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A beautiful country, blessed with lakes, mountains, and a culture that attracts billions of tourists every year, Nepal has stood out to be a perfect travel destination over the past few decades. A Nepal visa for Thai citizen is not something that should be called difficult. You just need to read this article about Nepal visa for Thailand passport holders that is provided to you by Tourist Visa Online to clear your doubts about the same. 

You can indulge in numerous activities while being in the country to enjoy your stay, from trekking to fishing, to visiting the temples and monasteries, and also knowing about the culture of the country.  


Citizens of all the countries except Afghanistan, Eswatini, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Iraq, Palestine, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Syria, and Somalia, can get the Nepal visa on arrival. Visa free countries for Nepal are India, the citizens of which enjoy full freedom of movement to and fro from the country. 

To get the visa, you just need to visit Tourist Visa Online and fill the pre-approval form, make the payment and proceed. You will get your visa upon entering the country, for which you will need to show the following documents: 

  •         A valid Thailand passport. 
  •         Passport size photographs. 
  •         The pre-approval form. 

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Both the countries have maintained bilateral relations since 1959, and stayed friendly since then. Also, because of both the country’s similarity in culture and religion has contributed largely in cooperation among the citizens too. The strongest link between the two countries is Buddhism, and Thai visitors visit Lumbini, which is the birth place of Lord Buddha, it is their favorite place. Every Nepali in Thailand is treated with respect, and vice versa. 

To strengthen their relations, a joint working group was established in 1984. The group focuses on the different aspects of increase of trade, expansion of bilateral relations and several other things. 

The chamber of commerce of both the countries signed a MoU in 2004 that focused on the promotion of bilateral commerce and trade opportunities. Investments in manufacturing, mineral water, restaurants and hotels have been made by the businessmen. 

Besides all these, Thailand provides several scholarships for the students from Nepal, under the TICA, and several other schemes. 

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There are numerous places in this stunning country that you can visit. If you want to get the perfect adrenaline rush into you, this country is an ideal place to visit. Read the list below to find about the places you can visit in the country: 


Get a taste of history alongside spirituality at this place. It is one of the oldest temples in the country, and also the most sacred. The temple also has the tag of UNESCO world heritage site, and is one of the most visited places. The temple is the most crowded during Mahashivratri. It was built in 1979, and consists of libraries, and several other structures alongside. 

TIMINGS: 4:00AM-12:00 NOON and 6:00PM-7:00PM. 

HOW TO REACH: You can take a bus from Kathmandu and reach Ghosala. It will take just 45 minutes. 


Visit this place for a meditative experience, along with the highlight of the stupa, which is why millions of people visit this place. This is a pilgrimage centre , and the largest spherical stupa in the country. This place is world known for its unique architecture, and has also been declared as an UNESCO world heritage site. 

TIMINGS: Open 24 hours. 

HOW TO REACH: It is just 5 kilometers from Kathmandu city centre. You can rent a taxi from there or even share a van.   


Visit this place to experience the splendid sunrise and lose yourself in the beautiful skyline. You can get the mesmerizing view of Mount Everest from here, along with the other Himalayan mountains. 

HOW TO REACH: It is located 32 kilometers away from Kathmandu. You can reach there by taking a bus from Bhaktapur. 

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Q. What is the visa fee for Nepal for a Thai citizen? 

Citizens of Thailand need to pay the visa fee unlike the citizens of the SAARC nations. Hence, being a citizen of Thailand visa fee for Nepalese visa in USD24. 

Q. After applying for the visa, how would I know if my application got approved or not? 

After you fill out the application form and make the payment, an application number will be sent into your e mail account. You need to note that down. To track your application status by following these steps: 

  •         Open our website 
  •         Go to Track visa status bar mentioned on the top 
  •         Enter your application number and proceed 
  •         You can get the status of your application here 

Q. What are the requirements for Nepal business visa? 

The requirements for a business visa are: 

  •         Duly filled application form 
  •         Valid passport 
  •         Company’s registration certificate’s copy. 
  •         Bio Data of yours along with the copy of PAN/VAT certificate. 
  •         A LOR from the Dept. of industry. 
  •         Passport size photographs. 

This friendly and safe country welcomes everyone with open hearts, and you will not regret even a minute spent here. Now that you have read all about Nepal visa for Thailand passport holders, you know how easy the whole process is; just apply online without even visiting the Nepal embassy in Thailand. 

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