is it safe to visit antigua

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If you have been wondering whether is it safe to visit Antigua or not, then here is your chance to get to know about the answer! The answer is quite simple but people tend to twist it out to make it a complicated one. But now that Tourist visa online is here to provide with all the genuine information you ought to know about Antigua and Barbuda, you will now know about all the things you ought to know about this place. Well, this place can also come around as one of the countries that people have not even heard the name of! Guess what you are missing out on a big place to visit this summer. 

Here is a travel guide to take you through the entire vacation things do in Antigua and how you can enjoy it to the fullest!

1. Best time to go to Antigua:

Well if we start talking about a foreign place, it a definite must that you get to know what the right time to go to a place is before you actually plan your trip and that is exactly what you will get to know! The seasons here can change suddenly but mostly overall it is absolutely pleasant weather to roam around! The monsoon season here ranges from the start of June to November and the following months of September and October can have an unpredictable season that occurs this is when you have the worry whether is Antigua safe from hurricanes.  So if you are wondering when is the right time to visit then it is from the months of December to April with May being the best month to take a look at this place! 

2. Language in Antigua:

Wondering how you will be able to overcome the language barrier here, then you have nothing to worry about as English being the official language here, it is absolutely easy to communicate with people and go around the town as well.

3. Drinking water in Antigua:

If you are about to finish off your water bottle and wondering where to find your water from, you can just get them through any of the taps in Antigua. This water is absolutely safe to drink and hence you can be assured about the quality of water. You might also want to discard the plastic bottle than doing harm to your environment. 

4. Having a stroll around St. John’s:

If you want to get off the beaches and get a full stretched experience from a city view then all you need to do is head to the St. Johns which is one of the largest cities in the country and is also the capital of Antigua. Is Antigua worth visiting?  Though you might not get a lot of view in this place, you can definitely get a glance at the culture here with all the people here being as friendly as possible. 

5. Beaches all around:

Here for the beaches? Then this is the exact place you have to be! With about 365 beaches in total in Antigua, you might have to plan your trip to another country for about a year for next time. That is how many beaches you are going to get here. Right! 365 beaches in total. With a lot of the still deserted, you can have your own time to discover all about these Antigua beaches and its hidden wonder! 

6. Snorkeling in Antigua:

While scuba-diving can get a hole in your pocket with the question arising is Antigua expensive, you can easily go for snorkeling here. You will definitely be able to see a handful of marine life while going snorkeling underwater. This place also provides scooter snorkeling around the beaches where you can also get a glance of the entire blue spread ocean. 

7. Shirley heights:

Want to have a hike while in Antigua well, then you can have it here at the Shirley heights where after the hike you will be welcomed by a pleasant view of the sunset. Going here on a weekend especially on a Sunday will be the thing you will be most grateful for! You can also find some pleasant music to soothe your ears. 

8. The Devils Bridge:

Up for an adventure, then this place will give you all the chills you need. With a huge cliff having waves hit it every time a new wave comes will be the most serene thing you will be able to observe here. This place during the slavery period was also one of the most common places for people to commit suicide. 

With this many things to do in Antigua, do you still think whether is it safe to visit Antigua? Maybe not! One thing now that you have seen such wonders is that this will definitely be one of the most fun and safest places you would want to be at!

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