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Officially known as HKSAR, the territory is one of the most beloved places for tourists willing to explore the beauty and heritage. The country houses temples, party places, some top-notch restaurants, and a vast variety of mouth-watering cuisine. The territory provides an array of experiences for everyone. The metro is a perfect depiction of how we can merge culture with urban life in a beautiful way.

The culture and tradition of this territory are mind-blowing. If you are planning on visiting this territory, learn all about the Hong Kong visa application here in this article. 


Applying for a visa online is not a tough task. As of now, only citizens of India can fill the Hong Kong visa application form online. This is because most of the countries are visa free. And the rest of the countries that require a visa beforehand need to apply for the same in the nearby embassy or consulate. To apply online, you just have to follow these steps:


Go to our website and enter your nationality, the country you are currently staying in and the country you want the visa for. After entering these details, you will get the details of all the visas available for that particular country. As of Hongkong, you can only fill the pre approval form for the 14 days visa for Indian citizens. So, you will have to select that and proceed. 


After you choose the option and proceed, the form will open right in front of you. You need to fill up the form with the correct details. You should leave no blanks open. Make sure to fill them up, and double check before proceeding. After you are done with filling up the form, you will have to upload the documents. 


You have to abide by the immigration system when you try to visit a foreign land. The Hong Kong visa requirements are:

  • A valid passport issued by your country’s government. The passport should be kept in good condition without any damage. Also, it should not be town. The passport should not expire within six months from the date of traveling.
  • The fully completed visa form with a passport size photograph attached with it. The photograph should have been clicked against a white background with enough lighting. No headgears should be worn by the applicant in the photograph, unless and until it is worn for religious purposes. The photo frame should be covered 80% by the applicant’s face.
  • The proof of stay in your country. This is applicable to the people whose citizenship and living country is different.
  • Photocopies of the previous Chinese visas or passport. This is applicable to the people who once were the citizen of China, but became foreign nationals afterwards.

After uploading the above mentioned documents, you will have to proceed with the payment procedure.


The step before completion is the payment process. You have to make the payment for the Hong Kong immigration visa application. The payment can be made by electronic payment methods. We accept Debit card/Credit card/PayPal. 

After you are done with filling the form and submitting it, you can also track its status. The steps to check Hong Kong visa application status are:

  •         Open the website and look for the track visa status icon on the right corner of the screen.
  •         Enter the application ID. You will get it while you submit the form.
  •         Within a few seconds, you will be able to see the status.
  •         If your form has been processed, you can download it from there itself.

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Each and every country has several visas that it offers to foreigners. In case of this territory, there are several types of visas that you can avail depending upon the purpose and time for your visit. You must know that the tourist visas here cannot be changed to work visas. Hence, if you are seeking employment, you must apply for that beforehand. And this is the reason why having a perfect knowledge about the different visas is important for foreigners when traveling to an unknown country. The different type of visas available is:

  •         TOURIST: The tourist visas are available for the people who want to visit the territory for tourism purposes. You should check its visa policy before proceeding ahead with the visa procedure. Most of the countries are visa free.
  •         WORK: The Hong Kong work visa is given to the people who have landed a job there. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may get this. The work visas are extremely difficult to possess as the procedure is really hard. Also, you would be really lucky if you get hired by a company in Hong Kong.
  •         INVESTMENT: the investment visas are granted to the business owners or self employed people in the territory. They need to provide certain documents related to their business to avail this.
  •         STUDENT: the students who are willing to study here need to avail this. These visas are applied by the institute by themselves on behalf of the admitted student.

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Q. Do I need a transit visa for Hong Kong?

This depends on what your nationality is. If you belong to any of these countries, you will be requiring a transit visa for transiting through this territory.

  •         Afghanistan
  •         Congo
  •         Ghana
  •         Liberia
  •         Pakistan
  •         Sudan
  •         Angola
  •         DR Congo
  •         Guinea Bissau
  •         Libya
  •         Rwanda
  •         Sri Lanka
  •         Bangladesh
  •         Eritrea
  •         Iran
  •         Nepal
  •         Sierra Leone
  •         Syria
  •         Burundi
  •         Ethiopia
  •         Iraq
  •         Nigeria
  •         Somalia
  •         Togo
  •         Cameroon
  •         Gambia
  •         Ivory Coast
  •         North Korea
  •         South Sudan
  •         Central African Republic
  •         Yemen

Q. Can I enter with a Chinese visa in Hong Kong?

No, you cannot. Although the territory belongs to China, as they claim, they are one nation, two systems policy. Hence, you will have to possess an individual visa for the same. 

It is now known how simple and effortless the Hong Kong visa application procedure is on Tourist Visa Online. So don’t just wait! Go apply, and get ready to experience this spectacular beauty. 

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