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People go to Australia with a lot of various purposes all different from one another. Then why hold back on the Australia visa types which are provided by the government for various purposes. When you have so many options it is just right that you select one that will match your options rather than having a visa which will not even match with your purpose and then getting a ban on your travel. If you are worried about how to get the visa applied for, then you need not worry about the processes as Tourist visa online will be here to get you to help no matter at what point you need it! So to fulfill all of your needs here’s a complete list of the visa types you need to know about:

1.Australian visitor visa:

This is a visa which serves multi-purpose and will mostly be used for business and tourism purposes. This visa will however only provide a short duration be it for any of the two purposes you want to go to Australia for. This visa has three options which can be used by foreigners and can be given as follows:

  • A visitor visa valid for three months
  • A visitor visa valid for up to six months
  • A visitor visa valid for about 12 months. 

Apart from these three options, those selected Chinese citizens who are eligible can get a visa which is valid for about 10 years. This was started at the end of the year 2016 and this is applicable for those Chinese citizens who will be applying for the visa from China itself.

2. Australian Transit visa:

This visa is provided to those foreigners who need to transit through Australia but do not come under the transit visa exemption list. This visa will be taken by those people who will be transiting through Australia within 72 hours from the arrival to their final destination. This visa will also not be required by those people who will be transiting through Australia in under eight hours after the entry. This visa will be required to be taken by people who wish to join the vessel or crew after arriving in Australia. This visa belongs to the subclass 771.

3. Australian medical treatment visa:

Foreigners who wish to get medical treatment in Australia can get this visa issued for themselves. Not only for medical treatments but the foreigners can also enter for the following purposes:

  • Attending a medical consultation in Australia
  • donation of an organ
  • Supporting the person who is currently undergoing medical treatment in Australia.

However, the foreigners who wish to have surrogate motherhood medical treatment cannot enter on this visa. This visa belongs to the subclass 602.

4. Australian working holiday visa:

This visa will be perfect for those foreigners who want to get some time off work while coming to Australia to get their work done on a work visa. This working holiday visa will only be valid if the people have worked for the short term for about 12 months or have at least worked for about 6 months with one employer. This visa can be issued by the people who belong to the following countries:

Belgium Canada Cyprus Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Hong Kong Ireland Italy Japan
Malta Netherlands Norway South Korea Sweden Taiwan
United Kingdom          

All of the citizens from the above-mentioned countries can get the visa issued for themselves. This visa comes under the subclass 417. This visa can only be accessed by those who are from 18 years of age to 30 years of age. 

5. Australian work and holiday visa:

Belonging to the subclass 462 this visa can be used by people to enjoy both works and having fun together. This visa is valid for those who are aged 18 to 30 years. This visa can be obtained by some and the list of countries can be given as follows:

Argentina Bangladesh Brazil Chile China Indonesia
Malaysia Peru Poland Portugal Slovakia Spain
Thailand Turkey United States Vietnam    

This visa can be obtained provided that a work period of about 12 months will be valid with working for a maximum of 6 months under one employer. 

6. Australian student visa:

This visa is for those foreigners who wish to have a full-time education opportunity in the country of Australia. This visa can be given to only those students who have a letter of invitation from the educational institution they have applied for. Without this letter of invitation, the foreign students will probably have to go to Australia on a tourist visa and try to apply for a university of their choice and get the visa once they are inside the country or they can even check through online methods to find a way to apply for student visas. 

7. Australian partner, fiance, and family members visa:

This visa is issued for the family members or partners or fiances who are attached to the citizens of Australia legally or even for those who reside permanently in Australia or are eligible New Zealand citizens. The following visa subtypes come under the main visa type:

  • Provisional partner visa belonging to the subclasses 309 and 820
  • Migrant partner visa belonging to the subclasses 100 and 801
  • Fiance prospective marriage visa belonging to the subclass 300
  • Family member visas which include members such as children, aged parents, aged dependant relative

8. Australian special program visa:

This visa is provided to the foreigners who wish to enter Australia with the purpose of participating in approved programs that will provide opportunities for cultural enhancements and enriching the inter global benefits. This visa belongs to the subclass 416.

9. Australian permanent residency visa:

This visa is provided for the foreigners who will be staying for a longer period than the other short term visa supplies. This visa will give the authority for a foreigner to stay in Australia with a permanent residency. This will also help in covering other medicare health insurance while the foreigner stays in Australia. 

10. Australian Resident Return visa:

This visa is also known as the RRV and allows those foreigners who are residents of Australian to exit and re-enter the country as permanent residents. This visa allows the foreigner to enter and exit for as long as they wish until the validity is still present. The visa has a minimum validity of three months and can go up to five years period. 

11. Australian special category visa:

This visa is provided to the citizens of New Zealand. This visa will be provided to the citizens as long as the following conditions are being followed:

  • The foreigner has no past criminal records
  • The foreigner does not have tuberculosis condition
  • The foreign has not been excluded, deported, or removed from any of the countries. 

This visa will allow foreigners to stay as long as they want and will also allow working in Australia. This visa can also be made available at any of the Australian ports provided the foreigner does not have possession of any other visa already. 

12. Special categories of visas for those citizens belonging to the Norfolk Islands: 

This visa is granted to those foreign residents who live in Norfolk Island. This visa is being provided because as of the 1st of July 2016, Norfolk island was enlisted to the Australian migration zone. This made all of the immigration permits invalid. This visa will be taken by all those foreign residents living in Norfolk islands and those who wish to stay in Australia. However, this visa will be provided based on the past traveling history of the resident. The categories can be given as follows:

Provisional resident return visa:

This visa will be provided to those former holders of Norfolk island immigration permits which are the general entry permit or the temporary entry permit. These visa holders can stay in Norfolk island and can even live on other Australian parts provided that they stay only for educational purposes. They can get the confirmatory residence visa once they have met with all of the requirements. 

Confirmatory residence visa:

This visa is given to those foreigners who hold an unrestricted entry permit or those who have a TEP or a GEP and have followed all of the residency requirements before applying. 

13. Australian Ex-citizen visa:

This visa is issued under the migration act 1958 to all of those ex-citizens of Australia whose citizenship was canceled within the borders of the Australian migration zone by being physically present. While a person holds this visa they need not claim that they have this visa nor do they need to say that the citizenship visa was lost by them. This visa will however not be in effect once they leave Australia. This means they will have to re-enter through a resident return visa or must hold a new permanent residency visa. 

This ends with the Australia visa types that you ought to know and if any sort of question arises regarding the types you can surely contact us any time!

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