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With its 1,236 meters, the Montserrat Mountain is the largest and most popular one in Catalonia (the highest peak). The hotel is situated between the Anoia area, Baix Llobregat, and Bages, 50 km from Barcelona's centre. It is, of course, one of the undeniable icons of the Catalan geographical, natural richness. Like this there are lot of things to do in Montserrat. So read this article and find out.

The Monastery of Santa María de Montserrat is situated in this famous Mountain. Thousands of people who used to come every day to pray to the Virgin of Montserrat, known as the "La Moreneta" because of its dark skin colour, are visiting this Benedictine Monastery. Legend has that because of the smoke of many candles lit before her image over the ages; the Virgin has this hue.

There are many ways to get from Barcelona to Montserrat and many variations. Naturally, the car will be the first choice. It is not difficult, and the location is registered for all GPS systems. Free parking with 900 places for cars and buses can also be found on Montserrat mountain. The FGC trains from Barcelona and other cities can also be reached in Montserrat.

 The Virgin of Montserrat in Catalonia is cherished, to the extent that, in the first lines, she has her anthem called "Virola." It is a popular song from a Jacinto Verdaguer poem, the 19th century's most crucial Catalan poet. This song has been tutored to schoolchildren and is frequently performed in choirs, choruses, and even popular festivals.

Mountain Montserrat is a fantastic tour, mixing nature, history, and practice. It is one of Catalonia's most beautiful areas, and the calm and solemnity of this monastery can be felt. After visiting Montserrat, you can take many routes to explore the environment and find chapels in the mountains. You will be able to see it.

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Best Things to Do in Montserrat

Visit Rack Railway 

When you go from Barcelona to Montserrat, you can take the metro at Plaza España, where an FGC railway is open every hour. You will stop on the mountain bottom with the train and then determine how you want to reach the monastery.

Two options are available: the rack train or the cable car 'Aeri de Montserrat.' It's an impressive ride through Llobregat's valley, up the Mountain, and to the Monastery of Montserrat on a daily train, while the second will take you. The train is a positive thing because it links Monistrol de Montserrat's FGC Station and the monastery to the natural world. The journey takes 15 minutes, and trains from Monistrol Vila are usually 20 minutes. 

Visit the Montserrat local market

There is this excellent market where they only sell traditional goods on the road to Montserrat's monastery. We will find traditionally Catalan goods in their stands, to the extent that it is now sold to you by the same farmer. What could be more natural? Trade-in nature, crafts, and guide. Typical goods like oil, liquor, honey, cheese, and cottage cheese are included in our selection of items. 

Enjoy the Montserrat Art Museum

The Montserrat Museum has a thousand-year-old Abbey of Montserrat's cultural and archaeological heritage. It has permanent exhibitions that display the monastery's past, including works of significant artists such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali and most representative works of every age. The best experts often offer exhibits. It's worth visiting if you like art and have time. 

Visit the Monastery 

You can watch the statue of the Virgin Mary nearby entering the chapel in the monastery. You must queue with the rest of the people to do so since only one person is permitted to enter the chapel at once. Tradition says that you have to touch the ball in one of her hands and then wish it. Many students have experience with it during examinations or have health issues, love, or money.

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Enjoy the Walk at Camí dels Degotalls

The Camí dels Degotalls is an excellent way to get to the monastery. It's a feasible path, perfect for children. You have to take the direction of Monistrol, to get there, by road. There is evocative majolica scenery decorated along the route, with trees like oaks, yews, or grass. 

Listen to L' Escolania

Another traditional emblem of Montserrat is the Escolania de Montserrat. It's a chorus made up entirely of children aged 14. This chorus is one of the older in the whole world, and the presence of an organization is recorded in documents from the 14th century. The chorus of the boy is world-famous. In addition to the concert tours they also make, they can find their live performance schedule on Montserrat's website. 

Visiting the Beautiful Santa Cova

The monastery road to Santa Cova is one of Montserrat's most scenic, shortest, and most comfortable to visit. However, if you're out of breath, you can still use the funicular train. The road finishes in the small chapel of Santa Cova; the legend suggests that Montserrat Virgin's statue was first found. 

Rock-climbing Activities at Mountain

In Catalonia and across the region, Montserrat is one of the most popular climbing spots. It has 7 kilometres in length and 2,5 kilometres in width, with over 5000 open roads to choose from, and its popularity in Spain. It is nearly the middle of Catalonia and almost three of the region's major cities: Barcelona, Manresa, and Terrassa. It means that most of the climbers are local. The best month to go is October (not as hot as during the summer), with most climbers in areas like Vermell del Xincarró, Clot del Boixar, and L'Agulla del Senglar opting to go south.

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Final Words

These were some of the best things to do in Montserrat. So get your Montserrat Visa from Tourist Visa Online and visit the beautiful nation.

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