how to track antigua visa status

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Now that you have filled in your application and submitted it successfully, it is now time to check your Antigua visa status! But How to track Antigua visa status? This now will keep on lingering in your mind until you find out the answer to this question! This answer will now be given by Tourist Visa Online and yes, you do not have to worry about anything as you will able to get all of the information regarding your visa processes is hardly some minutes! This, however, will be possible if you come to know about the process to track it and this is exactly what you will be able to get to know about today! 


Q. Is it actually possible to check the visa status?

Yes! Normally a visa processing is kept confidential, at least that’s what other agencies do. But now that you have completed your application through Tourist Visa Online, there is no more hiding behind the curtains. You will get the information for each and every step no matter where your visa has reached during the processing. This means no matter where you are you can track your visa without any problems. 

Q. Is the tracking of an Antigua visa an online process or an offline process?

When tracking is done you get the live location of the visa this means that you will be getting live updates regarding your visa processing. And if this is live then it means that you will probably have to go online to get your visa status checked. There is no way an offline tracking can be done. 

Q. Is it that Tourist Visa Online provides the information regarding the Antigua visa through my mail id?

Yes, Tourist Visa Online will also provide all the details regarding your visa even through your mail id which means that there’s no need to visit any other site or go through any logging in the process to get information regarding your visa. This will, however, be possible only if you have already provided your registered mail address through the application form while you applied for the visa. 

Q. Will it be able to track my visa even if I had not given my mail address while filling in the application form?

No, it is absolutely not possible for you to check your visa status if you have not given your mail address. But to check the status through the website you will be needed to follow some steps that will help you get to know about the visa status that will require your application number that will be sent through the mail. 

Q. What is the process that I need to follow in order to get the entire information regarding my Antigua visa?

The following process can be followed in order to get full detail about the Antigua visa that you have applied for:

Step 1: Follow the link to go to the main website of Tourist Visa Online.

Step 2: Form the header where options have been displayed, click on the Track visa status button.

Step 3: You will be led to a new web page where you will be asked for your application number and the passport number through two dialogue boxes. Fill in both of the boxes and click on the track visa button. 

Step 4: You will be getting a description of where your Antigua visa has reached and how long it will be till you get your visa issued to you. 

Q. How many stages does an Antigua visa undergo before it gets issued to me?

There are four stages within which you will be seeing your visa status and these four stages can be given as follows:

1. Antigua visa application done: This is the first stage when you finish off the application process for an Antigua visa. 

2. Visa documents verification: The documents that have been provided along with the application form will be checked and the validities will also be checked for. 

3. Visa verification: Once your documents have been verified your visa will be verified for any mistakes or missing information. 

4. Visa issuance: This is the last stage where you will be getting the visa issued to you after undergoing all sorts of verification processes. 

This will complete the entire process included in your Antigua visa processing at each step you will be able to know about how much more time left before you get the visa. 

That one worry about how to track Antigua visa status has now been solved and you can easily follow all of these steps!

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