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With wonderful scenery that is being given by Antigua and Barbuda, how can you say not to a visit to this place? So here is a chance for all the citizens of Vietnam to get their Antigua visa for Vietnam citizens and go on for travel to this place where you can spend a whole weekend or even a month doing all sorts of fun things without any worries. This, however, will be possible if you get to know about this place and how your visa will be processed by Tourist Visa Online. This information will you a detailed view of all the processes and how you can get your visa applied for without any problems. 


Q. Is it possible for a Vietnamese citizen to get a visa to Antigua?

Yes, being one of the countries that need an Antigua Visa to travel to Antigua, citizens of Vietnam can take a visa for their travel to Antigua. This visa will let you enter the country and cross the borders of Antigua from Vietnam without any issues. 

Q. Which type of visa has been made available for a Vietnam citizen through tourist visa online to travel to Antigua and Barbuda?

A Vietnam citizen willing to travel to Antigua and Barbuda can get a tourist visa which will allow a total stay of about 30 days after the entry into the country. This visa once the validity period is over, cannot be used anymore.

Q. How many entries can be made once I get the visa issued to me while travelling from Vietnam?

You can get only a single entry into the country once the visa has been issued to you. If you want to enter the country multiple times then you will probably have to apply for a multi-entry visa. This will let you use the same visa for a multi-entry purpose. However, this visa will also have a validity stated after which this visa can also not be used. 

Q. Is the weather in Antigua too hot for a person coming for Vietnam?

No Antigua has more of a warm-weather with rains that lasts from about June to November. You will also be able to spot some hurricanes in this place if the season gets real bad. 

Q. Will a US dollar be accepted in Antigua and Barbuda?

You will be able to find Antigua people using East Caribbean dollars as their money. This means that you can surely buy stuff with US dollars but you need to keep in mind not to call them anything while handing them to the vendors as they can sensitive about the money used. 

Q. Does Antigua provide a visa on arrival for the foreigner who will be travelling for Vietnam?

No, you will not be able to get a visa on arrival if you are from Vietnam, as Antigua does not provide visa on arrival facility for any of the foreigners irrespective of place of origin. You can get a visa only through an online method apart from a diplomatic mission or an embassy. 

Q. Is it possible for me to use the visa that I had taken a year back if I’m travelling from Vietnam to Antigua?

No, an Antigua visa will only be valid for as long as 180 days or for about 6 months from the issuing of a visa to a foreigner. If it is used beyond this period then it will not be accepted as this visa will become an invalid one. 

Q. What documents must a Vietnamese show in order to get an Antigua visa issued?

The following documents will become important if you will be applying for a visa through Tourist Visa Online:

  • A Vietnamese passport which will have a validity of at least more than 6 months. 
  •  A proof of loge which has been booked in Antigua by a Vietnamese citizen. This must be valid for the period you will be staying in Antigua for. 
  • A photo of the Vietnamese applicant will be requested to be submitted to be attached to the visa. 
  • An identification proof that you belong to Vietnam and are a citizen of the country. 
  • Proof of sufficient balance must be shown that will prove that you are capable of handling yourself in a foreign country.
  • A ticket that will be valid for your travel to a third country or a return ticket to Vietnam must be produced. 

With all of these documents, you can apply Antigua visa for Vietnam

Hence without any worries of embassies or any other extra money payment, you can get your Antigua visa for Vietnam Nationals

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