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Going to Antigua and Barbuda is all fine until you know how to get a visa and which one will be a better option to apply for. If you have no idea about both the aspects then there is no way that a visit will be successful. This is why Tourist Visa Online is here to recommend you to rake a 30 days Antigua Visa that will not only help you finish off your tour around the country but will also help in finishing off any of the other purposes. This is the visa that will be the most suitable one for all of those people who are on a world exploring adventure to take a look around the world n a short amount of time. 


Q. How can a type of Antigua visa affect my travel?

A visa type taken by a foreigner will definitely have an effect on the traveller as well. This is found to be effective when you take the right visa type for your travel purpose. This means that you cannot have a tourist visa applied for when you want to travel for business purposes. Similarly, you cannot apply for a business visa when you want to travel for an employment purpose. This why taking a visa that will match your purpose will be of utmost importance.  

Q. Which type of visa will I need if I want to go on a short tour to Antigua?

If your tour is a short one like something that goes under 30 days then you can apply for a 30 days Antigua visa. This visa is the most appropriate visa that you will need for travel. 

Q. Can an Antigua tourist visa fulfil any other sort of purposes?

No, it will not be possible for you to fulfil any other purposes other than tourism when you take this visa. This means that you can neither conduct business nor can you work while holding this visa in Antigua.  

Q. What is the stay validity that I get when I apply for a 30-day visa?

When you will apply for a 30 days visa you will get a stay validity of the same period. Normally in other cases, you will also get a visa validity for a prolonged period but in this type, the stay and the visa validity will remain the same. This implies that you will have to travel to Antigua and Barbuda without wasting a day’s time to be able to enjoy the visa fully.

Q. If I apply through Tourist Visa Online, how fast will I be able to get the visa?

If you Apply 30 days Antigua visa through tourist visa online you will be able to get this visa in about five to seven days. This means that will take about a week or so to get the visa issued to you. 

Q. Can a faster visa processing fr this tourist visa be made available if I am on an urgent travel?

Yes, you can try out our 2 days emergency visa processing services that will help you get this visa in about 2 days of time or in about 48 hours from your application. This visa processing is for those customers who are n an urgent visit due to a meeting or due to some unforeseen situation in Antigua. 

Q. How can I apply for a 30 days tourist visa through Tourist Visa Online?

You can follow, all of the following steps to successfully apply for a 30 days tourist visa:

Step 1: Go to tourist visa online website

Step 2: Type in your nation that you belong to

Step 3: Select the visa type you will be applying for in this case it will be a tourist visa for 30 days. 

Step 4: Do all the payment requirements asked for

Step 5: Get a mail confirming your visa application. 

In this way, you can successfully apply for a 30 days tourist visa through Tourist Visa Online. 

Q. Is tracking available for this type of visa?

Yes, you can Track Antigua Visa Online when you apply through tourist visa online, but for this purpose, you will be asked for an application number and the passport number to get the visa tracking status. 

Q. How much will it cost me if I take a visa through Tourist Visa Online?

It will cost you about 125.0 US dollars for a 30 days Antigua tourist visa along with some of the service charge that is included along with the application. 

This way you can complete off your visa application for 30 days Antigua visa though tourist visa online. 

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