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Are you from Afghanistan and planning your trip to Laos? Looking for answers for Laos visa for Afghanistan Nationals? You have landed correctly. This is where you will get all the information related to Laos visa for Afghanistan Nationals. Continue reading further to get detailed information about the Laos visa through Tourist Visa Online.

Q. What is the Laos tourist visa?

The need for a Laos Tourist visa is completely dependent upon your nationality/ Currently, 150 countries are eligible to apply for Laos tourist visa online.

At present Laos, tourist visa has three types-

  1. Laos Tourist Visa Online – also known as Laos approval letter
  2. Tourist Embassy Visa
  3. Visa on arrival.

Laos tourist visa is a basic requirement for any traveler to grant entry permits in Laos for tourism purposes. 29 countries are not eligible for Laos tourist visa online process or visa on arrival. These countries must apply for Laos tourist visas through the Laos Embassy or Laos consulate. These countries must apply for a Laos tourist visa before their travel. The applicant of these countries must hold a valid passport and complete the application process through the consulate/embassy. 

Q. Do Afghanistan national need a visa to visit Laos?

Yes, Afghanistan national who wish to travel to Laos will need a visa to grant entry permits. Afghanistan is not an exempted country, so the travelers from Afghanistan will have to apply for a visa before their travel to Laos. 

Q. What is the process for Afghanistan Nationals to apply for a Laos visa?

Afghanistan nationals can only apply through an embassy. Here is the process to go about with a Laos visa: -

  1. Reach out to your nearest embassy or consulate offices for the Laos visa.
  2. You will get the visa application form at the embassy. Complete filling the form. Along with the application form.
  3. Laos visa application form is available at the official website of the consulate or embassy. 
  4. Along with the application form, submit all the necessary documents. 
  5. Upon submission of the visa application, you will have to pay Laos visa fees. The payments have to be done in cash. 
  6. The application process changes from where you are applying. It is advisable to reach out to the embassy first before applying for a Laos visa.

You will apply for a Laos visa by reaching out the nearest embassy only if:-

  • You are not eligible for visa on arrival or online visa
  • You wish to stay longer than stay validity.

Q. What are the documents needed to apply for a Laos visa by reaching out to the embassy/consulate?

The list of documents needed to apply for a Laos visa is-

  • Copy of passport that has 6 months validity minimum.
  • Laos visa application form. You can download the form and get it filled.
  • 2 recent passport size photograph that has been clicked against a white background and with the dimension of 4x6cm
  • Stay accommodation proof
  • Proof of financial means to cover your Laos stay.
  • Round trip flight tickets to Laos.
  • Any other additional document advised by Laos consular services.

Q. How to travel from Afghanistan to Laos?

It takes on an average of 18h 45m to reach Laos from Kabul (Afghanistan). The distance between Kabul to Laos is around 3721 Km. There are 5 ways to reach Laos from Kabul-

  1. Fly from Kabul to Pakse
  2. Fly from Kabul to Luang Prabang
  3. Fly from Kabul to Vientiane
  4. Fly from Kabul to Udon Thani and then take a bus
  5. Fly from Kabul to Ubon and then take a bus.

Q. What is the stay permit on Laos visa for Afghanistan nationals?

Citizens of Afghanistan who wish to travel to Laos must know that the stay validity on their visa is for 30 days and the visa is valid for 60 days. If you plan on extending your stay, you can do so by reaching out to the embassy. You will have to submit the necessary documents and a valid reason for your extension of stay. You will have to pay against visa extension. 

Q. Do Afghanistan citizens need a transit visa in Laos?

Every traveler transiting for Laos has this doubt. Transit visa requirement is dependent upon

  • If you are a national from Afghanistan and will be staying in Laos airport for just a few hours then you might not need a transit visa for that duration. But then you will not be allowed to leave the airport. 
  • If you are transiting from Laos and will be staying in Laos for a short duration, then you will be needing a transit visa.

Transit visa grants stay permit for 5 days. 

Q. Can a citizen from Afghanistan get a visa on arrival for Laos under any circumstances?

No citizens of Afghanistan cannot get a Laos visa on arrival. Only diplomats or official is given an exemption for visa on arrival if they submit an invitation letter from the host organization and approval letter from Ministry of foreign affairs of Laos

Q. Can Afghanistan nationals apply for multiple entries Laos visa?

No, Afghanistan nationals cannot apply for Laos multiple entry visas. They are only eligible for a single entry visa. This means that they will not be allowed for multiple entry and exit. Once they have exited Laos, to re-entre they will again have to apply for a Laos visa for Afghanistan Nationals

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