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There has been a hype for UK Visa for UAE nationals, ever since the launch of the EVW. There are approximately more than 10 thousand UAE nationals who apply for UK Visa Online, on a yearly basis. Ever since the onset of the Electronic Visa Waiver, the UAE citizens prefer to apply for the EVW than the standard visitor visa of UK. Tourist Visa Online also aims at putting forward the best of its services in order that people feel more comfortable while applying for a visa. 

Since 2016, the UK introduced a new system through which Electronic Visas could be obtained for the citizens from Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The Electronic Visa Waiver commonly called by its abbreviation EVW is an extremely simple process that focuses on obtaining the Visa through a complete online procedure.

It should be noted, that the UK Electronic Visa Waiver is not valid for and cannot be applied by the foreigners residing in the UAE. The foreigner residents will have to apply for their UK Visa application through UKVAC Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The foreign residents are hence, not eligible for applying for the UK Electronic Visa.

Furthermore, this blog will shed light on the benefits the applicants will receive by applying through the Electric Visa Waiver. We at Tourist Visa Online Portal aim to keep our readers informed about all the services we provide for their hassle-free journey.

Q. What are the requirements for the UK Visa for UAE nationals?

For all those UAE citizens who are applying for the UK Visa through an Electronic Visa Waiver, have comparatively less and straightforward requirements. The applicant is required to fill out an application form for the Electronic Visa Waiver, it must be made sure that the form is duly completed and filed prior to their UK trip. Before the commencement of filling the form, the applicant must ensure the following criteria:

  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have a passport which is valid.
  • The applicant is required to have their accommodation details for the tenure of their stay in the United Kingdom.
  • The applicant is required to present the flight booking details and detailed itinerary of their journey include their to and fro from the United Kingdom.  

Q. What does the Electronic Visa Waiver offer to the ones who apply for it?

The nationals of United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar prefer to apply through the Electronic Visa Waiver than the standard visitor visa. The EVW offers the applicants to visit the UK for up to 6 months for tourism, employment, academic and medical treatments.

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Q. Is it difficult to fill an Electronic Visa Waiver application form? 

To fill an application form for an Electronic Visa Waiver is a not difficult task. However, there are certain things which the applicant must make sure before and after filling out the application form. One of the criteria to ensure is, to check and enter the details of their passports into the form as it is, the details in the passport and the form should match.

The applicant is required to enter his or her correct travel accounts. In case, the applicant is unable to provide the valid details, the application process may not commence

Q. Is the Electronic Visa Waiver meant for a single or multiple entries?

The EVW can be used only while in a single Entry. The applicant needs to apply for the EVW every time they plan a visit to the UK.

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Q. Is it required for me to carry my Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) while travelling?

Yes, the applicant is required to carry their Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) in the form of either a hard or soft copy, while travelling. This will act as proof of the travel authorized document.  

Q. What if my UK Visa application for a UAE national gets rejected?

The chances of rejection for a UAE national is statistically lower than the other nations across the world. But in case the applicant from the UAE gets rejected while applying for their UK Visa application, they can either try to reapply or challenge the authorities who rejected by filing an appeal.  

Q. Can I get my EVW application form filled by someone else?

Yes, you can get your EVW application form filled by someone else. In such cases, the applicant is required to provide the contact details of himself or herself and also of the person who helped in filling out their form for them.  

Q. How can UK visa for UAE nationals be applied through the Tourist Visa Online Portal?

For the readers of the Tourist Online Visa portal, we have divided the entire application process into 4 easy and straight forward steps. After the completion of these four steps, you can easily obtain your UK Visa for UAE nationals. Following is the insight over how one can apply for their UK Visa:

Step 1 – 

- The applicant is required to First visit Tourist Visa Online

- Then they are required to select their citizenship and living country.

- After selecting their citizenship and living country, the applicants are then required to select the country where they intend to travel and for which they are applying for the Visa.

Step 2 – 

- The applicant is required to Select their visa as per their travel

- Once the Visa type is selected then click on Proceed to Next

Step 3 – 

- The applicant is now required to Fill their visa application form,

- They are required to provide their personal and travel information.

- The applicant then has to upload their documents. Please note the applicant can upload up to 7 documents.

- The applicant is then required to proceed for payment.  

Step 4 – 

- Once the applicant’s payment for the Visa application is made, then they can check and track their visa status.

- After the entire Visa application process is completed, the applicant will receive their Visa within the working days in their Email.

By following the above steps, UK Visa for UAE nationals can be obtained through the Tourist Online Visa Portal.

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