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Let travel be based on your study reference or any other purpose to Antigua getting an Antigua visa if you are from Pakistan becomes a must. This is why you need to take an Antigua visa for Pakistani citizens so that you become eligible to travel to Antigua. This is the document that you show to get an entry into the country. Without the help of this visa gaining, entry becomes quite difficult especially if you are from a foreign country. Tourist Visa Online hence wishes to smoothen out your visa application process which is considered to be an important document when you travel. This cannot be left out to any hands s you need to do it with only a trusted website. Us being one of them will surely help you out! 


Q. Does a Pakistani need to take a visa before traveling to Antigua and Barbuda?

Yes, it will be necessary to take a visa for a Pakistani who wishes to travel to Antigua. This is the document you need to hold with you while entering the country. This Antigua evisa is also required to be carried along with you throughout your stay in Antigua, as you will be asked for the visa anytime you meet with some officials or if you are planning to visit some tourist places. 

Q. Will it take too long for a Pakistani to finish off the application process through Tourist Visa Online?

No, it will not take too long to fill out the application form for an Antigua visa if you are a Pakistani. You will hardly need some minutes to finish off the entire procedure and you can also stay out of any worries because even if you have any doubts you will be able to take care of them through our service helpline or even through simply sending an email. This way you can stay assured about the application not taking too much time. 

Q. Does tourist visa online give a variety of options to apply for an Antigua visa to a Pakistani?

No, you will not get a variety of options, however, if you seek to get a tourist visa you will be able to apply for one through Tourist visa online. Tourist visa online will only process a tourist visa applied by a Pakistani. 

Q. How many days will it be possible for a Pakistani to stay in Antigua once a tourist visa has been issued?

A Pakistani can stay for about 30 days in Antigua with a tourist visa being issued to him or her. 

Q. Is it possible to get a visa for mu child who is also having a Pakistani origin but is currently living in Houston?

Yes, he or she can also get the tourist visa issued if your child has been living in Houston, but mentioning Montgomery as the place he or she lives in is very important to get to know about the location from where you are applying. 

Q. What are the steps that a Pakistani needs to follow while applying for an Antigua visa?

The following steps will help a Pakistani apply for an Antigua visa:

Step 1: Mention Pakistan as both nationality and country you are currently staying in

Step 2: Select your Antigua tourist visa that you want to apply for. 

Step 3: Finish filling in all of the information in the application form given for an Antigua visa as It has been mentioned on your Pakistan passport. 

Step 4: Get your documents scanned and attach it to the application form. 

Step 5: Pay off all the visa fees and services charges mentioned for the visa. 

Step 6: A mail will be sent to your mail-id claiming confirmation of your visa. 

This will complete your Antigua visa application from Pakistan. 

Q. How many days will it take for a Pakistani to get his visa issued once the visa has been applied for successfully?

Once the Antigua visa has been applied for successfully then a Pakistani will get his visa in about the next five to seven days. This means you should allow a total of a week to get your visa issued to you. 

Q. What is the service fee for an Antigua visa applied by a Pakistani through Tourist Visa Online?

A service fee of 26.0 US dollars will be applicable if a Pakistani applies for an Antigua visa through Tourist Visa Online. 

It is now pretty sure that you can Apply Antigua visa for Pakistani without any shortcomings! 

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