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Qatar is a peninsular Arabic nation whose territory involves a parched desert and a long Arab Gulf sealine of seashores and ridges. Likewise on the coast is the capital, Doha, known for its modern high rises and other ultramodern engineering motivated by old Islamic plan, for example, the limestone Museum of Islamic Art. Although the country offers different kinds of visas for its visitors, Here, Qatar's visa requirements are the main topic to know about. In this article, we are going to know about Qatar visa rules and requirements.

In spite of its area in a frequently unstable region of the Middle East, it's, for the most part, a protected nation with a low crime percentage. It is the richest nation on the planet, with a GNI per capita of $116,799 - surpasses $20,000 higher than some other country. The nation has more in oil holds than everything except two different nations around the world - equivalent to 13% of the worldwide flexibly.

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Traveler Visa 

Qatar traveler visa is offered on appearance as it were. You need to gather your visa from Qatar port subsequent to showing up there. This sort of visa is accessible for the residents of few nations. There are two sorts of Qatar visa: Qatar short vacationer visa (fourteen days) and Qatar long traveler visa (3 months). 

Qatar Business Visa 

On the off chance that you are working for any Qatari organization just, at that point are you qualified for a Qatar business visa? It will be the sole obligation of the organization to mastermind the visa for you. 

Qatar Work Visa 

While the Qatar work visa requirements differ for different countries, In the event that you have worked for your boss for at any rate 2 years, at that point the Qatar work visa will be supported by your manager itself. In addition, a worldwide wellbeing test will be performed prior to showing up in Qatar. 

Qatar Visit Visa 

You will be qualified for this sort of visa in the event that you have a relative in Qatar who is supporting you. Its legitimacy is for a half year, Qatar visit visa requirements differ accordingly.

Qatar Family Visa 

This visa is not the same as a visit visa as the family visa doesn't have any termination date. An ex-pat working in Qatar can support his/her family to join and live with them. 

Qatar GCC Resident Visa 

You may be qualified for GCC Resident Visa on appearance in the event that you are a GCC occupant. Be that as it may, now and again, it likewise relies upon your work.


  • Visa Validity should be a half-year 
  • Examined duplicate of the first and last page of your visa 
  • A visa size photo 
  • The ID of the visa candidate (To check the support) 
  • Instructive and Experience endorsements authentication 
  • Duplicate of the support ID 
  • Photograph of the worker examined 
  • G.C.C. affirmed clinical authentication 
  • Return ticket or point by point agenda of the term of the excursion 
  • Duplicates of the bank explanation from recent months 
  • Home license application structure and sign it by the support.


Following are the Qatar work visa documents required.

  • All reports in like manner archives required 
  • A visa application structure submitted through organization delegate or proprietor 
  • The first substantial foundation ID of the organization.


All basic documents are required as discussed above.

You need to fill form or Qatar working visa application form to process.

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Unfamiliar nationals (paying little heed to ethnicity) are presently restricted from entering Qatar. Qatari nationals may enter Qatar, yet are dependent upon a 14-day isolate period. Travelers traveling through the air terminal in Doha are permitted to proceed with their excursion, given that they have substantial reports for their next objective. GCC nationals are not, at this point allowed to utilize their public personality card to travel and should utilize their identification. 

The accompanying visa limitation measures are presently set up: 

  1. No new passage visa applications, for example, work visa, business visa, family visa are handled for candidates of all identities in Qatar Financial Center Free Zone (QFC); 
  2. No new living arrangement license applications are handled for candidates of all ethnicities in the QFC; 
  3. All Qatar Visa Centers are shut until additional notification; and 
  4. Suspension of all in-person movement applications accommodation.

NOTE - types of work visa in Qatar differs.


  • Despite the arrangements of some other Law, the Minister may give a request to localize any exile whose presence in the State of Qatar is a danger to its interior or outer security and wellbeing or is generally unfavorable to the public economy, general wellbeing or public request. 
  • The Minister may, when important, capture an exile in regard to whom a court has given a decision of extradition or bringing home for a thirty-day time span sustainable for a comparable period. 
  • An Expat in regard to whom a decision of extradition, takeoff, or bringing home has been conveyed by the court, may not re-visitation of the State of Qatar besides by pastoral goal. 
  • Exiles who neglect to get a home grant or whose license has terminated will leave the nation. They may return on the off chance that they fulfill the section necessities indicated in these arrangements. 
  • Subject to the arrangement of a worthy assurance, a sustainable time of close to ninety days might be allowed by the Minister or his selected representative to an Expat under the request of removal or takeoff who has interests that require a timeframe to settle.
  • In the event that a court decision of extradition, takeoff, or bringing home has been given however is hard to authorize, the Minister may, in lieu of capture, require the Expat to remain in a specific spot for a fourteen-day time frame inexhaustible for a comparative period. The Expat being referred to will answer to the security division, where the said place is situated, at the occasions expressed in the request gave in regard thereof, up to the time that the person is ousted or localized.

For further information on Qatar or first-hand information visiting the Qatar visa center will be a good idea. These were the Qatar visa rules and requirements.

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