moldova visa document requirements

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When a visa is being talked about, you always need one thing and that is the requirement checklist. Without this checklist, you might actually not be able to distinguish which visas need which documents. This is why getting a full list of Moldova visa document requirements becomes essential. Now that you have got an idea of what is going to be written ahead, all you need to have is some patience to read through the article and then go on to make a full lift for your own visa type. The visa, however, is not required by those who hold a Moldova passport. You should also never forget the Tourist visa online is always here for you and will always be available for any assistance. 

General Requirement for Moldova visa

Starting with the requirements, you initially need to have a basic list that will work for all of the visa types. The basic requirements list can be given as follows:

  • An application form: this can never be left undone; you always need to make sure you have a completed Moldova visa application form while filling in for a visa.
  • A passport: going to Moldova, passport becomes a necessity. Without this, you cannot enter the country. You will also have to be careful about the details which have been provided on it and its expiry date as you will have to renew the passport if the validity requirements are not met.
  • A flight ticket: this has to be both to and fro and must be a booked and confirmed one only. The scanned copies have to be submitted with the application form
  • Photographs: a recent photograph must be scanned and sent with the requirements being fulfilled. This photograph cannot be some three years old or so and must be taken only about 6 months before the application.
  • Payment method: a suitable payment method must be selected through which the charges will be filled in. This can be any method that you are comfortable with.

This finishes off the basic requirements now let’s take a look at the specific requirements based on the most popular visas that are taken by the people who visit Moldova. 

1. Moldova tourist visa requirements:

This visa is one of the most popular ones that people who reside in foreign countries opt for. Tourism alone has contributed a lot to the economy of the country. The document list can be given as follows:

  • An itinerary which will be a plan of the things that will be carried out while your stay in Moldova. 
  • A hotel booking made by the foreigner or any other specific host accommodation address is to be provided. 
  • A means of support must be submitted as proof to claim the living in Moldova. 

2. Moldova business visa requirements:

A business visa is another on the list of popular visas and hence the documents specific to this visa can be given as follows:

  • A travel medical insurance that is valid for the country of Moldova.
  • Accommodation proof in Moldova
  • A business agreement letter is given by the company which will mention the foreigner's stay period in Moldova for business purposes and clear mention of the company’s name and signature.

3. Moldova student visa requirements:

With a lot of students being confused about the visa application, here is a small list of the requirements you need to fulfill for a student visa.

  • A letter that claims the confirmation of the student to study in an educational institution in Moldova must be provided.
  • A proof of the means to pay for the tuition fee must be provided.
  • An invitation which has been issued to the student by the Bureau for Migration and Asylum or a resident permit which is valid or a visa which has an ongoing validity by one member state of the EU or of the state parties of the Schengen agreement must be submitted.
  • A consent that has been given and signed upon by the parents must be submitted as a copy with the application form.
  • Id the study program is an exchange program then you will have to get the agreement that has been signed upon by two of the educational institutions. 

4. Moldova transit visa requirements:

While the basic requirements for a transit visa will remain the same, the flight tickets will have a bit of change. Here the flight ticket must show the traveling of the foreigner from Moldova to another final destination rather than from the initial destination. Without a forward flight ticket getting a transit visa is not possible. There are two types under the transit visa as well one that will be valid for 48 hours within which the journey should be commenced, while the other which will be valid for 5 days and can be used to enter into the country. 

This is all about the Moldova visa document requirements that you need to know!

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