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Kuwait and the Netherlands are friendly countries and people visit each other to explore the culture and enjoy the vibrant and enthralling beauty in the countries. Kuwait's magnificent coastline, tranquil blue waters are relaxing and soothing to its visitors. Officials have eased visa procurement for visitors. Here is some information about how Dutch in particular need to apply for a hassle-free Kuwait Visa for Netherland nationals to this country nestled with a border of the other gulf countries. Here you will also get to know how you can get the visa through Tourist Visa Online without having to wait for days and days. 

Hassle-free Kuwait visa for Dutch

For getting a Kuwait e-Visa, you don't need to visit the embassy and ask them for a visa to Kuwait. About 50 countries in the world enjoy Kuwait's visa facility and visitors get it without any problems. Kuwait provides e-Visa to its visitors from the internet within 3 days through email after applying for it. So, Dutch also have the same procedure to follow for obtaining Kuwait e-Visa to visit the country through Tourist Visa Online.

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Requirements for Kuwait e-Visa

Applying for a Visa will require some important documents to scan and keep them ready for uploading on the official site. So, the documents that you need to keep ready for the processing of the visa are:

  • A valid passport- This first thing you need to process the application forward is a passport. If you wish to visit Kuwait or any other country, your passport is an important document. So, before you apply for a visa you should apply for a passport in your country if you don't have one. Check the expiry date if you already have one.
  • Scanned copy of the entire passport booklet- For applying for an online visa, a digital copy of the passport will be required to process the application. Scan the passport for digital procurement of visa.
  • A valid email ID- e-Visa is sent through email within 3 days of applying for it. That is why a valid email is an important thing to consider. Emails are digitally connected for super rush delivery of e-Visa. So, always check in your email for updates after applying for the visa.
  •  GCC residence card- This card is required from the countries from the gulf of operation council. Any applicant wishing to visit the country will need to be working in any field to be eligible for the visa.
  • Payment Mode for e-Visa- The last step for obtaining the e-Visa is to pay a fee through debit/credit card or PayPal account. After this step, you would receive a confirmation for the payment.

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How to apply

Applying for the Kuwait visa Dutch need to fill all correct details in an application form which takes hardly 20 minutes to complete the process. While applying you need to consider the processing time for the visa. You will be charged as per the three categories of processing time. If you want it faster, the fee will be higher than the other category. 

The two categories of visa processing are:

  • Standard processing: It can take three business days to complete the application process for a service fee matching the visa type selected. If you wait for some time this is fine for you as this will be provided within just 5 to 7 days. 
  • Emergency processing: This can be completed against a fee of 200.0 USD and it is completed within two days. 

So, two categories of the visa process take Dutch to land in Kuwait in a hassle-free manner. And you should decide among these categories what is best for you. 

So, Stay relaxed and at the same time get ready to visit the country as you will be receiving the e-Visa within 3 days after applying through email. 

Kuwait's faster electronics visas are valid for 30 days only. However, Dutch can stay for a maximum of 60 days with a single entry. Besides always looking for other important identity proofs that may be required in the country. 

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Q. Is it possible that my visa will be denied even after it was approved by the embassy? 

The officer of immigration does have the power to decline your visa issued even after approval has been granted. 

Q. Why are there various visa types present? 

As there are a lot of people wanting to travel across countries for various needs, there are visas for those specific needs as well. 

Q. What is a Kuwait visa for Netherland nationals and why is it used? 

A Kuwait visa for Netherland nationals is applied by the Netherland passport holders to travel to Kuwait. Without this document, one will not be able to travel to Kuwait. 

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