uk visa for kuwaiti citizens everything you need to know about the electronic visa waiver

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Ever since the onset of the UK electronic Visa waiver, questions like how to apply for the UK visa for Kuwaiti Citizens? Have been gaining some attention. Is there another way of applying for a UK visa? Yes, it is the Electronic Visa Waiver. Especially now when you get this information through Tourist Visa Online you can now be able to understand about how the electronic visa waiver system works and how you will be eligible for it. 

The UK electronic visa waiver commonly known as the EVW for the Kuwaiti citizens is an online travel authorization which can be issued digitally, permitting the citizens of Kuwait to visit the country United Kingdom. It is since 1961, that the diplomatic relations between the two nations began to bud, it was when the first Kuwait ambassador arrived in London. Ever since the two nations have enjoyed a progressive relationship. This bond between the two nations is why there is an increase in the UK Visa application.

Due to the increased demands in the UK Visa application from the Kuwaiti citizens, the UK government launched the UK Electronic Visa Waiver. This initiative made it easier for Kuwaiti Citizens to travel in the United Kingdom for the purpose of their choice.

This blog will focus on the benefits offered by the Electronic Visa Waiver for the citizens of Kuwait. Our readers will be informed about the entire system of EVW. We at tourist visa online portal aim for the convenience of all our readers. Our hassle-free visa services will help them have a pleasant journey.  

Q. What is an Electronic Visa Waiver? 

The UK EVW or electronic visa waiver is an electronic authorization one receives for their travel purpose, which permits the citizens of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to the UK. The EVW permits all the eligible applicants to visit the UK for tourism, business, study or medical treatment.

The issuance of the Electronic Visa Waiver will create a possibility for its applicants to submit their visa applications through the virtual platform from all across the globe. The payment scheme is also easy as it’s supposed to be paid through credit/debit cards.

 After the payment is made, the Application will then be processed. The processing of this application can start in a minimum of 2 days, and the approval/ rejection will be sent through an email to the applicant. Once the authorization is received, it permits the applicant a single entry to the United Kingdom for a tenure of 180 days.  

Q. For what purpose can I apply for an Electronic Visa Waiver?

An applicant can apply for the EVW for the purposes like Tourism, business, for study or a medical emergency.

Q. What are the UK Visa requirements for Kuwaiti Citizens? 

For all those Kuwaiti Citizens who wish to apply through the EVW for their UK Visa, are not required a lot of documents. Here are some of the following requirements which are essential during the application process:

-         Valid Passport

The applicants are supposed to have a valid passport. The validity of the passport should be of at least 6 months from the date of their arrival in the UK. The passport is required to have 2 blank pages for the Visa stamp.  

-         Accommodation information

The applicant’s hotel booking information is mandatory to submit while applying for the EVW to the UK.

-         Travel itinerary

It is mandatory for the applicant to submit their detailed travel itinerary.

-         Means of payment 

The applicant can make a payment through their Credit/debit card.

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Q. I am a Kuwaiti citizen, do I require a UK tourist Visa to enter the country?

Out of all the countries in the world, Kuwait is one of the eligible countries who are permitted to apply for the UK electronic visa waiver. The other countries who are eligible for the same are – Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Initially, to acquire a UK tourist Visa, the Kuwaiti Citizens were required to physically obtain the UK tourist Visa from the UK embassy. Nevertheless, now they are just required to duly fill the UK visa application form to issue their EVW.

Q. Are there any things to be considered before applying for the Electronic Visa Waiver?

While filling the application form for the EVW, the applicant must make sure to put in the exact same details which are present in their passport and the other documents that they use to fill the information. Make sure each and every detail match like the apostrophes, hyphens punctuations.

It is vital for the application to make sure to put in their travel details correctly and not miss out on any destination. It will be helpful if the applicant double-checks their application before sending it.

Q. For how long is the UK Electronic Visa Waiver valid for the Kuwaiti citizens?

The validity of the EVW is for 180 days after the arrival of the applicant into the UK on a Single entry basis.

Some extra information on the UK EVW for Kuwait nationals.

- The Kuwait citizens are required to present their documents at the port of entry, to prove their documents are valid.

- The data of the applicants are protected and are used for the process of EVW purposes only.

- Just by possessing the visa of the UK, doesn’t grant the entry of the applicant to the country.

- The Immigration authorities may reject the entry of any applicant at the point of entry in case the applicant is unable to fulfill the immigration requirements.

- Please note, the electronic visa waiver can’t be extended. Once the UK Visa for Kuwaiti Citizens expires, the citizens are required to leave the country and reapply for their Electronic Visa Waiver for entering the UK again.

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