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It is critical to have the proper and authentic documentation when entering Kuwait. There have been reports of people attempting to enter countries with forged or fraudulent documentation, and such individuals may be denied entry or even arrested. Such situations can be avoided by ensuring that you Verify Kuwait Visa is Genuine or Not. A Kuwait eVisa is an electronic visa that allows visitors from eligible countries to stay in Kuwait for up to 90 days. Eligible citizens can complete the online application form in just a few minutes to obtain a Visa to travel to Kuwait. Each applicant is assigned a unique reference number that they can use to request a Kuwait visa online check to confirm the status of their application.

Obtaining a Legitimate Kuwait Visa:

  • The simplest way to ensure the authenticity of your Kuwait eVisa is to apply for it through a reputable source.
  • Because of the privacy, authenticity, and security measures in place, all Kuwait visa applications submitted through Tourist Visa Online are guaranteed to be processed.
  • The Kuwait Ministry of Interior issued all travel documents obtained through our website (the governmental body responsible for law and order and public security).


How to Determine Whether Your Kuwait Visa Is Genuine?

Kuwait electronic visas are linked to the individual's passport digitally. When the passport is scanned upon entry into the country, the system will recognize that the passport holder has an approved Kuwait Visa Verification already.
The passport holder will also receive a document informing them that their visa has been approved before traveling to Kuwait. This document should be kept with them throughout their visit.

A genuine approved Kuwait Visa document will have the following features:

  • The title “Welcome to the State of Kuwait – Visa” appears at the top of the document, first in English and then in Arabic. There is a subheading beneath this that says “Tourist Visa-Application” in both English and Arabic.
  • The Kuwait Police badge appears to the left of the heading and subheading.
  • The Kuwaiti emblem (coat of arms) appears to the right of the heading and subheading.
  • The main text is a letter to the applicant for an eVisa. It is written twice, once in English (aligned left) and once in Arabic (aligned right).
  • In English, the first section begins, "Dear [YOUR NAME], We are pleased to inform you that your tourist visa implementation for Kuwait has been authorized.
  • In English, the first section begins, "Dear [YOUR NAME], We are pleased to inform you that your tourist Visa application for Kuwait has been converted into Verify Kuwait Visa. Please print and save this number as a reference to give to a visa employee at Kuwait International Airport.” Following that, it mentions your 12-digit application number.
  • The Visa number (which should be 9 digits long), the date it is valid from, and the date it is valid until are listed below this.
  • Underneath these specifics is a disclaimer that reads, "Holding a visa does not guarantee you entrance to the State of Kuwait." To be admitted, you must meet all of the conditions upon arrival.”


Check the status of your Kuwait eVisa:

After submitting an online Kuwait visa application, applicants will receive status updates and the approved Kuwait Visa via email. For correspondence, the email address offered in the implementation will be used.
The Ministry of Interior of the State of Kuwait will evaluate the eVisa application. A Kuwait Visa application generally lasts one business day to process, but it can take at least three (3) business days. It does not include weekends (Friday and Saturday) and national holidays in Kuwait.
The result of the application is emailed to the applicant once it has been processed. It is critical to check the spam folder if the candidate does not receive the email. The email may have been transferred to the Spam, Junk, Trash, Deleted Items, or Archive folders due to a spam filter or email rule.
If the candidate does not receive a response within three (3) business days, the applicant can check the status of their Kuwait visa by following the guidelines below and requesting at MOI Kuwait for Kuwait visa check by visa number.
You will be issued a reference number once you have completed your application. Make a note of this number in case you need to verify your Kuwait visa status online or inquire about a Kuwait visa. It is suggested by Tourist Visa Online that you wait three (3) business days before completing a Kuwait visa status check, as the Kuwaiti government can take up to three (3) business days to process an online visa application. If your Kuwait eVisa application has been inactive for more than three (3) business days, you can check the status of your application by providing your contact information, passport number, and unique reference number. Within 72 hours, you will receive an email with a Kuwait visa status update.

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