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Going to Antigua needs a visa and this is known to all. Antigua government introduce Antigua visa-free countries in which citizens of the countries who come under this visa-free country policy can enter Antigua without a visa. However, there are some visa-free countries whose nationals can go to Antigua without having a visa. But a lot of people seem to be unaware of this. Getting to know when to apply for one and when not to is of great importance when you plan to go to a foreign country. 

Reasons to go to Antigua:

A lot of people go to Antigua every year and the numbers are still on a tremendous increase. But there are other people who have no idea about why to go to Antigua. As most of them who have gone to Antigua have testified, this place is an absolute place with peace fulfilled in it! This place exudes comfort like nowhere else. It is also said that a lot of people do go to Antigua because they want to get away from the struggles of daily life. Not to mention that Antigua is a haven of beaches and is enough of a reason to attract the entire world’s population to it! 

While going to Antigua is fun and all getting to know about a visa and whether you need it or not is also important. Hence we will now be taking a look at the list of countries that do not require a visa. We will also be taking a look at the conditions which have to be followed in case of countries that do not need a visa.

Countries who need not take a visa to Antigua:

The list of countries can be specified as follows:

Dominica Grenada Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and Grenadines

The above-given countries are those ones who can move to and from Antigua without a visa for the entire life. This means there is a freedom of movement which has been accepted between Antigua and these countries. These country’s nationals will, however, have to take their valid id cards along with them which will act as proof that they belong to the above-mentioned countries. While this is about lifelong freedom of movement there are other countries that can go to Antigua without a visa but will be restricted to a certain period. 

The countries whose nationals can go to Antigua without a visa and stay for a period of 6 months can be given as follows:

All EU citizens Albania Andorra Argentina Armenia Australia
Azerbaijan Bahamas Barbados Belarus Belize Botswana
Brazil Brunei Canada Chile Colombia Eswatini
Fiji Georgia Guyana Iceland Jamaica Japan
Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Kyrgyzstan Lesotho Liechtenstein
Malawi Malaysia Maldives Marshall Islands Mauritius Mexico
Moldova Monaco Namibia Nauru New Zealand Norway
Panama Papua New Guinea Peru Russia Samoa San Marino
Seychelles Singapore Solomon Islands South Africa South Korea Suriname
Switzerland Tajikistan Tanzania Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Turkmenistan
Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States
Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City Venezuela Zambia  

The above list consists of 96 countries that can stay for a period of 6 months or a matter of 180 days in total. 

There are other countries as well whose citizens can on a trip to Antigua for a total of 1 month or 30 days visa-free visit to Antigua and the list can be given as follows:

China Cuba Hong Kong  Macau Taiwan

The above listed five countries can stay for one month without a visa in Antigua.

The above listed all of the countries irrespective of the time period, while visiting Antigua can also visit Barbuda without a visa. Those cruise ship owners or visitors, who normally do need a visa, would not really need one if they plan to go to Antigua and Barbuda in the morning and depart in the same evening. 

Extension of stay:

While the citizens of the above-given countries can stay for free in Antigua for a certain period of time however if they wish for an extension in the stay they can do so by submitting an application to Antigua and Barbuda Immigration Department. However, overstaying in Antigua without a visa or exceeding the allowed time period or even working without a work permit becomes an offense and will lead to the paying of fines.  


Q. what if there are about five of us going to Antigua from Andorra, will we need a visa?

As citizens of Andorra do not require a visa to travel to Antigua, no matter how many people come together you do not need to apply for one. 

Q. what if my country is not specified in the visa-free list, what should I do in that case?

If your country’s name has not yet been mentioned in the visa-free list then the chances are high that you might require a visa before you plan to go to Antigua.

Q. is there a specific condition that all the visa-free country’s citizens need to follow?

All of the citizens of visa-free countries must at least have a passport which acts as their identity card. This is the condition that each and every citizen must follow in case they do not need to take a visa.

Q. is it possible for nationals of Antigua visa-free countries to go to Barbuda on a ship and not take a visa?

Yes, those whose country’s names have been mentioned in the list can go to Barbuda as well, be it through the ship or a flight and they also need not take a visa.

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