Kuwait visa status by passport number

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The Kuwait visa is very important to enter or visit the country. The visa application is available on Tourist Visa online website. The details regarding Kuwait visas and status checking are important topics. We will also discuss how to apply for a visa, the requirements for the visa, and how to check the Kuwait visa online. All these important things will be discussed and details will be mentioned in the topics. Once you get the visa you can book the tickets for your visit within the date of expiry of the visa. Plan your travel accordingly so that you can cover all the places in Kuwait. This will be a wonderful experience and a memorable trip. If you are visiting Kuwait for the first time the trip will be more memorable.

Kuwait visa needs:

There are few needs of requirements for applying for the Kuwait tourist visa online. They are the original passport with a valid period of about six to seven months even after arriving in Kuwait.  A scanned copy of the bio page along with few empty pages of the original passport is a must. Money or credit and debit cards are an important factor for paying the price of a visa. They can provide the residency card of GCC if they have it. The email address that is in use is also important. The bank certificate for the past five to six months is a must. Proof of the stay details is also a must for a visa. The proof for return tickets meaning exiting the country. Two photos with plain background along with a clear image are a must. These are the requirements for any visa application.


Kuwait visa checking online:

There are 2 methods for checking the Kuwait visa status online. You can choose the method according to your wish, both process is same. The only difference is entering the passport or reference number according to your wish. We will discuss the steps in checking the Kuwait visa status online. Enter the Kuwait official websites and select the visa tracking option. Then a screen will appear regarding status checking. Select the citizenship you belong to in the place mentioned. Here comes the difference you can enter either the passport or the reference number or the passport number as your wish. If you choose the reference number it will be provided after submitting the visa application. If you choose the passport number it will be available on the passport. Then enter the birth date of the applicant. Following that the Captcha will be present for ensuring you are not a robot. So enter the Captcha carefully and select the submit option. Then the screen will appear on the screen showing the visa status.

Things to do after arriving Kuwait:

After boarding the flight and before entering Kuwait make sure you keep few documents ready. The few documents that are shown in the immigration center for the checking purpose.  Know the terms and conditions of the country you visit and follow them to show respect towards the country. Always have your passport and the visa handy in bags you carry with you. Don’t keep them in bags or suitcases because that may be difficult taking them every time during checking. Have the contact book with the emergency numbers of Kuwait. Make a note of the dress codes followed in the country Kuwait. Know the rules to follow in public places if not followed they may cause adverse effects. Like if you don’t follow the rules you may get punished or put behind the bars.


Tourist visa online:

The tourist visa is available for passengers who want to visit Kuwait. The permission for entering Kuwait is only one. The valid period for stay is about 3 months (90) days. The processing time for the Kuwait visa is about two to three days. The visa application is available online also. Do the documents submitted for the required information asked in the visa. After doing all these if your visa is selected it’s sent through the applicant’s mail. If they do not receive mail it means the visa is rejected. So that means you have to apply for the visa again.


The details regarding the status checking of visa by the passport number are explained in detail. The document requirements are also given here. The details about the tourist visa are also mentioned here. The things you need to carry along are also mentioned in detail.


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