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If you are from the United States and wish to travel to Antigua then its time to fulfil your wishes. However, for this, you will need to know all about an Antigua Visa for US Citizens. To help you understand how this will work Tourist Visa Online has gathered up all of the information to help you get information whether you require a visa or not. This visa is issued for only those citizens who are from those countries that require a visa to travel to another country. For all other Antigua visa-exempt countries, the citizens might not need one to be taken to travel to Antigua. 


Q. Will it be possible for a citizen of the United States to take a visa to Antigua?

It is possible for a citizen of the United States to take a visa to travel to Antigua. However, it is not important to take on as the citizens of the United States are those that come under the visa-exempt countries. This means that you can easily travel to Antigua even without a visa being applied for. 

Q. What will be necessary if a visa is not required to travel for a citizen of the United States?

You do not require Antigua Visa in order to travel Antigua, this doesn’t mean that you need not take any other documents while you travel to Antigua. There are some of the other documents that you need to carry when you will be travelling to Antigua. This will include a passport that states you belong to the United States or are a citizen of the country. 

Q. How many months will it possible for me to stay in Antigua if I do not have a visa to Antigua and if I am a citizen of the United States?

You will be able to stay for about 180 days without a visa in Antigua when you do not hold a visa to the country. However, after this period, it is expected that you get out of the country and come back only after 30 days to avail the visa-exempt services. 

Q. Will there be checking at the border even if I am not on a visa to Antigua?

Yes checking at the border will be an integral part of the process and cannot be avoided under any circumstances. This is to ensure your safety along with all the other passengers who will be travelling with you. This checking is also done to be sure about your passport validity and the purpose of why you are travelling to the country. If any malicious intent is found then travel can be cancelled anytime be it with a visa or without a visa. 

Q. Do I need to take a yellow fever vaccination to be eligible to travel to Antigua?

No, you will not be required to take a yellow fever vaccination certificate if you belong to the United States and are travelling to Antigua. 

Q. How long should the passport be valid for me to get an entry into Antigua if I am from the United States?

If you are from the United States and travelling to Antigua then you are required to have at least 180 days of validity on your passport. This means that your passport must be at least valid for 6 months at the minimum to be able to travel to Antigua. Not only this your passport must also contain at least one blank page to get a visa-exempt stamp on your entry into the country. 

Q. What else will be required to show apart from a valid passport to travel to Antigua?

The following documents will also be required to travel to Antigua:

  • An onward flight ticket to another destination if you are transiting through Antigua or a booked and confirmed return ticket
  • A confirmation of your accommodation that has been booked and confirmed in Antigua. 
  • A proof that you are financially stable to travel to and from Antigua. 

Q. Is there any travel advice that I need to follow while travelling in Antigua?

The following travel advice will help you to stay in Antigua:

  • Do not keep your valuable at a place that is insecure such as keeping the valuables by a beachside or in your hotel rooms. 
  • Walking alone during night time is not recommended however you can always travel in a group that you believe in. 
  • Try to avoid any rides offered by strangers and travel only be accredited transport means. 
  • Keep caution when you travel in a crowded area or if you are on a train. 

In this way even if an Antigua visa for US citizens is not required, if you follow all the guidelines it is possible to get a worry-free journey. 

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