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Montserrat is a very beautiful place to visit. The official language mostly used in Montserrat is English. It is a place near Barcelona with many peaks of mountain ranges called Montserrat. The meaning of Montserrat is ‘saw mountain’. The height is the Saint Jeroni is about one thousand two hundred and thirty-six meters. The Montgros is about one thousand one hundred and twenty meters. The Miranda de les Agulles is about a height of nine hundred and three meters. There are volcanic eruption centers, mountains, wildlife, and coastline.

How to apply Montserrat visa:

Just follow the three steps for getting the Montserrat visa. The first is to go to Tourist Visa Online site and select the visa. Then pay the amount for the visa selected. Then you can do the submissions of the documents. Then press the submit option. The process is over. They will verify the documents and send the approved visa through the mails.

Montserrat visa types:

The tourist visa that’s given to people who want to visit Montserrat for tourism. The  US citizens do not need any kind of visa to enter Montserrat. All the people from other countries compulsorily need a Montserrat visa to enter. You can visit this place and have the best holiday possible. It’s the best place to visit for both kids and elders. 
The next is the business visa of Montserrat. This is for people who want to visit Montserrat for business. The meeting, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, client meetings, and making deals are the business purposes for visiting through a business visa.

Places to visit in Montserrat:

There are many places to visit in Montserrat. You can travel to Montserrat by getting a tourist visa online. Montserrat tourism has made efforts in improving the places for tourist attraction centers.
The stairway to heaven is one of the places in Montserrat. It’s a built-in helical way with 9 (nine) large concrete blocks. The place is now protected and sealed with a fence but you can take pictures from outside.
The church was built on account of Santa Cecilia. The church has a fantastic view of the river Marganell valley. They have houses beautifully built with stained glass, art pieces, and frescos. The timings of the church start from morning 10 am to 2 pm and in the evening from 3 pm to 6 pm. It’s open on weekdays from Monday to Friday. The church is open Saturday and Sunday only in July and August. It’s the Romanesque church built in the 11th century.

The Montserrat Mountain

You can next visit Montserrat Mountain. You can experience and explore the complete view of the mountains by having a ride on the Santa Cova funicular railway. It’s the place to capture the scenic views of the mountains. On the ride, you will also get to see the black Madonna and the monastery. You will get to enjoy the short trip by express train.

The Monastery

The monastery is the most important tourist attraction in Montserrat. The monastery is present since the 9th century but it became popular only during the 15th century. This Montserrat was named after the visit of Columbus. There is a statue in the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Madonna. There is also a statue of a black virgin. Every day about 50 boys sing songs for Saint Madonna and the choir name is Escolania de Montserrat. They sing sharply at the time of noon on weekdays and Sundays. On Saturday only monks will sing the song. There is a tunnel for lighting up the candles. It’s believed to bring peace and blessing to Mother Mary. The restaurant is available for having food. The timings for the Basilica opening are from morning 7.30 am to evening 8 pm. The Abbey is open from morning 7.30 am to evening 8 pm in the July to September month. The throne of our lady is open from morning 8 am to 10.30 am and afternoon from 12 noon to 6.15 pm.

The National Park Of Montserrat

The next is the national park of Montserrat.There is the beautiful peak of Mountain View from a park called Saint Jerome.  They have about one thousand two hundred and fifty types of plant varieties. The boast oak is also seen here in the mountain. There are many species of animals like rodents, reptiles, cats, goats, etc.


Every place has its admiration and attraction. In such a way Montserrat has its beautiful nature of attracting the tourist. Not only are the above-mentioned places there lot more. Like the cable ride of Aeri de Montserrat, museum of Montserrat, Montserrat library, etc. Every place has its features and differs from others. Do get the Montserrat visa and visit the place and explore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Montserrat visa has a lot of benefits in applying for the visa in advance. They have documentation easy with tracking services available for visas. They provide visa services very rapidly. The service of the customer help center is available twenty-four (24) hours every day. The process for the Montserrat visa takes about three to five business days. The payment transactions for the visa are secured and safe online. There are many visas available in Montserrat. The two visas are the most commonly used tourist and the business visa.


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