vietnam transit visa who needs visa and who does not

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Sometimes you need to stop by a country and take a rest before you continue onto a long flight journey to another country. This pause at a country is known as transiting. There are a lot of tourists who go from their home place to another destination and pass through Vietnam in that course. Some might need only a short interval of time for the transit to take place which can range from 5 to 12 hours. However, some transits may have a longer period of stay which may go up to 15 days. For this purpose, Vietnam Transit Visa is a type of visa that has been made available for those who wish to transit through Vietnam and stay for a longer period of time. 

Sometimes you may not know whether a transit taking place for your flight might need you to take a visa or not. This also creates confusion among a lot of tourists. So this article is written to make sure you understand when a transit visa is needed and when it is not and what are the requirements if you need one.


  1. Free stay in Vietnam without a transit visa
  2. Vietnam transit passes for over 24 hours
  3. Application for a transit pass

Free stay in Vietnam without a transit visa:

This first condition is applicable for those tourists who might be transiting through Vietnam but might only have to stay for a period that goes no longer than 24 hours. This means a tourist having to transit through Vietnam can stay for up to one day free, without a visa in Vietnam. This doesn’t mean that the traveler can go out and stay in Vietnam’s cities or any other places. This facility is free because most of the tourists who have a flight with this short time period opt to stay inside the airport or seaport terminal itself. All you need to find is the ‘transfer’ sign which will lead you to the terminal lounge at the airport.

While this seems quite simple, the tourists must fulfill some requirements in order to stay in Vietnam without a visa. The requirements can be stated as follows:

  • A valid passport of the foreigner must be presented on arrival and must contain 6 month validity period.
  • A document which shows that there will be an onward flight/ cruise to the destination.
  • An authorization documentation which should be presented so that your destination has been confirmed. 

The people who enter this ‘transfer’ area are neither allowed to leave the port or exit the port and enter the country. His is because you will be given a border crossing pass which is important when you enter the country if you are from a foreign one. This means you will have to stay in the port itself until and unless your next transport medium is not ready. And if the tourist feels like they want to leave the port and stay in the country then taking a Vietnam visa becomes essential.

Vietnam transit passes for over 24 hours:

This title itself says that a tourist might have to access to the transit pass which will allow that particular person to stay in Vietnam over 24 hours. That means if you have a flight or a curse which will be departing in a matter of two to three days then you might have to take a transit visa which will allow you to stay in the country for a specified amount of time. This visa is also available for those tourists who wish to go out of the terminal and stay in the country for a while. This pass might also become necessary if a person arriving at the airport and needs to leave by the boat. 

Application for a transit pass:

A tourist who will be transiting through Vietnam can apply for a transit visa through an online method before having your trip to Vietnam. This online application can be applied 72 hours before the flight which goes onto the final destination. This visa which will be approved will be given to you through the mail. However, to finish this application there are some documents that need to be submitted. The documents that need to be given are:

  • You need to give all the personal details which include the date of birth, name, and passport details. 
  • You need to give a digital copy of the photo that needs to be attached to the application form. 
  • A scanned copy of passport
  • Payment of fees must be done through online means.

This visa once approved is given to the tourists and they need to print it and show the e visa before they pass the immigration control. You should also check the visa policy so that you get to know whether you are eligible for an online application or not. 

The transition process through Vietnam can be quite easy but you should remember that applying for a Vietnam transit visa is a must if you want to get out of the airport. This also means that you should come back before three hours of the departure of the flight.

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