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Kenya is a land that represents the beauty of nature. It has remained a significant tourist attraction for decades in Africa.

If you are one such traveller from Senegal, then worry not we got you covered with all the required information about the Kenya visa for Senegalese.


Yes, citizens of Senegal require a visa to enter Kenya. This visa enables them to travel freely in Kenya legally without causing any offence and also helps the government to confirm the visitor’s identity.

This visa is valid for 90 days.

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Citizens of Senegalese mainly opt for two types of Kenya visa

Tourist e-visa: This visa allows Senegalese to enter Kenya for travel and touristic purposes. It allows them to stay for 90 days. This visa is further divided into 2 categories

  • Single entry visa: This visa will allow Senegal citizens to enter Kenya for one time.
  • Multiple entry visa: This visa allows Senegal citizens to enter multiple times Kenya.

Business e-visa: This visa allows Senegalese to conduct work or business-related activities in Kenya for 90 days. This visa requires documents both by the employee and employer for its approval.


Kenya government has introduced Kenya e-visa for travellers that is an electronic visa liked with applicant’s passport. This helped in reducing the long lines in front of the embassy and allowed the citizens to apply for visas in the comfort of their homes.


The Senegalese applicants would require the following information and documents for the Kenya e-visa:

Personal Information

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Address


  • Digital scan of passport that is 6 months valid and has a minimum of the one-page blank.
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of confirmed flight tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Invitation letter by family or friends in case the applicant will be residing with them
  • Valid email address
  • Active credit or debit card for payment
  • Bank statement
  • Business cover letter (For Business visa)

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  • To apply for Kenya e-visa for Senegalese, one needs to get the visa application online.
  • Then fill out the visa application with the correct details that are asked for.
  • After filling in the details, attach the digital scan of all documents asked for in the “ Required Documents” section of the application.
  • Once done with attaching documents, review the application one final time.
  • If you find no problems or mistakes then click on ‘Submit’.
  • The next tab will ask you for payment of the required fee.
  • Once you make a payment using your valid credit or debit card, you will receive a payment confirmation message.
  • Then you can easily track the status of your application and get your e-visa within 3 days via online.
  • You will receive your e-visa through email, make sure you take a printout of it to submit at the entry port of Kenya and get it stamped.

Can Senegalese get a Transit visa?

Yes, people of Senegal are eligible for a Kenya Transit visa, which allows them to transit via Kenya on their way to another destination. This visa provides for a maximum stay of 72 hours.

Senegalese citizens will not need a transit visa if they remain for less than 72 hours and do not leave the airport; they will be able to enter Kenya without a visa.

Can Senegalese extend their visa?

Yes, Senegalese are eligible to extend their visa, if they wish to stay longer than the valid period of their visa.

However, to do so, they need to apply for a Kenya visa extension before the expiry of their visa.

The visa could be extended up to 90 days.

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In conclusion

Kenya is a land of beauty and serenity, hence it remains on the wish list of many travellers. And you can now easily apply for a Kenya visa right at your home with just a few clicks.

If you want to make that process simpler or even want to learn more about Kenya visas for Senegal citizens, then simply get in touch with Tourist Visa online to solve your queries.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

No Senegalese are not allowed to apply for visas on arrival as the Kenya government has stopped issuing any other form of visa and is only processing the e-visa.

Kenya is a multilingual nation. English and Swahili are widely spoken by Kenya citizens, hence language won’t be a barrier.

No, you won’t get any refund in case your e-visa is rejected.

However, while applying through ‘Tourist visa online, you should lay assured that you will receive a verified visa as they maintain a record of minimal visa rejection.

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