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When going to a foreign place, it is always important you follow the main steps when trying to take a visa. Without these steps, it can be quite difficult when you start your application. These are the ones that people get confused about while applying and hence how to apply Moldova visa tends to be on a lot of peoples’ minds as a query. To solve this query you need not do much. It is quite simple to apply for a Moldova visa and hence you will surely be able to get through it by the simple steps which will be given below. Tourist visa online is here to make all of your application processes as simplified as possible and this process will let you get through the entire application within some moments itself. 


Q. What is a Moldova visa?

Quite a common question when a first-timer needs to apply for a visa. The Moldova visa is a type of document that you need to have in order to get past the border and into the country. This means if you do not have this visa, you will probably not be able to cross the boundaries and travel to another country. Well, not only do you need this for crossing the borders but you will also need this document to make yourself identifiable in another country. 

Q. Who all needs to get access to this visa?

Once you go through the Moldova visa-free countries list as specified in the visa policy of Moldova you will get to know all of those countries who can enter Moldova without a visa. All of the other countries whose names have not been specified in the entire list ought to take a visa before going to Moldova. 

Q. Are there a lot of options available when applying for a Moldova visa?

Apart from the 4 main categories, you can have about 12 subcategories of visas to apply from. This itself is a high amount of visa types. This also makes the process for foreigners who want to choose a visa for a specific purpose easier. 

Q. How to know which one will be the best type of visa to Moldova?

There is no such thing as the best type, all you need to do is check what is the purpose for which you need to go to Moldova first and then check the list containing all the types of Moldova visa. While checking the types you will also have to read out the description for a clearer idea. Once you get what the visa is for and if it matches your purpose perfectly, you can go ahead and select the one that matches. 

Q. What happens after a foreigner manages to get the right visa?

After you select and get the right visa for you, all you now need to do is to submit an application for the visa. This will happen in steps which will be given as below stated. 

Q. What are the steps involved in the application of the desired Moldova visa?

As initially mentioned, the steps play a crucial role while applying for a visa. Even if you miss one step out, you will probably go through the wrong track and end up without a visa to go to Moldova. This is why the steps that are given below will help you get past the process successfully!

Step 1: Getting the right type of visa:

Once you enter the homepage all you need to do is check for a visa that will match your purpose and click on apply.

Step 2: Filling in the application form:

Get all of the documents ready and fill in the form and also do not forget to get the scanned documents attached to the application form. Also, you can add more applicants if there’s more than one person traveling to Moldova.

Step 3: Pay the charges:

You will be charged based on the type and the country that you will apply from. These charges need to be cleared to move further. Use any of the comfortable options available.

Step 4: Track the visa:

You can check the ongoing status of your Moldova visa and then get it once it has been verified.

Q. Is there a way to know whether my application has been completed for the visa?

Yes, a foreigner after the application will be successfully completed will get a mail which states that the application has been done successfully. This will indicate that you have followed all the steps and are done with the process.

This is all you need to know for how to apply for a Moldova visa! If you have any other queries do not forget to contact the service number provided.  

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