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Have a trip to Benin soon? Undoubtedly the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the developing country attracts thousands of foreigners for any travel or business or other important purposes. But do you have a proper idea about the Benin visa fees? Well, the high visa fees can take a toll on your wallet! But as long as you are with Tourist Visa Online, there is nothing to worry about! We serve you the best visa facilities in a really low and reasonable amount. So let's plan a budget-friendly trip to Benin for you. 


  • What Is Benin Visa Fee?
  • The Cost of The Benin Visa
  • Basic Visa Fee Informations At A Glance
  • Procedure To Pay The Visa Fee
  • FAQs 

What Is Benin Visa Fee?

If you are planning a trip to Benin, the most important thing you need is a Benin visa except for the citizens of the visa exempt countries. After receiving the visa and verifying it at the airport, the person gets permission to enter the country so you can easily understand how important it is! So, first of all, you need to Apply Benin visa and pay the Benin visa fee online. Know-How to Apply Benin Visa Online. Generally, the Benin visa fee ranges from 81.0USD to 138.0USD. 

The Cost of The Benin Visa

To apply for a Benin visa, the third most important step is paying online. Though the visa fee totally depends on which type of visa you are applying, always remember to choose the Benin visa type as per your purpose of visiting this country. So here is the list of the visa fees as per the different types of visas. 

  1. 30 Days Single Entry Tourist Visa– 81.0USD
  2. 30 Days Multiple Entries Tourist Visa– 109.0USD
  3. 90 Days Multiple Entries Tourist Visa– 137.0USD
  4. 30 Days Single Entry Business Visa– 138.0USD
  5. 30 Days Multiple Entries Business Visa– 110.0USD 
  6. 90 Days Multiple Entries Business Visa– 81.0USD 

Basic Visa Fee Informations At A Glance

Before applying for the visa, don't think that you know everything about this. There are a few very important details you must learn about before applying and paying for the visa online. 

  1. All the citizens of the eligible countries need to apply for or the visa fee only during the registration process no need to pay the amount each time you enter Benin. Once it gets expired you need to apply for the visa again or you can extend the visa validity period only if the facility is available for that visa type.
  2. If your passport gets expired beforehand of the expiry date of your visa then your visa actually also experts with the passport and you need to leave the country.
  3. You must be very careful while applying for the Benin visa. Even the smallest mistakes can get your visa denied by the authority and you don't get any kind of refund in that case.
  4. There is no age group limit to apply for a Benin visa. Even the infants or much older ones need to obtain a visa to enter Benin. 

Procedure To Pay The Visa Fee

The process due to pay for a Benin evisa is really very simple. But still, it depends on which method you are applying for the visa – online or offline. In case you are applying via any Embassy or consulate, you can pay them by using credit or debit card or direct visa cash. But if you are applying via an online website of travel agencies you can choose the following methods like: 

Credit Card, PayPal, Giropay Ideal EPS Or directly from your bank account 


Q. What is the best time to apply for a Benin visa? 

All the foreigners eligible for the Benin visa facility means to apply at least one or two weeks before their planned trip to Benin. The visa needs a few days to be processed, but if your trip is really urgent, you can apply at least 5 days before your arrival.

Q. Is there any service fee applied with the visa fee mentioned on the website?

Yes, as per your country of citizenship you will be charged an amount which you need to pay with the visa fee for other visa related services.

Q. If I cancel my trip, will my Benin visa fee get refunded?

No, we are sorry to inform you all the visa fees are totally non-refundable. Even if you cancel your visa or the visa gets denied for any reason, you can't get any refund from any online websites or agencies or even embassies.

Q. In case if I have an urgent meeting or any emergency, how fast can I get my visa online?

Well, generally the visa processing takes 4-5 business days. But with our express visa service, you can get the visa within 24-72 hours. In that case, you need to pay a little amount more which varies as per the other conditions. For more details, you can contact our website at 

Nowadays fraud websites and travel agencies are everywhere so it's your responsibility to choose the right one and get the best facility. But if you are reading this article you are just in the right place. Tourist visa online provides you with the certified 100% assured save online payment & transaction at the lowest visa fee. So there is no need to run behind embassies or consulates just save your money, by applying with us. And hopefully, the above article gave you a detailed analysis of Benin visa fees. 

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