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There are not many countries that come under Montserrat visa-free countries and hence not all can go to Montserrat without a visa. There are numerous countries that are eligible for the Montserrat visa and can apply for a Montserrat visa online by filling out the application form. For some, it becomes mandatory that they need to take a visa. While there are also only some of the eligible countries to get Montserrat E visa online that can get an e visa through an online portal. Hence checking whether you can apply for one before going to apply through a website becomes necessary. And hence to help you with this problem, Tourist visa online has set up a list you’d want to take a look at while applying for a visa.


Q. Is Montserrat E visa available for all?

A Montserrat e visa is sure available for all but only some actually need it! This means not everyone needs a visa to go to Montserrat. 

Q. Then who are the ones that need a visa to go to Montserrat?

The people who belong to the following countries will need to take a visa to go to Montserrat.

Citizens of the following countries can get an e-visa to Montserrat.
Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola Armenia Azerbaijan
Bahrain Belarus Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina
Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad
China Colombia Comoros Congo Congo Brazaville Cote D'ivoire
Croatia Cuba Djibouti Ecuador Egypt El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon Georgia Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Indonesia Iran Iraq Jordan Kazakhstan
Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Liberia Libya
Macedonia Madagascar Mali Mauritania Mayotte Moldova
Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Nepal Niger
Oman Palestinian Territory Peru Philippiness Qatar Reunion
Russia Sao Tome & Princippe Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Somalia
South Sudan Sudan Syria Tajikstan Thailand Togo
Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan
Venezuela Vietnam Yemen      

These above given are those countries whose citizens must make sure that they have a visa in possession before they leave for a trip to Montserrat. 

Q. Where can the people who are from foreign countries apply for a Montserrat visa?

Given that you can apply for a Montserrat visa online, you can get access to various websites. Tourist visa online is one among them where you can easily go ahead with the application of a Montserrat visa. 

Q. How do I come to know whether the visa I want is available through tourist visa online?

Once you check the list of options that have been made available to you, you can check whether the option you want is available or not.

Q. What are the possible options available for a Montserrat visa?

When talking about Montserrat visa, you can get various Montserrat visa types made available to you. While some can be applied through an online method, the rest will need you to go to a Montserrat embassy by yourself.

Q. What do the people who will be applying for a Montserrat visa need to make available?

When talking about the things that you need to make available there are some necessities that a person who will be applying for a Montserrat e visa should follow. This Montserrat e visa application will require you to have some things which can be given as below:

  • A speedy internet connection
  • All the documents required
  • A good working device handling internet
  • A mode of payment for charges applicable for the visa

When you tick out all the requirements you will be ready to apply for a Montserrat visa through any of the online portals available.

Q. Does a person who will be going to Montserrat need travel insurance?

Yes, a person who will be going to Montserrat will be recommended to take travel insurance, as this will help during your emergency case times. This includes a sudden death or an accident or any other unforeseen incidents. This means some of the incidents are unavoidable and hence will be needed to be insured so that even if you do not have enough money to spend on it, by taking a travel insurance, the insurance company will pay off all of the charges. 

Q. Do British passport holders need to take a visa to Montserrat?

No, British passport holders need not take a visa to enter Montserrat as they can easily enter the country without a visa and stay for about 6 months without a visa. Not only this, the British citizens who do not have a passport but carries only an ID card to enter the country can do so but will get to stay for only 14 days after the entry. 

Hence those eligible countries to get Montserrat E visa online can get one through Tourist Visa Online with just a single tap!

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