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Traveling to Vietnam is one thing that tourists find fascinating! However, there are a lot of people who are on tours or businesses but end up deciding to stay for a long time in Vietnam. For this purpose, the Vietnam residence card is issued to the tourist or the foreigner who is coming to Vietnam for various purposes. But there are still a lot of people who are unaware of this card and to explain this card and its importance this article has been published. You can now read and get to know what exactly a residence card is!


  • Types of residency cards
  • Temporary residence card
  • Eligibility and where to apply for a temporary residence card
  • Documents needed to be submitted by the foreigner for the temporary residence card
  • The processing time required for a temporary residence card to be processed and its validity
  • Lost resident card:
  • Permanent residence card

Types of residency cards:

There are normally two types of resident cards which are given to tourist depending on their length of stay:

  • A temporary resident card: This card is given to those foreigners who will be staying in Vietnam but only for a short period of time. This means that a definite period will be set for this type of resident card.
  • A permanent resident card: This card is issued to those foreigners who will be residing for more than five years or so and will be working or staying permanently in Vietnam.

To know more about these two cards let’s check out the details.

Temporary residence card:

This temporary residence card which has a specified time period is given by the authorized provincial office which manages both the entry and exit under the Minister of Public Security.

Eligibility and where to apply for a temporary residence card:

The following list of people of wish to stay in Vietnam can apply for a temporary resident card:

  • Those foreign people who work in big multinational companies or those who work in foreign company branches located in Vietnam. 
  • Those professionals or students who are attending any projects or working or studying in those sectors which have been approved between the ministries ad by the government.
  • Those parents or other relatives who will be accompanying their children who are below 18 years of age. 

The foreigner can apply for this type of card at the police ward that is near to the place they live.

Documents needed to be submitted by the foreigner for the temporary residence card:

The following documents have to be submitted in order to get a temporary residence card:

  • A form also called as the N5A form must be filled in by the foreigner’s information and must also have two photos which are of size 3x4 cm must be attached.
  • A copy of the passport belonging to the foreigner.
  • The copy of a legal record which may either be a business registration certificate or an investment certificate or license for establishment of office which must be given by the sponsor who will be sponsoring the foreigner. The sponsor can either be an agency, an organization, or an enterprise.
  • Copy of the work permit provided to the foreigner.
  • A copy of the address where the foreigner is currently living must be given and this can be obtained by the nearby local police.
  • If there are any relatives then proof that proves the relation must be provided be it a marriage certificate or a family book.
  • All the above documents must have been translated into the Vietnamese language so that it can be entered and registered into the system. They also need to be certified or legalized by the government.

The processing time required for a temporary residence card to be processed and its validity:

The temporary card can be obtained in about 7 to 10 days after the application form along with all the legalized documents has been submitted. This card will be valid for a time period of one to three years. This card has a duration which is one month lesser than the expiry of the passport. For those foreigners whose passports are not valid for more than a year cannot obtain this temporary resident card.

Lost resident card: 

If you find out that you have lost your resident card then you can apply for a new one but before that, you must immediately inform the issuing agency from where you have acquired your card. The process will be almost the same and the processing time can go for up to 14 days.

Permanent residence card:

Those people can get the permanent residence card that fulfills the following conditions:

  • A foreigner who fights for independence or freedom or for any other social cause.
  • Those who work aiming for the welfare of Vietnam.
  • The relatives of those Vietnamese citizens who live outside the country.

The documents that will be required and the procedure will be the same as the above given for the temporary card residents.

This Vietnam residence card allows a foreigner to enter the country without a visa and helps the people to save a lot of time in the applying and processing of a visa. 

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