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Australia is the world’s largest island located between the pacific and Indian ocean. With so many sights to encounter, the country has become a travel paradise for thousands of people all over. The country offers a plethora of activities from enjoying the sun-kissed beaches to exploring the lifestyle of the local people. The country has something special to offer to every tourist.

An Australia bridging visa is a type of a visa that can be used by people transitioning between one type of visa to the other. Read this article till the end to know more about tourist visa to bridging visa Australia.


Bridging visas can be defined as a system that is designed to bridge the gap between the visas that you had and the new one that you have applied for, but not gotten yet. In simple terms, they are granted to the people who are currently in the country and are applying for another visa while being in the country.

For example: If you are staying in the country with a working holiday visa, which is going to expire soon, and you have applied for an employment permit, which is yet to get processed, the bridging visas are granted during this situation to manage the gap period between the two visas. However, this visa does not come into action until and unless your previous visas expire. You will be remaining in the country with this visa until a decision is passed upon the one that you have applied for.

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There are five different types of visas according to the ministry of Home affairs. The five of them differ from each other and have certain rules and restrictions for the qualifications to the person who is applying for them. Let us have a look at each one of them:


This is the most common type of bridge visas. It is granted to the people who are already in the country with a visa and are applying for another one. The BVA usually holds the same conditions as the previous visa that you had, however, there are some exceptions to it too. You should also note that the BVA does not allow the people to re enter the country after they have left. It expires once you leave the country. Here are some of the important points that you should know about the BVA: 

Travel rights:

  • You actually do not get any travel rights with the BVA. Once you leave the country, you won’t be able to re enter. However, you can allow for BVB to re-enter the country if you want.
  • After you have lodged another substantive visa and travel on one now, the BVA ceases once you leave the country. This basically means that you will have to apply for BVA reinstated on your return to the country. If you do not go through this process, you will become unlawful.

Work rights:

  • Unless you have applied for another department of the BVA, you will get any work rights. Also, to apply, you have to show that you are suffering from some kid of financial hardships on your side.
  • If you have applied for an onshore partner visa, you will be automatically granted with work rights.


The BVB allows you to leave and re-enter the country only under the condition that it was attached to the BVA. You have to avail this by filling the bridging visa b form, and paying the fee. This takes one to three weeks to get processed, and allows you to stay outside the country for a period of three months, provided, the person should have substantial reasons to leave. If you are in the country and leave with just the BVA without obtaining a BVB, you will not be able to re enter. Let us look at some of the important things about the BVB.

  • This is valid for a period of three months, generally. Hence, you should return back to the country before the period gets over.
  • Due to this three months time period, you should apply for the BVB 2 to 3 weeks before your date of travel.
  • You will have to fill up a simple form, pay the bridging visa b cost and let the department process it.
  • You can hold both the BVB and BVA at the same time. They both can go hand in hand. 


The BVC is needed for those who are unlawful non-citizens in the country. If they lodge a valid application for the substantive visa, they may be granted a BVC. In simple words, if you have overstayed the duration in the country, and are now living unlawfully in the country, you can apply for this. Here are some important points to not about BVC: 

Travel rights:

  • You basically have no travel rights with a BVC.. You also cannot apply for a BVB while on a BVC. Hence, you cannot leave the country lawfully.
  • If you apply for a substantive visa, you will be granted with a BVC automatically. You will be notified about the same, if this is the case.

Work rights:

  • The initial BVC does not allow you to work. However, you may be allowed if the visa belongs to one of the skillselect classes.
  • If your BVC does not let you work, you can apply for another BVC. To convince the department into granting you this, you have to show them that you are suffering from some kind of financial hardship.

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If your SV has expired, the BVD will let you stay in the country for a short period of time until you get another SV, leave the country, or get a BVE. Here are some important points about the BVD: 

Time limits:

  • The BVD ends either after 5 working days, or after 5 days from the day your SV expired, or if you get a BE within those 5 days.
  • You have to make arrangements within those 5 days. Either lodge for an application for SV, or BE, or leave the country.

Travel rights:

  • There are no travel rights with the BVD. You cannot re enter the country after you leave.

Work rights:

  • You cannot work on a BVD. If you intend to break the law and do so, you BVD will be cancelled.


If you SV has expired, the BVE allows you to stay in the country for a short while until you make arrangements to leave the country, finalize the immigration matter, or wait for the decision from the immigration department. Here are some important things that you should note about BE:

Travel rights:

  • Once this expires, you cannot re enter the country unless you obtain another SV

Work rights:

  • If you are granted work rights, you will be provided a letter for the same. If you try to seek work when you are not allowed to do so, then your BVE will be cancelled and you may also get removed from the country.

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Q. Can I work while on a BVE?

This depends on whether you were given work rights by the department or not. If you are not allowed to work, and you still break the law, you will have to face serious consequences.

Q. What if I apply for a partner visa?

If you apply for this, then you will be granted a BVA with nil conditions. This means that you will be granted unrestricted work rights when your BVA comes into effect. 

The Australia bridging visa is a great alternative if you want to bridge the gap between two of your visas. It is convenient as it is easy to apply for which makes the immigration rules into the country easy to understand.

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