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Traveling to the world’s sixth-largest country, well why not yes it is possible! But just as the size of the country increases the cost of your travel will also increase. This means you need to hand in a large amount of sum to get to such a large country. Well, now this can take a toll on your wallet! But when you have Tourist visa online to your service you can stay worry-free about this huge amount that you need to handle. You can easily get to know about the Australian visa fees which will help you get an idea of how the budget will help you reach the country and how it will be a cheap and budget-friendly trip for you!


Q. Can an eVisitor document replace a visa?

Yes, an eVisitor document can definitely replace the visa but this will only be applicable for those who are eligible for this document. The others will definitely have to take a visa before they travel to Australia.

Q. What is the difference between an eVisitor and a visa?

An eVisitor is a travel document that does not need to be printed or even stuck on to your passport. The application for this travel document will let you enter the country by just showing the passport, as this document will already be registered on the main VEVO page of the Australian visa office. While the visa which you get through an online medium is also registered but you will have to get a print out of the same and show it while crossing the border. 

Q. What are the Australian visa options that are made available by tourist visa online?

You can have two options for the Australian visa application. The two options can be given as follows:

  • 90 days tourist visa
  • 90 days business visa

Q. Is the validity period the same for both the visas?

Yes, you can stay for 90 days on either of the visas. This visa will also have a total validity of one year within which you can travel to Australia to get the visa registered on your passport. 

Q. What is the standard processing time for the Australian visa to be delivered to a foreigner applying?

A foreigner who applies for a standard visa processing option can get this Australian visa in about eighteen to twenty-nine days. While there are also chances that this can also be delayed so you will have to look out before you apply for a visa. 

Q. What is the best time to apply for an Australian visa to get ti before my travel to Australia?

You can apply for the visa at least 40 days in advance to get the visa on time with your travel date. This will also eliminate any sort of problems that may arise due to the delay in visa processing. 

Q. Is there a service fee applied to the standard processing option if I wish to get my visa through this method?

Yes,  based on wish your country you will be applying for you will be charged a sum which will have to be paid in order to get the visa issued to you.

Q. What is I have an emergency seminar meeting in Australia will it still take about a month to get my visa?

If you have an emergency situation ahead of you you can use the emergency visa processing option which will help you get the vis within two days after the application. However, this visa processing will require you to pay a sum of 200.0 US dollars in order for it to be processed more effectively. 

Q. What are the prices of Australian visas?

You can get two price options and can be given as follows:

  • A 90 days tourist visa will cost you 50.0 US dollars devoid of the service fee
  • A 90 days business visa will cost you 50.0 US dollars devoid of the service fee.

Q. Does tourist visa online provide any other Australian visa options apart from the above two?

No, you cannot get any other visa applied through Tourist visa online but we can guide you about how to apply for other types of visas. You can also apply for them through an online embassy official website for an Australian visa. 

Q. Why is it that Tourist visa online is a good option for applying for an Australian visa?

An Australian visa price can go really high based on the time you want to go to Australia. While there are always changing values if you take a look at the other sites, which can be a disadvantage for you while applying through other sites. Tourist visa online brings you a fixed amount of fee which will keep you at an advantage while applying for a visa. With also comparatively cheaper rates you will also be able to get your visa applied without spending much money!

Well now who said you cannot save money, with these Australian visa fees you definitely can and have an enjoyable trip as well!

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