these rules as stated by the government then you will have to face some strict actions being taken on you. 

Q. How long can a Russian stay for in Antigua once travel on a visa-free trip?

A Russian can stay for about 180 days that is for about 6 months once you are here in Antigua on visa-free travel. After this period a Russian citizen will have to leave the country and enter only after a month to be able to continue with the visa-free services. 

Q. Can a passport be shared between two Russians while travelling to Antigua on visa-free travel?

A passport will be a sole way to identify a person and hence having one for each person is a must. This is why having a passport with you while entering that will solely belong to you is important. If you share a passport then your entry will be denied. 

Q. Will there be a stamp on my passport that states I am on a visa-free entry while travelling from Russia to Antigua?

Yes, you will get a stamp n your passport that will state that you are from a visa-free country and your entry is without a visa. This stamp will also include details such as your entry details and the date by which you must exit the country. This is why you will also be needed to keep at least one blank page on your passport to get this stamp on. 

Q. Will a Russian have to take a visa to travel to Antigua if he or she wishes to pursue an education in Antigua?

Yes, this visa-free travel that has been allowed for a Russian citizen is only valid for a tourism purpose being fulfilled by the citizen. However, if the citizen wants to travel to Antigua for education purposes, then applying for a student visa will become important. 

Antigua giving a lot of opportunities to conduct tourism purposes has allowed Russians to enter without a visa. Hence using this opportunity to not get an Antigua visa for Russian you can travel visa-free to Antigua. 

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