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If you are a Filipino and you wish to travel to Antigua and Barbuda then you might as well take an Antigua visa for Philippian citizens which will allow you a comfortable trip to Antigua without having to take any tension about the needs and restrictions. This visa will make you identifiable as a tourist and which is why taking a visa to travel to Antigua will be important. This is why to get this important document, getting the help of a trusted travel agency is very essential. Tourist Visa Online being one of them will help you take care of the visa with the utmost care. 


Q. Does an Antigua visa hold importance while travelling from the Philippines to Antigua?

Yes, Antigua Visa will definitely hold importance as this is the document that will let you an entry be given into the country. This means if you do not have this document you will be claimed as an illegal immigrant and now this is something we do not want to happen. Hence taking a visa to travel to Antigua is a must!

Q. When was this electronic visa for Philippians made available through Antigua for travel to the country?

It was in the year 2016 that an electronic visa was agreed upon to be taken by a foreigner from the Philippines. This means you no longer need to take a car and travel to your nearest embassy to get a hold of this visa. You can just get it applied through any of the sites that are available including Tourist Visa Online. 

Q. How many days is a Philippian allowed to stay in Antigua on a tourist visa?

 If you are on a Tourist visa from the Philippines you can stay for about 30 days in Antigua without having to leave the country. This means that once you leave the country this visa can no longer be used. 

Q. What does a single entry visa mean when a Philippian citizen wants to apply for a tourist visa?

When you are applying for a tourist visa and find the word single entry, then this means that you can enter the country only once which means only a single entry is allowed. Not more than this will be entertained. This is because this visa after this one entry will become invalid automatically. 

Q. What types of visas are available for a Philippian applying for an Antigua visa and what will be the main documents that will be required to get them?

Here is a small list of the types and which main documents you need to get the visa:

  • Antigua tourist visa: A tour planner sample.
  • Antigua business visa: An offer letter provided by the office in Antigua.
  • Antigua student visa: An acceptance letter from the university you have applied for education. 
  • Antigua works visa: A work permit copy. 

It is only with the help of these types of documents that you can get the respective visa type as well. 

Q. What other documents must be provided in order for a Philippian to get a visa issued through tourist visa online?

The following documents must be shown apart from the particular documents to obtain a visa through Tourist Visa Online:

  • A Philippian passport with appropriate validity
  • A coloured passport photo of the applicant from the Philippines. 
  • A fund proof was given by the Philippian in order to get the visa. 
  • An identification proof to show that you belong to the Philippines and are a citizen. 
  • A ticket booked and confirmed that will show that you will be leaving Antigua and going back to the Philippines. 
  • Having a hotel booking proof shown.

With these documents, you can apply Antigua visa from the Philippines

Q. Will there be a requirement of additional documents while applying from a third country if I am a Philippian?

No there will be no more document requirements however you will have to specify where you are applying for the visa form when you try to apply for a visa through tourist visa online so that we can verify your location while applying for the visa. 

Q. Is the visa provided through mail supposed to be printed out in order to get an entry?

Yes, you will have to take a print out of the visa in order to get an entry. This printed out visa along with other documents such as the passport, travel analog, and the invitation letter will be required to be shown at the border for you to be able to get an entry. 

In this way, you will be able to get an Antigua visa for Philippian through tourist visa online. 

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