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Antigua has started its Antigua visa on arrival facility for those who need to take a visa. Citizens of some countries do not require advance visa arrangements to enter Antigua. They can obtain their visa on arrival to Antigua. This facility had started out as of the 2nd of July 2019. This facility had gained too much popularity among the foreigners and had led to a lot of people opting for this rather than a visa from the embassy. This, however, being restricted only to some countries had an immense impact on other countries. While there are also about 106 countries that do not require a visa to visit Antigua, it had been compulsory for the rest of the countries in the world to get a visa before traveling to Antigua.

This visa on arrival was comfortable to the foreigners as back then the online visa method was not so famous or was still not implemented, which led to a lot of people taking the opportunity about this option. This visa on arrival facility had helped a lot of citizens to get their visa after reaching the airport which in cases of emergency was a boon! These facilities made available by Antigua led it to the 29th position in terms of freedom of travel and this was stated by the Henley Passport Index. 

The countries that can access this visa on arrival service can be given as follows:

Armenia:120 Days Stay Bangladesh Bolivia: 90 Days Stay Cambodia: 30 Days Stay
Comoros Djibouti Egypt Guinea Bissau: 90 Days Stay
Iran: 15 Days with other conditions Jordan Lebanon: 1-Month Stay  Maldives: 30 Days Stay
Mauritania Mozambique: 30 Days Stay Nepal: 30 Days Stay Palau: 30 Days Stay
Samoa: 60 Days Stay Senegal Sierra Leone Somalia: 30 Days Stay
Timor Leste: 30 Days Stay Togo: 7 Days Stay Tuvalu: 30 Days Stay  

Lebanon: 1 month stay period which can be extended for an additional two months. The citizens can get this visa-free of charge and are provided only if there is no stamp from the Israeli government. The citizen must also have their phone number, address in Lebanon, and a round trip ticket to Antigua.

The above-given countries can get a visa on arrival at the airports in Antigua. The other countries such as Seychelles and Solomon islands get a visitors’ permit instead of a visa on arrival. The time period of stay for Seychelles nationals is around 3 months while that for the Solomon Islands if for 30 days. 

People who will be able to access this visa on arrival service can be listed as follows:

1. People who have a valid id card such as follows:

  • Citizens who hold a US visa or a resident card which is permanent
  • Citizens who hold a permanent resident card or have a Canadian visa in their hand
  • The UK visa or a resident card must be held by the citizens
  • Those who have a Schengen visa along with them.

2. Those people who are to visit Antigua only for the purpose of tourism and do not carry any other intentions. 

3. Those who do not have an occupation or have a residence card belonging to Antigua.

4. Must have a passport that is valid for more than six months if possible or must at least have six months’ worth of validity.

5. Those who can maintain themselves and have enough financial support to get themselves throughout their trip to Antigua.

6. Those people who have not yet been prohibited for immigration

7. Those who do not hold a criminal record or are not blacklisted for their activities.

All of the above-mentioned categories can gain a visa on arrival. While visa on arrival is a good opportunity to let people get a visa there has also been an electronic visa now being implemented which lets people take a visa by staying at the comfort of their homes. 


Q. Will I get a visa if I have been registered as a non-immigrant person?

If you have got a non-immigrant permit then you will probably not get a visa on arrival because that’s what the rule states.

Q. Is it not possible to previously register for a visa before getting one at the airport?

You can get a pre-registration form granted to you with which you can get a visa once you arrive at the airport. This method actually helps you reduce the required time to stay in line at the airport to get a visa.

Q. Will Antigua visa on arrival facility be provided for those countries whose names have not been mentioned in the list but the citizen is on an emergency visit?

If the country’s name has not been mentioned on the list then getting a visa on arrival will not be possible, however, you can ask for one if you are on an emergency visit to Antigua.

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