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Saudi Arabia is popular as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This country is situated in Western Asia comprising the proportion of the Arabian Peninsula. Covering a land area of 2,150,000 kilometers Square.

It is the 12th largest country in the world. It is ranked in the 18th position in the list of the world's largest economies. 


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Democracy of Saudi Arabia 

  • The Government of Saudi Arabia is controlled by the vast royal family” AL Saud”. No one else is allowed to have political participation except the Saudi royal family.
  • Saudi Arabia’s government has been led by King Salman since 23 January 2015. According to the law, Saudi Arabia king must be chosen from the sons of the first king Abdul Aziz Al Saud. 


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The Religion of Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabia is a country that completely practices the Islamic religion. it is Forbidden To practice any other religion by the citizens of Saudi Arabia.
  • If any citizen of Saudi Arabia is found to be practicing any other religion than Islam, he or she will be converted to Islam.
  • You can be punished to death if you try to convert your religion from Islam.
  • It is illegal for you to carry any other religious book like the Bible and Bhagwat Geeta in Saudi Arabia. So we can say clearly that Saudi Arabia religion is Islam. 


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Fact About Saudi Arabia Population 

  • Saudi Arabia is the only country to have the world's youngest population, out of 33.4 million people half are under the age of 25 years.
  • More than nine million non-nationalities live in Saudi Arabia legally for education, work, and many other purposes.
  • The current growth rate of Saudi Arabia's population is 1.59 percent. 


Saudi Arabia currency

  • Saudi Arabia's currency is known as Saudi Riyal and SAR is its abbreviation. One Sar is subdivided into 100 Halalas. 1 Sar is equaled to 0.27 US dollars.
  • While visiting Saudi Arabia you can go to any of the foreign exchange currency for converting your money. But before that, you should confirm the present exchange rate of your currency INR to Saudi Arabia currency.

Saudi Arabian culture and etiquette


  • Saudi Arabia culture has a strong belief in its religious values and Customs which says that tourists and expatriates should always respect. 
  • It is a highly conservative society where all the people practice Islam to make themselves a person who can work on the guidance of Islam politically, economically, socially, and legally. 
  • As you all are aware of the Islamic culture prayer times it is not considered to be flexible in the business and professional life at any cost due to which Friday it is a public holiday or a Muslim holiday. 
  • Saudi Arabia's social customs are of great importance.


  • Saudi Arabian shows good manners and etiquettes to ensure a warm welcome to visitors. Whenever you are visiting the country you must adapt the etiquettes of interaction with people in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Limits have been set for interaction between men and women publicly even if it is business meetings.
  • Arabs highly value civility and greet everyone respectively which is an important perspective there. Generally, a warm welcome or greeting is followed by a handshake with the right hand. 


Saudi Arabia clothing taboos

  • There is a strict dressing code for Saudi Arabia women clothing for things like ok a loose black garment and headscarf that is considered to be compulsory whenever you go out. it is a punishable offense to not follow the clothing guidelines for a woman. 
  • Tourist Women are also not allowed to wear short dresses which are over revealing and tight skinny jeans that show their body shape. Saudi Arabian men wear a traditional dress which is known as the throb. 

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Saudi Arabia Language 

  • Commonly Arabic is spoken by the people of Saudi Arabia. There are other languages also that are spoken by more than 8 million people like Gulf Arabic, Hejaz Arabic, and najdi Arabic. 
  • English is another widely spoken language in Saudi Arabia that has been made compulsory in schools and colleges. English is also used as a business language in Saudi Arabia. 


Saudi Arabia weather 

  • Only the temperature of Saudi Arabia is hot in summers which are not bearable. During the hottest month of June July, the temperature in Saudi Arabia Rises to 122* f but the average temperature in the coastal cities Makkah and Jeddah is lower than 100* f.
  • In winters there is rainfall and occasional snowfall in some parts of southern Saudi. In spring there is quite a possibility of rainfall in Saudi Arabia. There are many variations in Saudi Arabia's weather.



Q. Traveling to Saudi Arabia is safe or not?

     Yes, traveling to Saudi Arabia is safe for the nationals of different countries. Saudi always respects and welcomes tourists with warm greetings. But before traveling you should be able to see some rules and       Customs that are to be followed by the tourist.

Q. Which religion is followed by Saudi Arabian?

Saudi Arabians practice Islam no other religion is allowed to practice by the citizen of Saudi Arabia.

Q. What do women and girls wear in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia Girls and women of Saudi Arabia wear a long black loose gown with the headscarf. It is the traditional costume of Saudi Arabia for women and girls. 

Q. What is Saudi Arabia popular for?

Saudi Arabia is popular for its oil Reserves and its holy places Mecca and Medina where people of Islamic religion pray and do hajj.

Q. Why is Saudi Arabia unique?

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that has no river despite its large country size. 95% of the country is a desert some of them are semi-deserts. But the country has many oil reserves which make it a unique country.

Q. How to greet others in Saudi Arabia?

Treat others by shaking your right hand with the warmth in a respectful manner. In Islamic culture the left hand is considered unclean.

Q. Is smoking allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Smoking is not allowed in the country even it is banned by the government in public places and government officers.

Q. Can I use WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia?

You can use WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia from 2017.  In 2013 Whatsapp and many other social media apps were banned by the government.

Q. Can Muslims have a pet like dogs? 

There are some restrictions in having the pet like a dog but domesticated dogs are permitted.

Q. Can girls and women wear short dresses in Saudi Arabia?

No, girls and women are not allowed to wear short dresses in Saudi Arabia as it is considered a punishable offense by the government. You can't even wear tight skinny jeans or crop tops in Saudi Arabia. Girls are only allowed to wear their traditional dresses.


Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country that has developed frequently in the past few years. Because of its oil reserves, the economy of the country is growing day by day. Saudi Arabia is also ranked among the world's largest economies.  

The Government of Saudi Arabia is controlled by the king of Saudi Arabia who acts as a Prime Minister and President of Saudi Arabia. People of Saudi Arabia treat everyone with etiquette. There are some strict laws for the women in Saudi Arabia which should be followed anyways.

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