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Nepal is a country that is known for attracting tourists towards itself due to the beautiful scenery and culture that it has. The country mainly consists of the Himalayas, but also the Indo Gangetic plains. The country is landlocked by China and India on the north and south respectively. In this article, we will be discussing each and every detail about Nepal visa for Sri Lanka passport holders that you can apply through Tourist Visa Online if you want to travel to Nepal from Sri Lanka.     

Travel freaks are attracted to this country due to several reasons ranging from the mountains, temples, spirituality and also the culture.     


The country has the visa fee waiver facility for the SAARC countries that include  

  • Afghanistan  
  • Bhutan  
  • Sri Lanka  
  • Pakistan  
  • Maldives  
  • Bangladesh  

Additionally, China, Macau and Hong Kong nationals can also enjoy this facility.  

Hence, if you are a Sri Lankan national, you may fill the pre-approval form on Tourist Visa Online, without paying a penny.   

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 Before visiting a foreign land, you should know about the requirements that are needed in order to require a visa. The country’s visa policy is very lenient as compared with the other countries, and hence, the requirements for visa are also not much. You need to have the following documents with yourself when you reach the airport:    

  • Duly filled pre approval form.  
  • Sri Lankan valid passport.  
  • Passport size photographs.  
  • If you are visiting to meet your relatives, you need to provide their name, mobile number, and address.   

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FLY: You can reach Kathmandu by flight. You can fly from Kathmandu to Colombo, and vice versa, which will take around 6 hours, and cost you around $429-$1154. There are several Kathmandu to Sri Lanka flights, including GoAir, Vistara, Nepal airlines, and many more.    

FLY AND DRIVE: Kathmandu to Colombo distance is 2313 kilometers, and, alternatively, you can also take a flight from Colombo to Bagdogra, in India. From Bagdogra, you can drive to Kathmandu. This will cost you around $174-$362, and take around 8 hours to reach. This option is the cheapest.   

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When you travel to an unknown country you should know about what to and what not to do while being there. Every mindful traveler must abide by the rules and know the basic protocols. As Nepal is an easy destination, many tourists visit this country, and hence, you need to know about the country’s culture, tradition, and various other things that will help you travel without any tension. 

  • Greet people with “Namaste”, by joining your hands together. It is considered a polite way to express your gratitude. The country does not prefer shaking hands as a good gesture, hence keep this in your mind. 
  •    Use both of your hands while you give or receive something. This is considered as a gesture of respect, and if you tend to use one hand, always use your right hand. 
  • Do not point your fingers at anything, especially on sacred temples, or monuments. To point at something, use your hand or just speak about that. 
  • When you want to go inside a temple or monastery, always remember to open your shoes. Also, before clicking pictures always ask for permission and do not use flash.  
  • Majority of the population is Hindu in the country, hence, before entering a temple look for signs that allow you to enter.  
  • Make sure that you exchange the currency of Nepal to Sri Lanka currency before leaving the country. The Nepali currency is restricted, and you should not take that outside the country. Either, ask at your hotel to exchange them for you, or do that after reaching Kathmandu airport. You should also keep the receipts of the currency exchange, as a proof that you exchanged them with a legitimate source. 
  • You should be careful while buying antique items, as there are several things that are banned and are illegal to trade outside the country. If you want to buy something, make sure to buy them from an authorized store and do not forget to ask for a receipt. 

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Q. As a citizen of Sri Lanka, am I eligible for a visa on arrival in Nepal? 

Yes, Sri Lanka passport holders can easily fill the pre approval form and get ready to fly. You just need to carry the essential documents that have been mentioned above. 

Q. What is the processing time and application fee for Nepal visa? 

The nepal pre approval form has to be filled duly by the applicant by providing all the correct details, the fee that you have to pay for that is generally 25USD, but Sri Lankan citizens do not have to pay anything, because they are a member of SAARC countries. 

Q. Can I get a multiple entry visa?

Yes, you can apply for a multiple entry visa which is given generally for 15. 30, and 90 days. You can choose the type according to your plans. 

It is evident that applying for a Nepal visa for Sri Lanka passport holders is a very easy process. If you want to experience the beauty of this country, go and fill out the Nepal visa application form for Sri Lanka citizens on Tourist Visa online.  

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