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When trips come to your mind, the first thing you would think about is the budget and how to adjust all of the money in both the trip and the payment of visa as well! This can be quite worrisome for a lot of people. To ease these worries tourist visa online has brought to you the list of all the Moldova visa costs which will not only help you plan your budget but will also help you know where you need to save and spend more. If you have any queries regarding the cost you can always contact us and your doubts will be solved as well!


Q. Will a Schengen visa work to go to Moldova or do I need to take a Moldova visa?

No, a Schengen visa will not work for Moldova as it does not come under the Schengen areas. The only countries that come under Schengen areas are the twenty-six countries. Moldova not being one of them will have another visa that has to be taken. The Moldova visa is the one that is required by a foreigner if he or she wishes to go to Moldova. Any other visa will only take you to the respective countries and not Moldova.

Q. What are the visa options that are provided by Tourist Visa Online for a Moldova visa?

You can get two visa options when you apply through tourist visa online. The two options can be given as follows:

1. 90 days tourist visa:

This Moldova 90 days visa us a single entry tourist visa. This visa allows a foreigner to stay in Moldova for a total time period of 90 days. These 90 days can be completed through the 180 days validity of the visa. This means you can enter Moldova in any of the 180 days time period and stay for another 90 days in Moldova. It is to be noted that this is a tourist visa and hence the entry will only be related to tourism purpose. This will cost you 130.0 US dollars

2.  90 days business visa:

This visa is a Moldova visa which allows only a single entry into the country. This means you can enter only once for your business purpose. This visa once used will not be valid for another entry. If you need a visa that will work for multiple entries then a Moldova long-stay visa is recommended. However, tourist visa online only provides the visa which is valid for 90 days. This will again have the same total validity period as the tourist visa. The cost that you need to pay is 130.0 US dollars. 

Q. Are there any processing options that I can get access to for getting my Moldova visa?

Yes, you can get access to two options of visa processing for a Moldova visa. They can be given as follows:

  1. A standard Moldova visa processing
  2. An emergency Moldova visa processing

Q. What is the difference between the two processing for a Moldova visa?

The basic difference is the delivery time that has been taken by both of the processes. While it will take a slightly longer time for the standard processing, the emergency processing will help you get the visa slightly earlier. Another difference is the service cost that both will have.

Q. How to get to know about the standard visa service cost?

You will get to know the standard processing service cost once you enter the country’s name from where you will be applying for a visa. 

Q. What is the service cost for the emergency processing of a Moldova visa?

You will have to pay a sum of 200.0 US dollars along with the basic visa fees to get this emergency processing of the Moldova visa. 

Q. Can I get an exact idea of when will I get the visa by either of the processes?

While you might not be able to get the exact idea, an estimate can be done based on the tracking of the visa. The visa through standard processing will take about 15 to 20 days or more if any unforeseen circumstance occurs. While the emergency processing will help you get the Moldova visa in only about two days of time which means in about 48 hours after the application you can get the visa. 

Q. Is a Moldova student visa provided at tourist visa online?

Unfortunately, a Moldova student visa isn’t available through tourist visa online and hence you will have to apply for it through the official website of the Moldova visa embassy or you can also apply for it through the nearest embassy where we will be helping you get the visa. 

Hence you need not worry about the Moldova visa cost and all you need to focus is on the trip budget plans!

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