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Antigua visa application is an online application form that helps you in getting a ticket for the tour to Antigua. It is simple and easy to access application form which is available on our website tourist visa online. It was in January 2016 that Antigua has first implemented its electronic visa facilities. However, this was known to way fewer people due to the underdevelopment of a lot of countries. The internet was not really out into use while applying for an Antigua visa, which made the people think that applying through an embassy was the only option they had. Here, in this article, we will be taking a look at the Antigua visa application and how it is to be done in the right way possible.

Applying for a visa is not that hard nowadays and even a kid who knows about the basic requirements can do so by getting access to the internet. This basically means that you no more need to do rounds at the embassy office to get your visa applied for. With tourist visa online guiding you through the entire application process you can finish completing the application within a few minutes. That means there no work that you need to do for hours to get your visa application completed. 

Starting with the most basic requirements that a citizen needs to take care of while applying for an Antigua visa, here are the list of documents that need to be submitted:

  1. Photo of the applicant
  2. Passport details which are to be sent via scan
  3. An id card or birth certificate that proves the identity of the applicant
  4. Proof of bank records
  5. Scan of tickets needed for the journey
  6. An invitation letter if the visit is sponsored
  7. A police record if asked by the agency or embassy

Steps on how to apply for an Antigua visa:

As already mentioned an application to be filled in is quite simple and will not need much information as the documents which are to be submitted. The steps on how to apply for an Antigua visa through tourist visa online can be given as follows:

Step 1: Mentioning the nationality of the applicant:

An applicant who wants to apply for an Antigua visa must give the citizenship country detail which will be available on the main webpage of tourist visa online and press enter to go over to the next step.

Step 2: Selecting from the list of visas:

You will be able to access a list of visas from which you will have to select the one you want to apply for. You can check the details that have been mentioned along with the type. This will give a clear view of its validity and other pertaining details.

Step 3: Application form filling:

An application form will be visible to you after you select the type. All you need to do now is to give in all the details. Also, you don’t have to worry about the leakage of details in any manner as the security at tourist visa online will ensure that the visa application details are safe.

Step 4: Payment:

The visa fees will be shown once you are done with the filling in of application form. The payment can be done through any suitable means.

Step 5: Mail receiving:

You will get a mail about the confirmation of your visa application. You can also track your visa through the link that has been provided. However, you will also get updates as well about the progress in the visa application.

This completes the entire process and as you can see this hardly needs some minutes to be completed and hence is not that hard to be done!

About Tourist Visa Online:

There are doubts in the minds of people regarding trust, but here’s something that can assure you. The team at tourist visa online will not only help you through the application process but also help you in the verification. This means whenever you apply for a visa you will always get a visa that has been verified by a panel of experts. So there need not be any tension created among you or other applicants while deciding to apply through tourist visa online!


Q. Is it that all the passport needs to be of validity six months?

The passports of some citizens such as those from Zambia will need a passport validity of 4 months while for those nationals from north Macedonia and Senegal will need a passport of about 3 months’ validity. So checking for your country’s name and the validity of the passport is important. However, having a six-month validity will be of benefits even if the required time is for three months.

Q. What does a persona non grata mean?

If the government of a foreign country declares a person as persona non grata then that means the person is no longer allowed to enter the country, in short, he or she is banned from entering.

Q. Will it be possible to fill in an application through tourist visa online?

One can easily apply for an Antigua visa through the Antigua visa application that is available on tourist visa online.

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